One of the biggest problems in a multi-cat house hold is when one cat is overweight while other cats in the household are fit; therefore, one cat has to go on a diet while the other(s) does not. I, Cheddar, face this issue. I am a rescue cat who was […]

How to Put One Cat in a Multi-Cat Household on ...

I, Dukey, will only eat one type of dry food that is imported directly from Italy, I am what my humans like to call, finicky. My humans found out that I am a finicky eater because I have a lot of trouble tasting things that are sweet; in fact, I […]

Why Cats are Finicky Eaters

Ear Checks Both Squid and I can hear the sound of a treat bag being opened from at least five miles away, but we both still need to have good ear hygiene in order to do so. I have to tell my humans to make sure our ears stay clear […]

How To Check Your Cat for Ear Infections

The Raw Food Diet Cats will eat any prey if it is small and will also eat almost any part of a larger animal. Cats will even eat the bones of the animal; they get most of their calcium from the ingestion of bones. If you cook the meat you […]

Is a Raw Food Diet Good for Your Cat

Leash Training Your Cat If you want to help your cat get some fresh air but are worried that somebody might steal them? I have had the same problem with my cat Dukey. He would claw at the door trying to escape until, I decided to try to leash train […]

How To Leash Train Your Cat

Dental Disease in Cats Dental disease is often diagnosed in cats, over 70 percent of cats start to exhibit signs of oral disease by the time they are three.  My friend Chris’ cat struggled with yellow teeth for a long time until Chris realized that yellow teeth could become a […]

How to Clean Your Cats Teeth

How to Reduce Daily Separation Anxiety in Your Cat Cats are independent creatures at heart, but since they have been domesticated it is not uncommon for felines to have separation anxiety. It can cause unwanted behaviors like: clawing, peeing, or destruction of furniture; so it is best to try and help […]

How To Help Your Cat’s Separation Anxiety

A while ago, there was a study conducted by some researchers to see whether cats reacted more to music made for humans, or music specifically made for cats. The cats seem to prefer the music that was made for them; well actually, they were just more curious about the cat […]

Does Your Cat Like Music?

Getting Your Cat in Shape Overweight kitties are one of the most often cases veterinarians see because it is very easy to accidentally over feed your feline companion. When my friend Denise adopted her cat Charlie, she had problems with Charlie’s weight. Since Charlie had been starved when he was […]

How to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

We are so exciting for the release of “The Big Coloring Book Of Bengal Cats” now available on Featuring me, Dukey and me, Squidley on the cover and illustrated by our mom. This high quality book is sure to please with 40 different coloring designs, all featuring zany and […]

World’s First Bengal Cat Coloring Book Now On Sale!

Ultimate Guide To Discovering Why A Cat Is Peeing Outside The Litter Box And Retraining Your Cat To Use The Litter Box The reasons a cat might be cat peeing or urinating outside litter box and the solution to the peeing problem are answered in this guide.  The Ultimate Guide […]

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box Reasons– How To Retrain A ...

How To Cat Urine: The Ultimate Guide To Getting Rid Of Cat Urine Smell Permanently!    Cat urine odor can be removed! You’ve come to the right place!  Read the Ultimate Guide To Getting Rid Of Cat Urine Smell Permanently! below to get rid of the urine smell completely and permanently! Whether […]

How To Cat Urine – Ultimate Guide To Getting Rid ...

Is My Cat A Bengal? Are you wondering if your cat is a Bengal cat or at least a Bengal cat mix? Does your cat have spots? Is your cat super active?  Does your cat like water? These are all things that lead a pet owner, especially one who has […]

Is My Cat A Bengal Cat?

Marble Bengal cats are beautiful and amazing, and sometimes referred to as having a genetic disposition towards their pelt being 3D or embossed.  The first time I heard those terms I was a little confused,.  After all my ancestors, Asian Leopard Cat has never been marbled I wondered where my […]

Marble Bengal Cats – 3D or embossed?

Bengal Kittens For Sale – What does a Bengal cost? by Cheddar the Bengal cat! Thinking about a Bengal Kitten or cat? Bengal kittens for sale have a wide range of prices and cost more than a Bengal Cat.  Although it varies from breeder to breeder, below we have listed […]

Bengal Kittens For Sale – What does a Bengal cost?

Thinking about buying a Bengal kitten or possibly a kitten? Whether you are buying a Bengal Kitten, Bengal Cat, or are already a Bengal cat owner or enthusiast  here are 15 Bengal Cat facts written by someone who should know all about Bengal cats, me. I’m Dukey a two year […]

Looking for a Bengal Cat or Bengal kittens for sale? ...

  Cat’s With Spots! Are you looking to obtain a new cat or kitten and are considering a spotted purebred? Many people ask me what is the difference between The Bengal cat and an Ocicat.  Both have a wild look, as well as an abundance of character. Since this is […]

The Bengal Cat Versus The Ocicat – Just What Are ...

How Big Do Bengal Cats Get?   When my mom mentions she is a Bengal cat owner, she is always asked about my size and weight in comparison to other breeds. People assume because tigers are huge that I am too.  They are surprised to find out that when I […]

How Big Do Bengal Cats Get?

Humans who suffer from cat allergies may be able to live with a Bengal! Although it has not been proven scientifically, most Bengal breeders and owners believe that Bengal’s produce less allergen than is typical of other breeds. Most allergy sufferers have less of a reaction to us. Humans can […]

Are Bengal Cats hypoallergenic?

    As a Bengal cat, I am often asked, “Do you shed your luxurious pelt?”  The short answer is yes.  Anything or anyone with fur or hair will shed, including you!  But there’s much more to tell about my fun fur.  Bengal cats have a short, silky fur that […]

Do Bengal Cats Shed?

My bengal claws grow quickly! Even though I love my nails long and razor sharp, my mom trims them every two weeks. My sister Cheddar isn’t very good at getting her nails trimmed so she has a different process than I do. I like to think I’m the good one, […]

How to Clip Your Cat’s Nails At Home

Should you adopt a retired breeder cat? 10 Tips on Older Cat Adoption By Cheddar     As a retired Bengal breeder cat myself I am an expert on this topic.  I was born to a breeder who became ill and sold me to a second breeder when I was […]

Should You Adopt A Retired Breeder Cat? 10 Tips on ...