Photo of @zoeythetwistycat on Instagram We cats can be a little more difficult to read than dogs, especially […]

Why Do Bengal Cats Knead?

Just like human babies, kittens are irresistibly adorable and fun to play with (although none will ever be […]

Kitten Care

Photo of @aspen_thebengal on Instagram Feline stomatitis or FCGS (feline chronic gingivostomatitis), is a very painful and often […]

Dealing With Feline Stomatitis

Ahh, cat treats. They’re basically every cat’s kryptonite. Our humans can pretty much make us do anything for […]

Top 3 Bengal Cat Treats

A while ago, there was a study conducted by some researchers to see whether cats reacted more to […]

Does Your Cat Like Music?


  As a Bengal cat, I am often asked, “Do you shed your luxurious pelt?”  The short […]

Do Bengal Cats Shed?