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10 Products Every Bengal Owner Should Have

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We Bengal cats are known for being a bit more extra than most house cats—Bengal cat owners can attest to that. But then, you probably wouldn’t get a Bengal if you’re not extra yourself, right? From my experience, Bengal cat mommies and daddies are always the most amazing humans!

If you’re a cat owner looking to spoil your Bengal, then look no further. I’ve listed down 10 Bengal-cat-approved products that will not only make your Bengal cat happy, but make your life as a Bengal cat pawrent easier, too.

1. Veken Pet Fountain

Most cats prefer to drink from running water, that’s why we always make our humans turn the faucet on (or do it ourselves). This is because we felines instinctively associate flowing water as being fresh and clean, as opposed to stagnant water. So, instead of constantly turning the faucet on and off for your fur baby, why not get them their very own drinking fountain?

Veken Pet Fountain is the perfect product to get for your Bengal. It encourages cats to drink more water by mimicking the free-flowing stream that most cats are attracted to. It also has a bright, home-friendly design that fits right in with any home décor.

More about it:

  • Ultra quiet and low consumption pump
  • Large water capacity
  • BPA free and high quality material
  • Has 3 different flow variations
  • Triple filtration system
  • Includes 3 replacement filters

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2. Trixie’s 5-in-1 Activity Center

There’s no better way to keep intelligent, food motivated Bengals entertained than puzzle toys involving delicious cat treats. With Trixie’s 5-in-1 Activity Center, you can now keep your Bengal cat occupied for hours while you work or go outside.

More about it:

  • Has 5 different food puzzle mazes (globe, map, alley, tongue, tunnel)
  • Designed to stimulate your cat’s 5 senses
  • Dishwasher safe
  • One-year warranty

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3. PetSafe Laser Tail Automatic Laser Light Cat Toy

Laser toys are a hit in the kitty community, but sometimes, humans get too tired to swing around handheld lasers. Not to worry though; with the PetSafe Automatic Laser Tail, cat pawrents won’t need to use their hands. All they have to do is turn the laser toy on then the laser games can begin!

More about it:

  • Hands-free play
  • Safe for pets
  • Automatic random travelling movement
  • Automatically turns off (after 10 minutes)
  • One-year warranty

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4. Catastrophi Creations Cat Mod Gardens Set

It’s very important to provide your cat with vertical spaces. But, it doesn’t mean you should compromise your home’s décor.

With CatastrophiCreations’ Cat Mod Gardens Set, provide a mentally stimulating vertical space for the feline members of the household while also enhancing the beauty of your home.

More about it:

  • Beautifully handcrafted with a sleek design
  • Removable fabric for easy cleaning
  • Highly customizable
  • Floating design
  • Sisal-wrapped posts
  • Elevated feeders for elevated dining
  • Weight tested (great even for large and heavy cats)
  • You can add feline-friendly plants

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5. Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome

You won’t have to worry about your cat leaving traces of litter all over your home with the Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome. This litter box is made to gently wipe your cat’s paws as they exit the box. It also keeps odor at bay with its odor-eliminating filter and provides your cat with all the privacy they need with its dome-shaped cover.

More about it:

  • Litter-cling steps
  • Odor-eliminating filter (you can buy replacement filters separately)
  • Promotes privacy and conceals litter
  • Attractive color options
  • 50% larger than standard litter boxes (21’’x21’’)
  • Litter liner compatible (Petsafe Litter Dome Liners)
  • Easily lifted hooded dome for easy litter cleaning

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6. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge acts as a cat scratcher and lounger in one. It’s made from non-toxic, recyclable materials and has an attractive design that fits right in with modern furniture.

More about it:

  • Made of recycled cardboard and non-toxic cornstarch glue
  • Include premium USA catnip
  • Material and shape naturally attracts cats
  • Attractive, home-friendly design
  • Reversible (2x the value)
  • Award-winning product (2015 Eco-excellence award)
  • Six-month warranty

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7. Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post

If you’re familiar with Jackson Galaxy, then you already know about the importance of scent-soakers and the yes/no. We felines are very territorial animals and it’s very important for us to be able to leave our scent all over our territory. Scratching posts are one of the best scent-soakers and if you have a cat in the household, one scratching pad won’t be enough.

The Pioneer Pet SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post is a large cat scratcher that will provide your cat a post where they can scratch vertically and effectively mark their territory.

More about it:

  • Sturdy base
  • Made with fibrous, durable sisal
  • 32-inches tall

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8. Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Cat Cuddler is not just any cat bed, it’s especially made to be a warm, cozy bed that eases your cat’s joints. It promotes a restful sleep and supports your cat’s body as they do so. It also works great for elderly cats that suffer from constant joint pain.

More about it:

  • OrthoComfort feature supports better sleep
  • Waterproof and dirt-resistant bottom
  • Machine washable
  • Dryer-safe
  • Made with premium pet-safe materials

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9. Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Thermal Bed

Keep your cat warm during the cooler months with Pet Magasin’s self-warming cat bed. It’s made to be extra comfortable and can be configured in four different ways, depending on your cat’s mood: flat, cave, cup and pod.

More about it:

  • Faux-fur lining and trim
  • Combination of fleece and foam padding
  • Microfiber outer shell
  • Four different configurations
  • Flexible, easy-to-clean material (launder by hand washing and tumble drying)

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10. Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove 

We Bengals don’t shed a lot and some humans even claim us to be hypoallergenic, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need (or want) to be groomed.

The Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove is the perfect grooming tool for humans who want to make grooming their cat easier and faster. All you need to do is wear the glove and stroke your pet. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

The Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove not only makes the grooming process easier, but also turns it into an enjoyable bonding activity for you and your cat.


  • Easily removes loose hair and tangles
  • Five finger design makes it easier to groom hard-to-reach places
  • Rubber tips provide a gentle, relaxing massage
  • Extra gentle for daily grooming
  • Money-back guarantee

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