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100 Amazing Toys Bengal Cats Crave! (2020)

We Bengal cats are one of the most beautiful, affectionate, intelligent, social and active cat breeds out there, so it’s no wonder that our humans adore us. Once you adopt a Bengal cat, you can kiss dreary days goodbye because we will enliven your life. We Bengal cats LOVE to play! In fact, while many of our counterparts sleep the day away, we want to play, and play, and play.  We crave interaction and love to explore.  One of the things we Bengal cats love most is when the nice postman brings us a new cat toy.

To help you humans out, my humom and I have tested over 250 cat toys and created a list of the best cat toys for Bengal cats.  We focused on cat toy fun, safety, durability, and value!

I’ve added a table of contents for you. If you are looking for a particular type of cat toy recommendation, it will be easier for you to find it! Just click the link.

Electronic Cat Toys

1. HEXBUG Deluxe Nano Cat Toy Pack

Playing with the HEXBUG Deluxe Nano cat toys will be just as fun for you humans as it will be for your Bengal cats. My humans certainly enjoy watching me zoom around the house for these toys. It’s the purrrfect feline-human bonding activity!

Look at all the cool stuff you get in the set!

  • 2 HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy
  • 1 HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy
  • 1 HEXBUG Remote Control Mouse Cat Toy
  • 12 HEXBUG batteries

[amazon box=”B07FQTKS49″ description=” “]

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2. Petronics Mousr Interactive Robotic cat Toy

The Petronic Mousr Robotic Cat Toy was named as the best new cat product of 2018 by the American Pet Products Association and the moment our humom got one for us, we instantly saw why. It’s an amazing interactive cat toy and honestly one of the best toys we’ve ever owned. Even my humans have a great time with it.

Cool things about this cat toy:

  • It senses whether your cat is near and automatically moves around to attract their attention
  • It has 3 automatic play options
  • You can control it from your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • It’s able to flip itself over
  • It works even on carpeted floors

[amazon box=”B07HBC5M6Q” description=” “]

3. PetDroid 2019 Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

The PetDroid Robotic Cat Toy works well whether you have one or multiple cats. The random movements of the two mouse tails will challenge their inner wildcat and get them batting and chasing for hours!

Cool things about this cat toy:

  • It has 2 automated mouse tails, 6 holes and 5 different movement modes (mouse sound available in the 5th mode)
  • It includes 2 extra replacement mouse tails
  • It’s battery operated, so no wires will be in the way
  • It’s designed to automatic shutdown after 15 minutes
  • It’s made of quality silica gel (safe to chew and bite)

[amazon box=”B07QYMDPZV” description=” “]

4. WINGPET Automatic Cat Exercise Teaser Toy with Worm Tail and Catnip Ball

This cat toy is loads of fun! I purrrsonally spend hours sticking my paw into the holes to try and coax out the prey animal moving around inside. When our humom has to leave for awhile, she turns this cat toy on and my Bengal cat siblings and I all team up to try and catch the little critter. It helps to keep us all occupied until our humom comes back.

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • It includes a catnip ball, a small screwdriver and 3 AA batteries
  • It has a 15-minute shutoff auto-timer
  • It’s designed to be whisper-quiet
  • It’s made of safe, eco-friendly and durable ABS plastic material
  • It can be used as treat dispenser (toy rotation will push treats out)

[amazon box=”B07Q35Q6DZ” description=” “]

5.  SmartyKat Feather Whirl Electronic Motion Cat Toy

I have a few favorite cat toys from SmartyKat and the Feather Whirl is one of them. I must say, it’s a very engaging cat toy. The unpredictable spinning movements keep me interested for a very long time. It also doesn’t give my humom a headache since it’s not noisy like many other electronic cat toys.

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • It moves in an unpredictable spinning motion
  • It’s made with a whisper quiet motor
  • The wands are replaceable
  • The ball’s outer casing is made with recycled plastic

[amazon box=”B00KQGRIKI” description=” “]

6. SmartyKat Loco! Motion Cat Toy Automated Activity Toy

Another SmartyKat cat toy that’s a hit in our multi-Bengal cat household is the Loco Motion. It’s very entertaining and well-made. It doesn’t tip over and the wand doesn’t fall off despite our merciless attacks. It’s very impressive!

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • The movement speed is adjustable
  • It has a built-in timer and can be programmed to up to 2 hours of continuous play
  • Replacement wands are available
  • Made with 50% recycled post consumer plastic

[amazon box=”B000N9W7HW” description=” “]

7. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy Concealed Motion Toy

My Bengal cat siblings and I are a HUGE fan of this toy! Our humom is actually planning to buy us a third one because we’ve been playing with it like crazy! We chase and pounce on this toy to try and catch what’s moving underneath. It’s very addictive and it has all of us hooked!

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • It mimics the movement of hidden prey and keeps us on our paws
  • It displays moving lights that capture our attention
  • It has two movement speeds for you to choose from
  • Replacement wands are available
  • Tested to child safety standards

[amazon box=”B06WP7F8YC” description=” “]

8. Cat Toys Interactive Electric Amusement Plate

This is a toy that I enjoyed so much I actually learned how to turn it on myself. I play with it almost every day! We’ve had it for months now and it’s holding up really well. It’s definitely a very high-quality cat toy.

Cool things about this cat toy:

  • It has 4 speed variations
  • It’s made of high-quality, Eco-friendly ABS material
  • It automatically turns off after 10 minutes in a dormant state
  • It’s constructed with a non-slip base

[amazon box=”B07N6839FQ” description=” “]

9. Purr Pillow Comforting Cat Toy by Petstages

If you have a Bengal cat or kitten that experiences separation anxiety when you’re not around, then I highly recommend getting the Purr Pillow from Petstages. It creates a purring sound that’s very calming to us cats. It has calmed me down during long travels and made me feel more at ease when our family moved to a new house. I’m sure it’ll help your Bengal cat, too.

Cool things about this cat toy:

  • It’s designed with a touch activated purr that lasts for 2 minutes
  • It’s extremely soft and cozy
  • It has a removable purr mechanism for easy washing

[amazon box=”B00MQYWGXC” description=” “]

10. SereneLife Automatic Cat Laser Toy

A feline that’s not enthralled by lasers is yet to exist—well, at least in my book. I’m sure laser-loving Bengal cats like me will enjoy the SereneLife Laser Toy! It has 4 movement options: slow, medium, fast and handheld, which allows you to manually control the direction of the laser light.

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • It’s sleek and modern-looking
  • It offers 4 modes of play
  • It’s battery operated
  • It’s specially designed with many sides to enable you to point the toy at many different angles
  • It automatically shuts down after 30 minutes

[amazon box=”B07537S2LJ” description=” “]

11. Bascolor Electric Rotating Butterfly Cat Toys

The Basocolor Electric Butterfly toy is designed to mimic the appearance and sound of a real fluttering butterfly. Bengal cats of all ages will enjoy batting and chasing the butterfly around—I surely do! They’re quite difficult to catch, but Bengal cats never give up!

Cool things about this cat toy:

  • It’s built with a very stable non-slip base
  • It includes 2 extra replacement butterflies
  • The butterfly accessories reflect light

[amazon box=”B073TVH4GB” description=” “]

12. Rocky Interactive UFO Cat Toy 2 in 1 Automatic Feather Chase Toy

The Ito Rocky Interactive UFO Cat Toy can be attached to any surface: walls, cat trees or scratching posts, which is very convenient. It has a feather on the end that rotates randomly and has a built-in laser that you can turn on for extra fun!

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • It’s a 2-in-1 cat toy: a feather teaser cat toy and laser pointer cat toy
  • It’s made to adhere to any surface
  • It’s designed to move randomly to engage cats

[amazon box=”B07MDT884V” description=” “]

13. Pikaon Interactive Rechargeable Cat Toy Ball

Rotating balls are very attractive to us cats and they’re very fun to chase and bat around. What sets the Pikaon Interactive cat toy ball apart from other toy balls is that it’s rechargeable, so you wouldn’t need to keep repurchasing batteries.

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • Batteries last up to 2 hours
  • It automatically changes direction when it hits furniture to avoid getting stuck
  • It comes with detachable feathers

[amazon box=”B07Q455R2W” description=” “]

Non-electronic Cat Toys

14. Hugs Pet Products Whack-A-Mouse Cat Toy

Now here’s an exciting toy. If you’re serious about spending some quality feline-human bonding time, then you should definitely try the whack-a-mouse toy from Hugs Pet Products! Since we Bengals are naturally very curious and always ready to play, this game will keep us totally entertained!

[amazon box=”B00C65W0S2″ description=” “]

15. AUOKER Interactive Cat Teaser Toy

This one is similar to the whack-a-mouse one, but it has multiple cartoon characters. Just push down on the wooden levers of the characters you want to pop up and watch your Bengal cat go!

It has two versions: the small version with 3 cartoon characters, and the bigger one with 6 cartoon characters.

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • It’s made of high quality solid wood, BPA-free, safe and non-toxic materials
  • It’s constructed with rounded edges and fine polishing
  • Sizes: Small version- 6.88 inches (l) x 9.44 inches (w) x 3.93 inches (h); Big version- 6.88 inches (l) x 13.97 inches (w) x 3.93 inches (h)

[amazon box=”B07Q3GSQ5N” description=” “]

16. Cat Amazing – Best Cat Toy Ever! Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats

Puzzle toys are my favorite! They help keep us Bengals mentally sharp and alert. Also, I’m very good at them. I am, after all, a Bengal cat. If you’re looking for a puzzle toy to stimulate your Bengal cat’s mind, I highly recommend the Cat Amazing treat maze and puzzle feeder. It’s a total must-have for Bengal cat owners!

Cool things about this cat toy:

  • It encourages natural hunting instincts (explore, scratch, sniff and retrieve treats as rewards)
  • It has three difficulty levels to challenge smart Bengal cats like me
  • It works well in combination with treats, catnip, mice toys and balls
  • It’s veterinarian recommended for exercise, weight loss and meal management

[amazon box=”B009R3SFBC” description=” “]

17. Magic Cat Track and Ball Toy

If simple multilevel tower tracks don’t entertain your Bengal cat so much, then maybe the Magic Cat Track will! The tracks are completely customizable, so you can always change it up to make sure your Bengal doesn’t get too familiar with the trail and get bored. Create your own track configuration and prepare for

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • It’s double the length of the standard sized Magic Cat Track and Ball
  • It consists of 164 pieces of flexible tracks and 4 balls
  • The balls are securely snapped in to prevent them from popping out
  • The track can be laid out in several different shapes and configurations
  • Additional tracks can be endlessly combined to create larger and more customizable configurations

[amazon box=”B07DNKHXM5″ description=” “]

18. Gigwi Interactive Cat Toys Animal Sound Interactive Squeaking Cat Toys

The Gigwi interactive squeaking cat toys are motion activated toys that both look and sound like real critters. Naturally, we Bengal cats won’t be able to resist hunting them!

Cool things about these cat toys:

  • All materials used to create these toys meet the American and European environmental quality standards and safety requirements
  • They’re easy to use (Remove the plastic cord from the cat chaser toys to activate the squeaking)
  • They’re motion-activated to produce a life-like squeaking sound
  • Available critter variants: Bee, Bird, Beetle, Cricket, Hedgehog, Toucan, Red Parrot

[amazon box=”B07KP14F89″ description=” “]

19. PetFavorites Foam Soccer Ball Cat Toy (12 Pack)

For humans who prefer a more silent ball toy for their feline furiend, the PETFAVORITES Foam Soccer Balls are for you. They’re super lightweight and bouncy. Whether you toss one of these around for a game of fetch or let your Bengal cat bat the balls around on their own, they’ll sure be in for a treat!

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • They’re soft, lightweight and non-toxic sponge balls (1.5 inches)
  • They’re bouncy but noise-free!

[amazon box=”B00PP69B36″ description=” “]

20. Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

The Petstages Tower of Tracks is the number one bestselling tower of tracks toy and purrobably one of the best interactive cat toys you can get if you have feline family members. Trust me, your Bengal cat will spend hours trying to catch the fast-moving balls on this toy. My Bengal cat siblings and I surely do!

Cool features on this cat toy:

  • It’s made from ultra-strong, tear-resistant PP and holds up really well against rough play.
  • It’s built with a safety bar that prevents curious cats like me from getting their heads stuck in the hole.
  • It has a non-slip base that holds it in place during playtime.
  • It’s available in blue, orange and pink.
  • Dimensions: 9.75 inches wide, 6 inches tall

[amazon box=”B00DT2WL26″ description=” “]

21. SUNGROW Mylar Crinkle Balls for Cats

Crinkly, colorful and lightweight, these mylar crinkle balls purrrfect for batting and playing fetch! They’re also a lot less noisy than other ball-type toys. Since they’re lightweight, a little paw bat goes a long way. Your cat will be entertaining themselves with these for hours!

[amazon box=”B06VVY88VR” description=” “]

22.  Catit Senses 2.0 Super Circuit

The Catit Senses 2.0 Super Circuit has been around for a while and is quite well-known. We-and many other cats-are crazy about it! You can even use the new [easyazon_link identifier=”B01CAFYIF0″ locale=”US” tag=”bengalcare-20″]Catit Senses 2.0 Fireball[/easyazon_link] with it for a more visually attractive circuit.

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • It’s the ultimate combination of the Senses 2.0 Play and Wave Circuits, with special peek-a-boo track design that stimulates cats to chase the ball
  • It’s 24 inches longer than the old Super Roller Circuit and enables more than 100 layouts
  • It includes a swirl patterned ball with the optimal weight for play
  • It’s easy to clean and assemble

[amazon box=”B00D3NIA2Q” description=” “]

23. Fun Meows Interactive Cat Ball Toys with Feather

We just recently came across these cool toys and as simple as they look, they actually make purrrity neat cat toys. They’re bouncy, sturdy and made with attractive feathers that hold our attention during playtime. You can just bounce these balls around and watch your Bengal cat enjoy themselves for hours!

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • It has bells to attract attention
  • It’s made of soft, non-toxic line tube
  • It’s designed with bright colors for added visual appeal

[amazon box=”B07PSKFNYH” description=” “]

24. MEOWFIA Wool Ball Toys (6-Pack)

Some ball toys made for us cats have chemicals and dyes that can be harmful when ingested and also stain household stuff. However, the MEOWFIA Wool Ball Toys are completely safe and colored only with eco-friendly, non-toxic dye. Plus, we cats LOVE the smell of wool!

[amazon box=”B06WRR8824″ description=” “]

25. Chiwava Furry Cat Toy Mice (60 pcs.)

This one is for cat pawrents with Bengal cats that love mice toys but keep losing them. You’ll get 60 pieces of durable, safe and brightly colored mice to supply your Bengal cat’s mice toy demands without breaking the bank.

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • It’s made with US FDA qualified synthetic fur and olefin polymers
  • It’s designed to make rattle sounds we cats can’t get enough of

[amazon box=”B074V2V17M” description=” “]

26. MOODY PET Fling-AMA-String Cat Toy

The Fling-AMA-String is another amazing cat toy that will help satisfy a Bengal cat’s hunting urges. In fact, any cat would love it! It’s quite tricky and challenging to catch, but we Bengal cats never back down from a challenge!

Cool things about this cat toy:

  • It’s a battery-operated string-flinging machine (uses 3 AA batteries; batteries not included; best with Polaroid AA batteries)
  • No assembly required
  • Moody Pet offers FREE replacement parts

[amazon box=”B00IRJ7NL0″ description=” “]

27. SPOT Ethical Products Lattice Balls Cat Toy

This toy is another excellent option for felines who like batting toys around. Unlike other ball toys, the SPOT Lattice Balls are durable and made from safe, non-toxic materials. They have bells inside to attract us cats and keep us fully engaged.

[amazon box=”B004LO9S5O” description=” “]

28. Catrageous Rattling Mice

Bring out your Bengal cat’s natural hunting instincts with the Catrageous Rattling Mice! They’re made with real rabbit fur for a more realistic prey feel. The 6 mice toys have natural mice tails, while the other 6 have attractive, brightly colored feather tails to give us the variety we Bengal cats crave!

More about these pawsome cat toys:

  • You’ll get 12 real rabbit fur cat toys: 6 natural colors of white and grey and 6 colorful mice with feathers
  • Each mouse has a little rattle and is approximately 1.75 – 2 inches in length (not including feathers)

[amazon box=”B01N43K1AL” description=” “]

29. Petmate Jackson Galaxy Cat Dice

Bouncing ball toys are great, but UNPREDICTABLE bouncing toys are even better! We Bengal cats are crazy smart and we figure things out quicker than most cats. That’s why when I received my first Jackson Galaxy Cat Dice from my favorite postman, it instantly became one of my go-to cat toys. It’s unbelievable how it keeps me on my paws up to this day!

More about these pawsome cat toys:

  • Their irregular shape are specially designed for unpredictable bounce
  • These ball toys are created with nylon
  • They’re 4 inches long, 6 inches wide
  • Each ball weighs 0.07 lbs.

[amazon box=”B00O3GWKL4″ description=” “]

Teaser Wand Cat Toys

30. GoCat Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy

The GoCat Da Bird is a staple in our home. It’s one of the toys my Bengal cat siblings and I just can’t get enough of! The realistic bird feathers never fail to bring out the Asian Leopard cat in us!

More cool things about our favorite cat toy:

  • The feather attachments are made with realistic guinea feather
  • The rod is 36 inches long
  • You have the freedom to choose the right critter attachment for your Bengal cat! (Fur Fun, Feather, Kitty Puff, Super Feather, Sparkly, Mouse, Bee, Ball, Worm and more!)

[amazon box=”B001BOVEU4″ description=” “]

31. Pet Fit For Life Multi Feather Teaser and Exerciser For Cat and Kitten

The Multi Feather Teaser set from Pet Fit For Life is a total must-have! Their feather attachments feel incredibly realistic to the feline touch-take it from an actual feline-and are VERY durable. My humom, on the other hand, loves the fact that it comes with an extra feather attachment at a very affordable price!

More pawsome things about it:

  • The extra durable wand is 33-inch long and has a soft, durable foam handle for an easy and comfortable grip
  • You get 1 additional feather attachment
  • All the materials used are safe, durable and non-toxic

[amazon box=”B00LZUCIL8″ description=” “]

32. Pet Fit For Life 3 Soft Strands with Feathers Teaser and Exerciser For Cat and Kitten

If one string is not enough for you Bengal cat, then three might do the trick! This teaser wand is made with 3 extra durable and extra fun strands that will undoubtedly catch your cat’s attention. Even I struggle to catch 3 at the same time. Will your Bengal be able to do it?

More cool things about it:

  • It has 3 soft strands with feathers
  • The wand is made with a soft, durable foam handle for a more comfortable grip
  • The extra durable and extra flexible wand is 33-inch long
  • You get 1 additional feather attachment
  • 33-inch long, extra durable and extra flexible wand
  • All materials used are safe, durable and non-toxic

[amazon box=”B00JANUEQ8″ description=” “]

33. CAT DANCER Cat Toy Cat Charmer

The Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Toy is very popular among cats and cat pawrents alike. It’s a uniquely designed teaser that has bright colors that are very attractive to our feline eyes. Once we see it, we must catch it!

More about this cat toy:

  • It’s made with a very colorful fabric string specially designed to resist fading and washing out
  • It’s basically unbreakable!
  • The wand is made of polycarbonate

[amazon box=”B0002DHV16″ description=” “]

34.  Pawaboo Feather Teaser Cat Toy

Sometimes it’s very confusing for us cats whenever we go after laser lights on floors or walls because we can never catch them. They’re very fun to chase, but being able to capture our prey with our paws is a lot more satisfying.

The PAWABOO Feather Teaser is a great alternative to laser toys. It sports a blinking LED light near the feather attachment that captures our eyes just as good as a laser toy but with the added satisfaction of actually catching our “prey”.

More pawsome things about this cat toy:

  • The feather attachment includes a small jingle bell and a blinking LED light at the tip of the wand for extra attraction
  • The feather attachements are made from safe, cat-friendly and non-toxic natural feathers
  • It’s designed with a long, flexible and durable 34-inch coated steel wire

[amazon box=”B07CTKQCDT” description=” “]

35. Ethical Skinneeez Forest Friends Wand Cat Toy

The Ethical Pet Forest Friends Wands are teaser wand toys with catnip-filled critter attachments that can encourage even the laziest of felines to play. My Bengal cat siblings and I, as well as hundreds of other cats, go absolute bananas for these teaser wands!

More cool things about these cat toys:

  • The catnip-filled critters are soft all the way through and have no sharp areas that can damage your cat’s teeth or gums
  • The critters are attached to the wand with a durable, elastic string
  • You can choose which critter your Bengal cat likes best: Duck, Goldfinch, Squirrel

[amazon box=”B0032L6404″ description=” “]

36. FANCER Cat Toy Feather Wand

Spoiling your Bengal cat doesn’t have to be so costly. If you’re on a budget, the FANCER Cat Toy Feather Wand bundle is a great option. For the price of one, you’ll be getting FOUR teaser wands! How awesome is that? Don’t let the price fool you, though. They’re inexpensive, but purrrity durable!

More about this pawsome cat toy:

  • The feather attachments are made from natural chicken feathers
  • The attachments dangle from a strong, flexible steel wire
  • The handle is 6.2 inches long, while the steel wire is 29.9 inches long

[amazon box=”B071S45G77″ description=” “]

37. PURRfect Cat Toys Leather Bouncer Toy

Aah, the PURRfect Cat Toys’ Leather Bouncer—another crowd favorite! It’s an affordable, well-made teaser wand that really brings out the hunter in us felines. The best part is, the attachment is made from vegetable tanned leather. You wouldn’t need to worry about your cat ingesting harmful chemicals during playtime.

More about this cat toy:

  • It has an 18-inch clear-colored wand and a 6-inch flexible cable wire string
  • The attachment is made from 100% safe, non-toxic material: vegetable tanned leather

[amazon box=”B00G90773S” description=” “]

38. PURRfect Cat Toys Crinkle Bouncer Toy

If your Bengal cat is like me and craves hunting outdoor birds and squirrels, the Crinkle Bouncer Toy just might help satisfy that craving. The Crinkle Bouncer Toy is designed to resemble the rustling of bushes and fluttering of wings—a sound that gets us naturally curious Bengal cats really excited!

More about this pawsome cat toy:

  • It has an 18-inch clear-colored wand with a 6-inch flexible cable wire
  • It’s made with crunchy plastic to create an attractive rustling sound
  • Natural, realistic feathers are used to cover the crunchy plastic

[amazon box=”B0026S3S3A” description=” “]

39. VNthings Cat Toys Interactive Feather Wand Retractable

There are many things to like about this teaser wand toy. First, it’s retractable and comes with its own pouch; you can easily store it away or take it with you. Second, it comes with 3 feather attachments that are made from real bird feathers. Third, the EVA handle and carbon fiber rod are specially designed to be comfortable and lightweight for strain-free wand flinging.

Pawsome things about this teaser wand cat toy:

  • The materials used are all natural and safe (all feather attachments are culled from birds which are dressed for eating)
  • The retractable wand extends from 15 inches to 37 inches and automatically locks in place
  • It uses 25 inches of durable nylon wire
  • The wand is lightweight and comfortable to hold

[amazon box=”B06XK34P46″ description=” “]

40. The creativehome Retractable Feather Wand Toy

This is one of the most budget-friendly retractable feather wand toys ever! You’ll be getting a good quality retractable wand and 8 attachment refills at a very affordable price. It’s such a steal!

More pawsome things about this cat toy:

  • The telescoping wand is very high-quality and stretches out smoothly
  • All the attachments are made from safe and non-toxic materials

[amazon box=”B07BHCNDNC” description=” “]

Tunnel Cat Toys

41. Mindscope Twister Tunnel Flexible Bendable Interactive Cat Activity Play Mat & Cave

The Mindscope Twister Tunnel is a very exciting tunnel toy! It’s basically the tunnel version of the Ripple Rug. It’s designed with bendable wires inside that allow humans to create different shapes that can function as different things. You can easily mold it into uniquely-shaped cat beds and tunnels to recreate the natural hiding spots we Bengal cats would normally have outdoors.

More pawsome things about this cat tunnel:

  • It’s constructed with bendable wires inside for easy and sturdy shaping
  • It’s sturdier and safer than most tunnels
  • It’s completely foldable and easy to store away
  • You can incorporate feather teasers, catnip toys, balls and even cat treats to make playtime a hundred times more fun and engaging for your feline!

[amazon box=”B079C5SL75″ description=” “]

42. SlowTon Cat Tunnel Toy

The SlowTon Cat Tunnel works for cats of all ages. You can get the 3-way one or the 4-way one-whichever will suit your Bengal cat best. Both are spacious and can pretty much fit cats of any size. You can combine them with treats or toys for hours of fun!

More about these pawsome cat tunnels:

  • They’re foldable for easy storage
  • The material is mainly crackle paper (for that satisfying sound!)
  • It comes with a jingle ball
  • Each tunnel is 31.5 inches long, 9.84 inches wide and 2.36 inches thick

[amazon box=”B071JLB1MS” description=” “]

43. Purrfect Feline Collapsible 4-Way Cat Tunnel Toy with Crinkle Ball

The Purrfect Feline Cat Tunnel is available in different sizes to cater to the needs of cats of all sizes. You can get it in size medium, large and even extra-large. So, if your cat is larger or a little claustrophobic, The Purrfect Feline Cat Tunnel is a great option.

Product features:

  • Features crakle paper, a ball toy, 4 connected tunnels and a peephole
  • Portable and easy to store (collapsible to under 2 inches in height)
  • Made with a steel frame and tear-resistant polyester material
  • Extra-large tunnel has a 12-inch opening

[amazon box=”B077SWS282″ description=” “]

44. Collapsible Cat Tunnel and Cubes Bundle

The eenk.Collapsible Cat Tunnel and Cubes is one of the most adorable cat tunnels ever! The bright colors on this tunnel playground coupled with the crinkling tunnel walls will make any cat spend their every waking moment playing inside it.

More cool things about this cat tunnel:

  • You’ll get a play tunnel tube and two detachable cubes
  • It’s created with crackle paper and bright vibrant colors that are very attractive to us cats
  • It’s made from tear-resistant strong polyester and has an easy open sprung-steel frame
  • The tunnel attaches to the cubes through built-in Velcro fasteners

[amazon box=”B07DHZZLTV” description=” “]

45. Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel – Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy

The Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel is a 3-way tunnel that’s not only spacious and durable but also completely washable. After playing inside this cat tunnel myself, I totally understood why it’s loved and commended by thousands of cat pawrents-and their cats, of course.

Product features:

  • You can choose from 18 different designs!
  • It’s lined with crackle paper
  • It has a peephole at the center and comes with a dangling bell toy
  • It’s made of ultra-strong, tear-resistant polyester wrapped around a sprung-steel frame with
  • protective ends (for safety)
  • It’s collapsible and portable
  • Each tube is about 10 inches tall and 17 inches deep

[amazon box=”B018FYA8OU” description=” “]

46. AUOON Cat Tube and Tunnel with Central Mat

Super cute and cozy, this cat tunnel will be a favorite in your household if your cat likes to hide and pounce. Unlike other cat tunnels, this one has a comfortable cat bed in the middle and is completely cat-proof. It’s portable, easy to store, easy to clean and machine washable.

More about this pawsome cat tunnel:

  • It’s made from mink cashmere material
  • It’s designed with a full moon-shaped cat bed at the center
  • It comes with a fuzzy ball toy
  • It’s easy to store and clean (machine washable)

[amazon box=”B076Q4PZ64″ description=” “]

47. ABO Gear Fun Tunnel for Cats

The ABO Gear Fun Tunnel is a straight tunnel made with thick faux fur cover and lined with a rustling material that we cats just love hearing when we run and pounce! It’s collapsible, too, so humans won’t have trouble storing it away after playtime. Plus, the leopard print design goes really well with our markings; don’t you agree?

More awesome things about this cat tunnel:

  • It’s collapsible and great for travels
  • Its designed with two peepholes and lined with rustling material
  • It comes with a removable dangling ball
  • It’s made with a thick and luxurious outer cover
  • It’s 52 inches long and 10 inches deep

[amazon box=”B000FOOO6C” description=” “]

48. Kitty City Large 12″ Multifunction Cat Tunnel and with Central Mat for Cat, Cat Toy, Cat Bed

The Kitty City Cat Tunnel will work amazingly for larger cats. If you’re looking for a quiet, non-crinkling tunnel that your Bengal cats will still enjoy, this is the cat tunnel to get. Instead of crackle paper, it’s covered in soft, fabric. It also comes with a machine washable, plush central mat that’s big enough to fit two cats. Purrrfect!

More about this cool cat tunnel:

  • It’s made up of two tunnels that zips together
  • It comes with a dangling catnip ball toy
  • The plush bed is machine washable
  • Foldable and easy to store away

[amazon box=”B07GLY131J” description=” “]

49. Pet Craft Supply Magic Mewnicorn Multi Cat Tunnel

Oh man! This is, by far, my most favorite cat tunnel! I mean, how cute is this Magic Mewnicorn? It’s unlike any other cat tunnel I’ve seen and clearly designed with us felines in mind. It has a main tunnel with 2 entryways (A.K.A. escape routes) and 4 smaller tunnels where we can peep through and poke our paws out for surprise attacks!

More about this magical cat tunnel:

  • It’s a 4-foot tunnel with a 5-in-1 design
  • The Mewnicorn has a very adorable, multicolored dangling plush tail!
  • It’s completely foldable and easy to store away when not in use
  • All materials used are odorless and non-toxic

[amazon box=”B07JMGKVD1″ description=” “]

Catnip Cat Toys

50. FUZZU Mr. Donald Parody Cat Toy with U.S. Grown Certified Organic Catnip

If you want a cat toy that will amuse both your cat and human friends, then this one’s for you! The FUZZU Presidential Parody Donald Cat Toy is a one-of-a-kind catnip toy that will keep your Bengal cat busy while you work—or take photos.

Cool (and comical) things about this man-shaped catnip cat toy:

  • The elbow and knees are stitched for easier posing (who wouldn’t want to take photos of this toy in hilarious positions?)
  • It’s crafted from premium quality, durable and non-toxic polyester fabric with accents of plush and filled with fiberfill
  • You can get it in sets of 2 and 3
  • It has a “NY Loves Me” tie and dollar sign-decorated socks
  • It comes with a brochure titled, “Great Wall Building for Idiots”
  • It has a printed button on his back that reads “Push To Inflate Head.”

[amazon box=”B07QNM61MV” description=” “]

51. Four Paws Super Catnip Crazy Pants Tunnel Toy

We cats love hiding under human clothing, yes, but never did it cross my mind that humans would actually create a gigantic pair of pants specially for us! I purrrysent to you, the Four Paws Super Catnip Tunnel Pants Toy: a huge pop-up catnip lined pair of pants FOR CATS!

More about this cool catnip tunnel toy:

  • It’s a pants-shaped toy with pockets and catnip sewn into the lining
  • Its waist and pant legs pop-up into a tunnel-like playground
  • It’s brightly colored and lined with crinkle material for added intrigue

[amazon box=”B0030BNI8C” description=” “]

52. Yeowww! Tin of Stinkies, 3 in a Sardine Tin

Another crowd pleaser from Yeowww! is the Tin of Stinkies. It’s purrrfect if you have multiple cats that love Yeowww! toys but tend to fight over it. With the Tin of Stinkies, you can give all your cats their own Yeowww! catnip toy without breaking the bank. I mean, c’ mon, how awesome is that?

[amazon box=”B00198RKEG” description=” “]

53. Yeowww! Yellow Banana Catnip Toy

Yeowww! has been known for its outstanding catnip toys that never fail to appeal to our feline hearts. The most popular among their catnip toys is the Yellow Banana. Literally thousands of cats love it—including me!

Their catnip toys are everything you could ever want in a catnip toy. They contain potent catnip that effectively stimulates us cats. They’re also pretty durable and made with fun textures that feel good under our claws and teeth.

[amazon box=”B000AUJFHE” description=” “]

54. Yeowww! Pollock Fish Catnip Toy

The Yeowww! Pollock Fish is an excellent choice for Bengals who love to bunny kick. It’s just the right length and extremely durable, so wouldn’t need to worry about it falling apart under your cat’s teeth and claws like other kicker toys.

[amazon box=”B000F5XSH2″ description=” “]

55. Yeowww! Cigar Catnip Toy

Compared to other Yeowww! Catnip Toys, the Yeowww! Cigar is on the more affordable side. So, if you’re on a budget but still want to spoil your Bengal with a durable and high-quality catnip toy, the Cigar is for you!

[amazon box=”B001MABOQG” description=” “]

Yeowww! catnip toys are my favorite! My humom says they’re worth the price since I love them so much and they keep me busy while she works.

Things we love about Yeowww! catnip toys:

  • They’re stuffed with 100% Yeowww! organically grown catnip
  • They’re very durable and the catnip scent lasts for a long time
  • They’re handmade in the USA

56. Categories Catnip Cuddler Kitty Condor Catnip Toy

The Kitty Condor Crazy Catnip Cuddler by Catergories is one of the most effective catnip toys that encourage independent playtime. Made with real-looking feathers and filled with pure, maximum strength catnip, the Kitty Condor will surely get your cat going for days!

Pawsome things about this catnip cat toy:

  • It’s filled with organic, maximum-strength, premium catnip that is pure and pesticide-free
  • It’s created with bright colors and soft, plush texture
  • it’s made from non-toxic and cat-friendly materials

[amazon box=”B00I20UCI0″ description=” “]

57. Twin Critters KittiShroom: Refillable Organic Silver Vine Catnip Toy

These super adorable wool mushroom catnip toys are great. They’re potent, long-lasting and cats love them! Plus, they come with 15 grams of all-natural, finely grounded silvervine powder for refills.

[amazon box=”B0716SNSF1″ description=” “]

58. Coolfm Fish-Shaped Catnip Toy Set

These fish-shaped catnip toys are a hit in the feline community! They come in different shapes and designs and are available in packs of three and five, which is awesome! The 14-inch and 16-inch variety even have zippers for catnip refills and covers that are removable and washable. So, if you’re tight on cash, this is a great option.

More cool things about this catnip cat toy:

  • It has a 3D design
  • It’s made of high-quality plush fabric, filled with PP cotton and potent catnip
  • The materials used are non-toxic, chemical free and pesticide-free
  • You can get it in different sizes: 7.8 inches (no zipper), 14 inches and 16 inches (with zipper for catnip refills and cover is washable)

[amazon box=”B073GTBYTG” description=” “]

59. Twin Critters Organic Silver Vine Refillable Catnip Toy (2-pack)

Boost your feline furiend’s energy with the Twin Critters Refillable Sardine Plush! They’re filled with 100% natural silvervine that’s guaranteed to keep both kittens and adults Bengal cats busy. They’re purrrfectly sized for bunny kicks, too!

More about these pawsome catnip cat toys:

  • They’re filled with Twin Critter’s very own KittiKrack derived from 100% natural silvervine that’s extra potent!
  • They’re made from organic wool and powder from pure wild growing silvervine fruit (no additives or preservatives)

[amazon box=”B07DWNMWMS” description=” “]

60. Our Pets 100-Percent North American Catnip-Filled Carrot Cat Toy

The Our Pets Cosmic Catnip Toys are one of the most popular catnip toys and rightly so! Their catnip toys are 100-percent filled with North-American grown catnip that are more potent than most and last for a very long time. The Carrot one is my purrrsonal favorite!

More about these catnip toys:

  • They’re 100%  filled with potent North American grown catnip with a strong and long lasting aroma
  • There are different designs to choose from

[amazon box=”B005BP8NWG” description=” “]

61.  Petstages Green Magic Dynamite Catnip Cat Energizing Toy

I’m a kicker myself, so if your Bengal cat is a kicker as well, the Green Magic Dynamite Catnip Toy by Petstages may be the right choice. It’s filled with 100% North American catnip and has a durable canvas outer cover designed to hold up against bunny kicks.

More pawsome things about this catnip cat toy:

  • It’s filled with 100% North American catnip (no fillers)
  • It has a strong and long-lasting catnip scent
  • Its elongated design is purrrfect for bunny kicks
  • It has a durable canvas shell

[amazon box=”B002HR5G8U” description=” “]

62. Green Magic Boomerang by Petstages

I don’t know about you humans, but we Bengals love playing fetch! So, we’re all about toys that we can chase, bat, and carry back to our humans. With the Boomerang Buddy though, I’m not so sure your cat will be giving you back the toy once it’s out the package! (It’s that good!)

[amazon box=”B003V6V8E2″ description=” “]

63. KONG Cat Hugga Wubba

KONG Hugga Wubba is an all-time favorite in the feline community! We cats are instantly drawn in by the catnip and the overall design of it. The soft fleece, the crinkle sounds and the spider-like legs all add to its appeal.

More cool stuff about it:

  • It’s filled with KONG’s Premium Catnip
  • It ha a soft, fleece-covered body
  • It makes attractive rattling and crinkling sounds

[amazon box=”B0018MXYW0″ description=” “]

64. SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Cat Toys Value Pack (10 pcs.)

We cats love hunting small critters; it’s fun and very satisfying. However, as indoor cats we rarely have anything to hunt. It’s very important to provide your Bengal cat an outlet for their hunting urges in the form of toys. One good example is the Skitter Critters from SmartyKat. It’s a popular and well-loved catnip toy that is 100% worth trying out. I, myself, am a big fan!

More about these catnip toys:

  • You get ten adorable mice spiked with pure and potent catnip
  • They’re all purrrrfectly sized for batting and carrying
  • The fiberfill is made from 100% recycled plastic

[amazon box=”B01LZAR8NO” description=” “]

65. Our Pets Play-N-Squeak MouseHunter Squeaking Interactive Cat Toy

If you’re a busy human and would like a toy that will really keep your Bengal cat occupied for HOURS, the OurPets Play-N-Squeak cat toys will save your life! They’re seriously some of the coolest toys I’ve ever seen-and I’ve seen A LOT of toys. They move and squeak like real live prey. No Bengal cat will be able to resist them.

[amazon box=”B001HWF2W6″ description=” “]

62.  OurPets Play-N-Squeak Twice the Mice Cat Toy

The Twice the Mice Cat toy is a smaller version of the MouseHunter toy and it’s specially made for kittens. How cute, right?

[amazon box=”B001PIJJE4″ description=” “]

66. OurPets Play-N-Squeak Real Birds Touch Down Interactive Cat Toy

If your Bengal cat is more of a bird hunter, say no more! Our Pets also has interactive squeaking birds that are just as cool as the mouse ones.

[amazon box=”B0081IP6J8″ description=” “]

67. OurPets Play-N-Squeak Backyard Collection Squeaking Interactive Catnip Cat Toy Bunny

You can get these super cool squeaking catnip cat toys as backyard critters!

[amazon box=”B003ALCTQY” description=” “]

68. Hartz Just For Cats Kitty Frenzy Catnip Mice Toy

Kitty Frenzy includes 12 lightweight, catnip-filled mice toys that are absolutely purrrfect for those Bengal cats that love to bat, chase, and carry things around. This cat toy has been a constant favorite in thousands of households, and there’s a big chance it might be in yours, too!

More about this pawsome catnip cat toy:

  • You get 12 colorful, lightweight mice filled with premium catnip
  • Purrrfectly sized for batting, tossing and carrying

[amazon box=”B000QOIX4U” description=” “]

69. From The Field Deluxe Purrfect Gift Kit

From The Field has the BEST catnip in all the lands! Their catnip spray rejuvenator is our humom’s absolute favorite! She sprays it on all our toys since we react to it better than any other catnip spray we’ve ever tried -and we’ve tried a LOT! It’s a staple in our multi-Bengal cat home because there’s just nothing like it!

More about this amazing cat toy gift kit:

  • You get: one catnip rejuvenator spray, two mice toys, one corkball and one all-natural catnip bag
  • It’s the purest, most potent catnip essential oil
  • Made in the USA

[amazon box=”B000X1SA9E” description=” “]

70. Deluxe Hot Cats Four Link Catnip Sausage

This is one of the most durable and long-lasting catnip toy I’ve ever scratched, chewed and bunny kicked! If your Bengal cat loves playing rough, then this catnip is the ideal choice.

[amazon box=”B0019DJVHK” description=” “]

Variety Pack Cat Toys

Variety pack cat toys are awesome because they’re the most budget-friendly way to provide your cat with different toys. But, not all variety packs are worth buying. Some include toys that break too easily and others are dangerous for cats. For your safety and convenience, here are 5 variety packs we purrrsonally use and trust:

71. Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack for Kitty (20 Pieces)

These are all the awesome stuff you get:

  • Faux mice
  • Sisal-wrapped balls
  • Jingle bell balls
  • Catnip toys
  • Mylar balls
  • Feather teaser
  • Mouse teaser ball

[amazon box=”B01AHM6P18″ description=” “]

72.AILUKI 26PCS Cat Toys

These are all the awesome stuff you get:

  • 1 Two-way cat tunnel
  • 1 simulation fish
  • 1 column with bell
  • 1 teaser wand
  • 4 toy mice
  • 1 scratcher ball with feathers
  • 2 plush feather ball
  • 1 linen ball
  • 1 feather for cat wand
  • 1 colorful nylon ball with bell
  • 2 crinkle balls
  • 3 jingle bell ball
  • 1 rainbow-colored ball
  • 4 chew stick
  • 1 tumbler toy

[amazon box=”B07FY82YPP” description=” “]

73. Friends Forever Kitten Toys Variety Pack (20 Pieces)

These are all the awesome stuff you get:

  • Mice toys
  • Feather teaser
  • Crinkle balls
  • Bouncy balls
  • Jingle bell balls
  • Faux mice
  • Catnip toys
  • Plush balls

[amazon box=”B01LXE4RGR” description=” “]

74. Youngever 24 Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments

These are all the awesome stuff you get:

  • Collapsible Cat Tunnel
  • Cat Teaser Wand
  • Interactive Feather Toy
  • Fluffy Mouse
  • Crinkle Balls
  • Mylar balls
  • Bell balls
  • Chew toy
  • Sponge Balls
  • Cat Springs

[amazon box=”B077B9PHKD” description=” “]

75. PetFavorites Cat Toys Variety Pack Assorted Kitten Toys

These are all the awesome stuff you get:

  • 1 two-way cat tunnel
  • 1 catnip fish
  • 1 catnip carrot
  • 1 cotton catnip mice
  • 1 teaser wand
  • cat toy spring
  • 3 crinkle balls
  • 1 sparkle ball
  • 1 tumbler ball with mice
  • 1 linen ball with feather
  • 2 jingle bell balls
  • 2 rainbow balls
  • 5 chew sticks
  • 1 storage bag

[amazon box=”B07L8B614B” description=” “]

Multipurpose Cat Toys

76. FurHaven Pet Tower Playground

The Furhaven Tower Playground is a playhouse, lounger and cat scratcher in one! It’s the purrrfect addition to multi-cat households or apartments that are short on space but still want functional and visually-appealing cat furniture. I swear, you will not regret getting this cat tower. It’s incredibly sturdy and a total cat magnet! You’ll love it!

More about this cat tower:

  • It’s a multi-level cat tower house with 5 separate cat beds
  • It’s completely eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • It’s 33 inches tall and 22.83 inches wide

[amazon box=”B07H2G4MWJ” description=” “]

77. SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug

The famous Ripple Rug A.K.A. my ultimate favorite cat toy! It’s a puzzle toy that also functions as a scratcher and groomer for us cats. If you don’t already have it, then take this as a sign to go get one ASAP. This is a total game changer, human! 100% Bengal cat tested and approved!

Cool things about this cat toy:

  • It’s made of two layers of carpet: top layer has Velcro that attaches to the bottom later; bottom layer has non-slip rubber backing
  • It’s made with safety slits for hole expansion
  • It’s a non-fraying carpet material
  • It’s stain, mold and mildew resistant
  • It’s completely machine washable
  • Each one is made from 24 recycled plastic bottles

[amazon box=”B016H3T8EC” description=” “]

78. Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

The Doc & Phoebe Indoor Hunting Feeder Set is a great way to provide us Bengal cats the mental and physical satisfaction of actually “hunting” for food. The challenge of using our minds to strategically look for food makes mealtimes more fulfilling for us. It also helps slow down our eating pace to prevent “scarf and barf” incidents and keep us from gaining unnecessary weight. It’s definitely a must-have for all cat pawrents.

More about this pawsome cat toy:

  • It has a zipper closure
  • It’s machine washable
  • You’ll get 3 mice, 1 trainer and 1 portion filler

[amazon box=”B07HFKDJF8″ description=” “]

79 Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

The Bergan Turbo Scratcher is an insanely popular cat toy and scratcher. Literally thousands of felines and humans love it.

More about this cat toy and scratcher:

  • It comes with catnip
  • The scratch pads are replaceable (16 inches in diameter x 1.88 inches)
  • Replacement balls are available

[amazon box=”B000IYSAIW” description=” “]

80. Trixie Activity Fun Board

The Trixie Activity Fun Board has been around for a while now and has many loyal users (me included). I’m purrrsonally a very treat motivated Bengal cat and whenever my humom puts my favorite treats inside this fun board, I always do my best to retrieve every single one no matter how long it takes!

More about this activity board:

  • It has 5 different modules: the globe, the peg, the alley, the tongue and the tunnel
  • It’s dishwasher-safe

[amazon box=”B001O8L2UO” description=” “]

81. FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher Pad with Catnip

If you want a durable and aesthetically pleasing cat scratcher pad and ball track toy, then I highly recommend getting this one. On top of being an entertaining cat toy, it’s very modern and sleek-looking and will fit right in with other human furniture.

More about this cool cat toy:

  • The scratcher pad is replaceable
  • It’s made with fiberboard and melamine veneer
  • It includes a high-density, double-sided corrugated paper

[amazon box=”B07PLWKG3Z” description=” “]

82. Cat Amazing Stacks! – Modern Cat Condo & Modular Cat Tree

The Cat Amazing Catty Stacks are purrrfect for creative humans with active Bengal cats. You can easily create your feline’s playground as fun and as unique as you want without using up too much living space. The possibilities with these are endless!

More about the Catty Stacks:

  • They’re made with heavy-duty corrugated cardboard
  • You can stack and secure the boxes with Cat Amazing’s patented clip system (you also get the clips and bridge together with two cubes)
  • It’s a cat tower, climber, tunnel, perch, lounger and activity center all in one!
  • It’s crafted from high-quality, cat-safe and planet-friendly materials
  • Made in the USA

[amazon box=”B01H7VHSZE” description=” “]

83. Cat Amazing Epic! – Cat Puzzle Feeder & Treat Hunt Maze – Interactive Cat Toy

Cat Amazing is known for their unique and planet-friendly stuff. The Cat Puzzle Feeder & Treat Hunt Maze is one of my top picks from them. You can hide tasty treats inside it and let your Bengal cat figure out how to retrieve them. There are 3 difficulty levels to make sure even a smart Bengal cat doesn’t get bored.

More about this fun puzzle toy:

  • It has adjustable difficulty levels (3 levels, 7 sections)
  • It’s made with industrial-strength double-layered cardboard and plant-based gloss coating
  • It works well with cat treats, catnip, crinkle balls, mice toys and teaser toys

[amazon box=”B07ND5LXLP” description=” “]

84. Yofun Interactive Laser Cat Toy, 3 in 1 Multifunction Automatic Spinning Cat Toy

This cat toy is an interactive toy and treat dispenser in one. It automatically rolls around to provoke us felines to bat and chase it around. Put your cat’s favorite treats in this toy and they’ll go after it for hours!

More cool things about this cat toy:

  • It’s a ball shaped tumbler, laser toy and treat dispenser in one
  • It automatically shuts down after 10 minutes
  • It’s made of non-toxic and environment-friendly ABS materials
  • The laser light has an output less than 5 milliwatts (considered safe by the U.S Food and Drug Administration for animals and humans)

[amazon box=”B07B476XB1″ description=” “]

85. Bojafa Cat Catnip Toys 3 Pack for Cats Playing Chewing Teeth Cleaning Toys – Creative Pillow Scratch Pet Catnip Teeth Grinding Chew Toys

Most chew toys don’t last very long, but the Bojafa catnip dental chew toy begs to differ. They hold up surprisingly well to being chewed on by sharp feline teeth.

More about this catnip chew toy:

  • It’s made with durable cotton linen; stuffed with soft PP cotton and natural catnip
  • It helps exfoliate teeth and prevent build-up of plaque and tartar
  • It’s 6.5 inches long and 2.4 inches wide
  • You can also get it in gray, red, yellow, pink and black

[amazon box=”B07H7C5PHY” description=” “]

86. Catnip Mice Catnip Toys by Petstages

Another great teeth-cleaning chew toy option is the Petstages Catnip Chew Mice. It’s specially made with a netting cover that acts like floss and helps remove food residue and tartar while massaging the gums.

More about this catnip chew toy:

  • It’s filled with catnip to attract felines
  • It cleans teeth while chewing
  • It’s lightweight and size is easy to bat and toss

[amazon box=”B000HHQ74O” description=” “]

87. RundA Cat Scratching Post

The RundA Cat Scratching post is one of the latest human inventions in 2019. It functions as a scratching post, rotating feather teaser and laser light toy at the same time. It’s purrrity unique! It will keep your Bengal’s claws off your furniture and keep them busy while you work. Plus, you won’t need to constantly purchase batteries for it because it’s rechargeable.

More pawsome things about this cat scratching post:

  • It’s a 3-in-1 cat toy: scratching post, feather teaser and laser light toy
  • The feather teaser has 4 rotation speed modes: slow, middle, fast and random
  • The sisal-wrapped scratching post provide a tough, resilient scratching post
  • It’s built with a heavy and sturdy wood base with non-slip mat
  • The cat toys are rechargeable (no more constant buying of replacement batteries!)
  • It’s very easy to assemble and disassemble
  • It’s made up of 3 detachable sisal poles (11.8″ tall each, 35 inches overall)

[amazon box=”B07PPGGMR2″ description=” “]

88. Outback Jack Kitty Compound Cat Playhouse

The Outdoor Jack Outdoor Cat Enclosure is an excellent way to give your Bengal cat the option to enjoy the great outdoors safely without having to build an expensive catio. You can also use it when making first time introductions, isolating injured pets or creating a space for kittens. It’s spacious, breathable, portable and very easy to clean.

More cool things about it:

  • It has over 30 square feet of activity space
  • It’s made with breathable mesh fabric
  • It’s portable and lightweight
  • It includes one cat tent and one cat tunnel with a zippered door at both ends
  • The tent and tunnel can be used separately

[amazon box=”B00IONBY3M” description=” “]

89. K&H Pet Products Hangin’ Cat Condo

The K&H Hangin’ Cat Condo is purrrfect for humans with multiple cats but limited living space. It’s specially designed to mount on any door and is completely foldable for easy storage. It has 5 levels for cats to climb and 7 peepholes to observe human activities. It’s purrrity convenient, if you ask me!

More amazing stuff about it:

  • It mounts on virtually any door
  • It has 5 levels and 7 peepholes
  • All levels have complete interior access
  • It’s made with 600-Denier waterproof fabric
  • It’s foldable and easy to store away
  • You can get in the size small: 16 inches x 16 inches x 65 inches; and large: 23 inches x 16 inches x 65 inches

[amazon box=”B00CLA0UC0″ description=” “]

90. Trixie Pet Products My Kitty Darling Castle

If you really want to treat your Bengal cat like the royalty that they are, why not get them their own castle? The My Kitty Darling Castle is definitely fit for a queen!

Cool things about this cat castle:

  • It comes with a removable circular cat bed that can be used separately
  • The two removable cushions are machine washable
  • The play blanket produces a rustling sound
  • It has a dangling plush ball and a sisal-wrapped pole

[amazon box=”B0055R11LA” description=” “]

91. Our Pets Catty Whack Electronic Interactive Sound and Feather Action Cat Toy

The Catty Whack is so much fun! It’s very unpredictable and really makes me think. It’s one of the best toys to stimulate and challenge active and intelligent Bengal cats like me!

Cool stuff about the Catty Whack:

  • It’s an electronic cat toy with a feather teaser that moves around randomly
  • The middle part is a carpeted scratching area
  • It has a non-skid base

[amazon box=”B012VLBWXY” description=” “]

92.Cheese Wedge Multi Sensory Cat Toy by Petstages

This catnip-filled cat toy is just the purrrfect size for batting and carrying around. It also helps remove food particles and prevent plaque buildup in our teeth while we enjoy ourselves. Never in a million years did I ever think I’d enjoy cleaning my teeth!

[amazon box=”B072JFR98J” description=” “]

93. CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Gardens Set

If you’re looking to expand your Bengal cat’s indoor play area, we highly recommend the CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Gardens Set. It doesn’t take up any living space since it’s mounted on the walls and it won’t stick out like a sore thumb because it’s specially designed to go purrrfectly with modern furniture. In fact, it’ll add more purrrsonality to your home.

[amazon box=”B07PYWXH5V” description=” “]

94. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge acts as a cat scratcher and lounger in one. It’s made from non-toxic, recyclable materials and has an attractive design that fits right in with your home decor.

More cool stuff about it:

  • It’s made of recycled cardboard and non-toxic cornstarch glue
  • It comes with organic catnip
  • It’s extra sturdy and reversible
  • It’s an award-winning product (2015 Eco-excellence award)

[amazon box=”B004X6UEH6″ description=” “]

95. Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree

The Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree is one of the earliest toys we’ve ever owned and until now, our humom still uses it to keep us all busy so we don’t follow her into every single room. It works every time!

[amazon box=”B00D3NI31Y” description=” “]

96. Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats

If you want your Bengal cat to eat slower or lose some weight, the Catit Senses Digger can help. Instead finishing their meal in 2 seconds flat, your Bengal cat will take their time scooping up food from this feeder toy.

[amazon box=”B015P13QMM” description=” “]

97. Catit Treat Ball, Blue

The Catit Treat Ball is a toy ball and treat dispenser in one. If you have a treat motivated Bengal cat, this toy will keep them busy for hours!

[amazon box=”B00357M8S2″ description=” “]

98. Roamwild Scratcher Play Set for Cats

This one’s purrrity cool! It’s a 5-in-1 cat toy-a cat scratcher and lounger with a spinning ball toy, a spring-mounted pompom toy and a catnip compartment. Just pour some catnip inside the catnip compartment and watch your cat play!


[amazon box=”ASIN” description=” “]

99. AmazonBasics Cat Scratcher Lounger – Square, Large

This one doubles as a cat scratcher and lounger. It’s a huge, heavy-duty scratcher and honestly, the biggest one I’ve ever seen made entirely out of cardboard! If there’s a cardboard scratcher that’s going to survive a multitude of claw attacks, it’s certainly going to be this one.

[amazon box=”B07FVTB3GN” description=” “]

100. Rolling Cat Scratcher Toy | Rolls While Kitty Scratches

This is the newest addition to our scratcher toys and we’re loving it! Our humom just sprayed a little bit of From The Field Catnip Rejuvenator Spray on it and now we can’t get enough of it! I am especially fond of the twine-covered roller. We’ve never had anything like it before!

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