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3 Ways How To Exercise Your Bengal Cat

Bengals are not an ordinary domestic cat breed – these kitties are incredibly active. This means that they are going to need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy.

When it comes to toys, Bengals seem to especially love wands with feathers; apart from a few interactive toys, you should consider investing in a cat wheel, scratching pole, and cat tree. Bengals are also the kind of cats who love exercising in water and going on walks.

How Do I Exercise a Bengal Cat?


There are plenty of cool, interactive toys available on the market. Experts usually recommend getting a few to find out which one your Bengal is going to like the most (changing things up every now and then is also important).

Apart from small toys, you can also get a scratching post, a cat tree, and even a cat wheel.


It is generally advised to get two Bengals if you have such an opportunity. The little guys will do an amazing job at keeping each other entertained.

Water games

Bengals are the cats that adore water. These kitties like playing in the shower or tub, and the majority of them also love ‘interacting’ with drinking fountains.


Bengals can be trained to walk on a leash and harness. If you manage to do that, then the kitty is going to have the time of its life outside as the great outdoors is full of mental and physical stimuli. 

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Do Bengal Cats Need Exercise?

Bengals need to exercise regularly – they are highly active and athletic cats that might end up destroying your house or getting depressed if you fail to provide them with enough stimulation. 

Ideally, you would want to play with the Bengal for 15 minutes twice a day. Also, do make sure that the cat has plenty of entertainment options for the times when you’re away.

How Do You Play with a Bengal Cat?

  1. Get a wand toy with feathers or anything else that is going to bring out the hunter in the Bengal. Simply swoosh the wand around and watch your cat enjoy the play (make sure to allow the kitty to actually catch the toy a few times).
  2. Fill a small kiddie’s pool with lukewarm water (don’t fill it to the top, however, as the kitty might accidentally drown). Toss a few toys into the water and let the cat jump into the pool.
  3. Buy a few colorful, pet-friendly balls and let the kitty bat them around and chase them. The majority of Bengals are capable of playing fetch, by the way.

Do Bengal Cats Play Rough?

Bengals can sometimes play a bit rough as they are relatively strong cats with big paws and well-developed hunting instincts. 

  • Some owners have figured out that getting a calming pheromone diffuser helps
  • Teach your Bengal while it’s still a kitten that biting hands and other body parts is unacceptable
  • Redirect the cat’s attention, if it’s being too rough (for example, throw a toy) 

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Do Bengal Cats Need a Wheel?

Bengals do not absolutely need a wheel, but if you can get or build one, your kitty is going to love it.

When choosing a wheel, make sure that it is sturdy and made out of high-quality materials. Go for a wide base as it is easier to run on and make sure that the construction has some sort of noise reduction. 

Can You Walk a Bengal Cat on a Leash?

Bengals can be walked on a leash and the chances are high that they’re going to enjoy every minute of it. Make sure to get a harness as it is a lot more comfortable and doesn’t put any unnecessary pressure on the kitty’s neck.

What Is the Best Harness for a Bengal Cat?

  • To determine the right size of the harness, measure the cat’s chest and neck
  • Make sure that the harness is snug, but not too tight – you should be able to fit one or two fingers under it
  • Consider the sound that the closure makes – some can be too loud and scare the cat away
  • You might want to go for a harness with multiple layers of closure (in such a case, if one fails, you’ll have nothing to worry about)

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How Do You Put on a Pet Home Cat Harness?

Ideally, you would want to acclimate your cat to a harness while it’s still a kitten

Before putting the harness on, leave it on the floor, so your Bengal can inspect it. Place the harness somewhere familiar (for example, the cat’s feeding spot).

How Do You Make a Cat Harness?

If you like DIY projects, then you can attempt to make a cat harness yourself. Simply make sure that the materials are safe for the kitty and that the harness is not too tight.

How Do I Bond with My Bengal?

Playing with your Bengal is, of course, one of the best ways to firm a strong bond between you and the kitty. But there are also a few other things that you would want to do:

  • Let the cat make the first move – if you’re constantly trying to catch or pet the kitty, it is going to interpret your actions as aggressive behavior
  • Talk to the Bengal – these kitties are quite chatty and they’ll be happy to ‘have a conversation’ with you (by the way, the more you talk, the sooner the cat will get used to your voice)
  • Reward the kitty with treats when it’s doing something that you find particularly positive

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Are Bengal Cats Cuddlers?

In general, Bengals are not cuddlers, even though they are a very affectionate breed. In any case, the cat should be the one making the first move, if it ever feels like being cuddling, it’ll make it clear.

How Do I Keep My Bengal Happy?

Without enough exercise, your Bengal will be unhappy and, perhaps, even depressed.

Play with the kitty every single day and if you have enough time and patience, try teaching the Bengal to do some tricks – this is another great way of providing your cat with the stimulation it needs.

How Do Bengal Cats Communicate?

Bengals love ‘talking’ and that’s also their main way of communicating with humans. The kitties can meow, chirp, and chatter, and all these sounds are usually going to mean something.

Do Bengal Cats Purr?

Bengals do purr and some of them can do that extremely loudly.

How Do You Keep a Bengal Cat Quiet?

In a lot of cases, a cat is going to meow, if it’s bored. So, playing with your Bengal and providing it with enough exercise is one of the main routes to a quieter home.

Why Does My Bengal Cat Stare at Me?

Sometimes, cats will stare at you because they think that such behavior will encourage you to give them something that they need.

However, kitties can also stare at their owner to show their affection.

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Are Bengal Cats Lazy?

A Bengal is not a lazy domestic cat. This breed is highly active and you’ll rarely see a Bengal lying on the couch for hours.

How Many Hours a Day Do Bengal Cats Sleep?

Bengals can sleep for around 12-14 hours per day and all the other time they are going to want to stay active.

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