Catnip Guaranteed To Make Your Bengal Cat Go Crazy (2020)

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We cats are simple creatures, really. We’ll pretty much be grateful for food, water, regular vet visits, daily playtime and a few snuggles here and there. However, we also appreciate being treated to some catnip every once in a while, especially during stressful events like being in a pet carrier while travelling with our humans.

Catnip, also known as catswort and catmint, is a plant from the mint family. It contains an oil called “nepelactone” which is the substance that induces our reaction to the plant. When ingested, it causes most of us cats to become very relaxed and can easily put some of us to sleep (not in that way, of course).

However, our reaction to catnip (or lack thereof) is an inherited trait. Only cats with ancestors affected by catnip will have a reaction to it. If you find your Bengal to be affected by catnip, you can use it to help them relax or boost their energy. It’s purrrrfectly safe and harmless.

The effect will last anywhere from five to ten minutes. After that, we cats become immune to it for the next thirty minutes or so.


Different ways to give catnip to your Bengal cat


  • Catnip plant

If you enjoy having indoor plants, you can purchase a catnip plant or grow your own by planting a fresh catnip stalk in a pot. You may want to avoid putting the plant pot on top of shelves or tables and place it on the floor instead. Your Bengal may get too excited and accidentally knock the pot over.

Also, to prevent your cat from possibly scattering soil all over the floor, you can put a layer small rocks or pebbles on top of the soil. This way, your kitty can enjoy the plant without causing any trouble. Find some great Catnip plants here.


  • Dried catnip leaves

To use dried catnip leaves, take a pinch of the herb from its container and gently rub it between your fingers to activate the oil that your Bengal cat will react to. You can directly offer it to them or rub it on their body. You can also sprinkle it on the floor, on a cat tree, on their scratching posts or inside their pet carrier if it’s time to take them to the vet or before you take them on a trip with you.


  • Catnip-filled toys

You can buy soft cat toys filled with catnip. They come in different shapes and designs, so you can choose one that will suit your Bengal’s taste best. Simply remove the toy from its packaging and let your cat play around with it. In a few minutes, the catnip will take effect and you’ll see your cat getting very excited while playing with it.

After a few weeks, however, the potency of the catnip inside the toy will wear off and you’ll need to replace it.

For our top 5 catnip toys your Bengal will love, check out this article!


  • Catnip spray

Catnip spray is a handy way of administering catnip. It makes the application a whole lot easier and substantially less messy, unlike when using dried catnip leaves. You can easily spray it on cat trees, scratching posts or even your Bengal’s old cat toys to make them “new” again.


  • Catnip balls

Catnip balls are a dense, matted ball of catnip. Your cat can chew on it and play with it at the same time, while enjoying the stimulating and energy boosting effects of catnip.


  • Catnip wine

Believe it or not, a cat-friendly wine is actually available on the market. It’s especially made for felines and has no alcohol or grape content. It’s made from organically grown catnip, filtered water and red beet juice or valerian root for coloring.

It’s now possible for humans to enjoy a glass of wine with their feline fur-ends!


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