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Are Bengal Cats Good with Kids?

We Bengal cats are often misunderstood because of how our breed was named. Most of the time, when humans hear “Bengal cat” some sort of wild animal comes to mind. Some even think we’re not supposed to be kept as indoor pets, let alone be allowed to go near children, because of the fact that our breed was initially created from the wild Asian Leopard cat.

I get where you humans are coming from. Us Bengals having wild ancestors does look bad, but trust me, we’re as domesticated as any other cat breed. Read on to know more about us Bengals and what we’re all about. Who knows? We might even end up being your favorite cat breed. *wink*


Are We Domesticated?

We Bengal cats are classified according to different generations. This is how you humans can identify our level of domestication. The initial generation—F1-F3, also called the filial or foundation generations—are the less domesticated ones and tend to have wild tendencies.

  • F1 Bengal (Asian Leopard cat x domestic cat)
  • F2 Bengal (F1 Bengal female x domestic male)
  • F3 Bengal (F2 Bengal female x domestic male)

The generation of Bengals that are completely domesticated are the fourth generation or F4 Bengals and onwards (that’s us!). We have all the qualities and traits that humans believe all domestic cats should have. We’re affectionate, gentle and have good temperaments—purrrrfect furry family members.


Our Traits And Tempremant


  • We’re highly intelligent

I’m proud to say that one of the most amazing things about us Bengal cats is how extremely intelligent we are. In fact, we are one of the most intelligent cat breeds out there! We are widely known for being highly trainable and our trainability is often compared to that of dogs—we play fetch just as good as them, too!


  • We’re very vocal

We Bengals can be quite demanding about what we want and when we want it. We have no problem about being vocal about issues we want to talk about—we just love communicating to our humans about everything!

Whether it’s because we’re hungry or in need for attention, we’ll handle it by making different sounds to get our point across. Some humans may not like how vocal our breed is, but for Bengal cat lovers, it just makes us all the more charming.


  • We’re very energetic

We’re a breed that has plenty of energy—and I mean a LOT, sometimes we just start racing out of no where, this is called zoomies. We absolutely love climbing and being anywhere that’s high up. We like exploring everything around us and going on outdoor adventures with our humans. We also enjoy playing with interactive toys and anything we can chase and pounce on. So, if you’re a human with a very active lifestyle, we’re the purrrfect cat breed for you!


Do We Get Along With Kids?

If you’re considering getting a Bengal cat and you have kids, you’re probably concerned about whether or not our breed does well with little humans. Well, as scary as our name sounds, we’re actually a very gentle breed. Once you get a Bengal and successfully transition them to becoming a part of your family, you’ll be surprised by how affectionate our breed can be towards kids.

One of the major reasons why we Bengal cats do well with children is because of how similar we are to them. Kids love to play and are extremely curious. They’re very active and always looking for fun and entertaining things to do—they’re basically tiny human versions of us! Plus, with Bengals, you won’t need to worry about claws. We always keep ours retracted when playing with humans, especially tiny ones.

We Bengals are one of the gentlest, most easily tamed cat breeds and make amazing family pets. Don’t let our looks and wild ancestry fool you into thinking otherwise.

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