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Are Bengal Cats Social?

Bengal cats are incredibly social characters and actually end up becoming quite agitated if they are left alone for too long. They love having their owners around to play with them and pay them plenty of attention. 

They’ll often follow their owners around the house want to get involved in any activity the people in the vicinity are up to. 

Bengals are known for being one of the most social breeds of cats around. All of their wonderful personality traits point to their ultimately social nature. 

They are typically playful, curious, very loud, and energetic. They love being around people and also other animals, so if you have a family or a generally busy household, a Bengal cat will fit right in. 

Can You Leave Your Bengal Cat Alone? 

Bengal cats do not like to be left alone. They are high-energy cats so they need to have someone to play with them. Some Bengal enthusiasts even say that owning a Bengal cat is similar to owning a dog given the amount of energy they have. 

Much like dogs, they are sometimes needy and require a lot of attention. But, people see this as one of the reasons the breed of cat is so appealing. They are wonderful, energetic personalities to have around the house, so if you give them what they want, you will be rewarded with oodles of love.

A Bengal cat is always happier when they are physically close to you. They may not always need to be literally sitting on your lap, but having their person in the same room as them makes them the most at ease. 

If you do leave a Bengal cat alone for too long, they have been known to become destructive. When they act this way, it’s because they need to blow off energy in one way or another. If you’re not around, they’ll simply take out their buzz on the most fun-looking object they can find.

More often than not, this involves clawing at your furniture, carpets, or curtains or running around at lightning speed. It’s best to keep any fragile valuables out of the way because the likelihood of them getting knocked over in a Bengal’s hyper episode is very high! 

Even if you seem to have a Bengal cat that is calmer than most, vets recommend that you do not leave any cat alone for more than 24hrs. Although cats are pretty independent creatures, the risk of them running out of food and water is too great to leave them completely alone. 

Do Bengal Cats Get Lonely? 

Bengal cats are very high energy so they do tend to act out when left alone for long periods of time. They have been known to get up to all sorts of mischief. 

This, combined with the fact that they are a highly intelligent breed, means that the damage they could do in your home could be almost impressive. 

They have very refined skills in reasoning, so Bengal cats even know how to open drawers, flush toilets, hide objects they find appealing, and how to open doors to other rooms. If you want to keep Bengal cats out of your things, you may want to Bengal-proof your house. 

Bengals will only act out if they feel like they are not getting enough attention. The best way to make sure your Bengal cat does not get overly destructive is to make sure they have company as much as possible. 

They do, notoriously, get lonely so they are the ideal pet if you stay at home most of the time. 

Bengal cats are also quite emotionally sensitive, again owing to their intelligence. If you own a Bengal, naughty behavior is usually because they are feeling stressed or lonely. 

Giving them fun toys to keep them occupied and then giving them loads of praise when you return home to them is the best way to ensure they are loved, which will reduce their stress levels.

Even though you may think Bengals are super high maintenance, they are definitely one of the most fun breeds to have and they will bring a lot of joy and energy to your life. 

They are also a very social breed and come across as more friendly, rather than the typical dismissive behavior exhibited by most other cat breeds. 

Do Bengal Cats Get On With Other Cats Or Pets? 

If you love a Bengal, but realistically cannot spend all your time at home, Bengals do really well with other cats and pets in the house. As we already know, they come with a lot of energy, so another cat with similar energy levels or even a dog will make the perfect furry companion for this cat breed. 

If you have a dog, you need to make sure that it likes cats and has a good temperament. A Bengal will definitely taunt your dog, purely because they will want a friend to play with. 

However, if they rile up their playmate the wrong way, they may get nipped. You don’t want to be paying for unnecessary vets’ bills.  

A Bengal cat will actually prefer having other pets in the house. It means more playmates for them! It will also help to keep them entertained and will prove to be a bit less work for you as the owner. 

If you want to dedicate most of your time to a Bengal cat, the relationship you will build with them will be very special, and you’ll form a bond with them like no other. 

If you have small pets such as rabbits or hamsters, you need to keep them locked away and train a Bengal not to touch them. It’s a Bengal’s basic instinct to hunt and smaller animals make easy targets for hunting practice.

Do Bengal Cats Like Affection? 

If you want a cat that will sit on your lap quietly while you’re watching a movie, then a Bengal cat may not actually be for you. Don’t be mistaken, Bengals love being scratched behind their ears and being stroked, but only for a short period of time. 

After a long nap, they’ll soon be up and about again ready to run around, getting up to their usual Bengal antics. 

They like affection but not in the traditional way of being petted for hours on end. A Bengal cat will always want time with you, but they’ll require your energy too. If you are willing to play with them by rolling a ball along the floor of the room, or attaching something fluffy to the ned of string and taunting them with it they, will love you forever.

Are Bengal Cats Loyal?

Bengal cats are incredibly loyal, which we know is very unusual for a cat breed. They will follow you around the house all the time. They’ll also try to get involved in almost everything you do. Do you know those cute cat videos of cats lying on people’s laptops while they work? This would be classic Bengal behavior. 

If you’re making a cup of coffee they’ll probably be brushing themselves up against your legs. This isn’t necessarily to show how much they love you, but to demand your attention for more playtime! They are just as loyal as they are needy.

They are also wonderful loving animals and will come to the front door to greet you after you’ve been at work or even just out at the shops. You will however also be greeted by a series of meows, which, roughly translated, mean “how could you leave me alone for so long?”. 

Why Are Bengal Cats So Energetic? 

It’s more than likely a Bengal’s high energy has something to do with their breeding. The Bengal breed we know nowadays was initially bred in the 1940s with genes similar to an Asian Leopard. So, they have a lot of wild cat traits in them, just in a dialed down way that manifests itself in a playful nature. 

The Bengal’s stature also makes them built for the hunt, or rather for the play! They have more of a drive to hunt small animals than other cats so this may also be why they have more energy to burn.

They are exceptionally agile creatures as well as muscular, so there is a lot of energy stored in the muscles at one time. They are also very inquisitive animals, so their constant fascination with their immediate surrounding may also give you the impression that they are high-energy. 

In general, cats fundamentally conserve a lot of energy through regular napping. You will find a Bengal cat takes regular naps like any other cat. Some Bengals even talk in their sleep. Adorable right? But as soon as they wake up again, they’ll be dashing around your home like crazy. 

Are Bengal Cats Good Indoor Cats? 

As a rule of thumb, cats are the ideal pet if you live a prominently indoor lifestyle. Bengals, however, love to explore and do tend to wander, especially if they are in heat. 

They will stay inside with you, provided they have loads of toys to keep them entertained. Toys such as fluffy balls, dangly toys, and cat trees are ideal for Bengals and will keep them occupied for hours. 

As they are naturally exploitative, all the nooks and crannies in your home may become a Bengal’s favorite spot for a nap, or just to play in. 

They are also really intrigued by water, so you may find them in sinks, showers, and bathtubs from time to time. They are highly amusing with running taps and could spend hours playing with a flowing stream of water from one source or another. 

If you live in a busy or urban area, there is a great risk of your Bengal wandering off. At this point, you will want to keep a Bengal indoors as much as possible, so make sure you make the indoor space as desirable as possible for the cat to stay in. 

So yes, Bengals can be great indoor cats provided they are kept busy. If you have a family to love and care for your cat, they will be absolutely fine indoors. 

Yes, Bengals Are Very Social Cats

If you are looking for a cat that will become as fond of you as you will of them then a Bengal cat will fit your lifestyle perfectly. They love people and other animals so they are perfect for anyone willing to dedicate a lot of time and energy to keeping a Bengal cat happy.

They are also ideal for families and are great with kids, dogs, and, obviously, adults too. Basically, anyone who can play with them will be a friend for life! 

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