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Are Bengal Cats Stronger Than Maine Coons?

Both Bengals and Maine Coons are considered to be friendly and affectionate cats. But if any of these kitties ever feels like it’s threatened, it might end up getting into a fight – who is going to win in such a case?

In general, Maine Coons are stronger than Bengals simply because the former cat breed tends to be bigger. Both cats have strong, muscular bodies, but Maine Coons can grow up to 40 inches in length and weigh up to 25 pounds (Bengals rarely weigh more than 15).

Are Bengal Cats Stronger Than Maine Coons?

Maine Coons and Bengals are both relatively larger cat breeds with muscular and strong bodies. Even though Maine Coons might not be as active as the little leopards, it is generally considered that the former is a bit stronger simply because they are bigger.

How Strong Are Maine Coons?

One of the oldest natural cat breeds in North America is large, athletic, and strong. Maine Coons have thick legs, a broad chest, and an overall large body.

These cats are, in general, strong and healthy. They can easily knock down practically anything they find on a shelf, but, fortunately, the gentle giant doesn’t tend to get into fights – they’d rather run away from the conflict.

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Why Are Maine Coons So Strong?

Main Coons have powerful, muscular legs, and large paws, and these kitties are considered to be the largest domestic cat breed. 

One of the main reasons why these cats can reach such a giant size is because their growth rate is quite slow. This gives more time for their muscles and bones to fully develop.

Maine Coons originated in Maine back in the 1800s. They lived in the wilderness for years in one of the harshest climates and the survival of these cats fully depended on their hunting skills. 

That might be one of the reasons why the breed became so big throughout the years.

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Are Bengal Cats Bigger Than Maine Coon?

Both Bengals and Maine Coons are larger than a lot of other domestic cat breeds. Of course, you can find certain Bengals that are going to be bigger than individual Maine Coons, but overall, the latter breed is considered to be larger than Bengal cats. 

 BengalsMaine Coons
Weight8-15 pounds (some can weigh up to 22 pounds)10-25 pounds
Height13-16 inches10-16 inches
Length14-18 inches19-32 inches (some can be 40 inches in length)

How Big Do Maine Coon Cats Get?

Even though Maine Coons are not particularly tall cats (their height is close to that of a Bengal), they weigh a lot more than plenty of other cat breeds because they can grow to be very long – up to 40 inches

Before adopting such a kitty, you should consider its size as it might be challenging for some people even to pick up such a giant. 

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What Cat Is Bigger Than a Maine Coon Cat?

Maine Coons are among the largest domestic cat breeds (if not the largest). You might be able to find individual cats that are a bit larger than a Maine Coon, but it would be more of an exception. 

 Regular Domestic CatsMaine Coons
Weight8-10 pounds10-25 pounds
Height9-10 inches10-16 inches
Length15-18 inches19-40 inches

Can You Breed Bengal with Maine Coon?

Bengals can be bred with Maine Coons. Such a cross is called ‘the Maine Coon Bengal mix’. 

This mix is an American hybrid that resulted in a beautiful and intelligent cat. This is a wild-looking, big cat that is going to exhibit traits of both Bengals and Maine Coons. 

Bengal Cat and Maine Coon Mix

A Bengal cat and Maine Coon mix is a cross and you can’t be certain about its characteristics.

Mixes that have stronger Bengal genes tend to be more muscular and slimmer. The face, in such a case, would be slightly broader and the spine – a bit more arched. 

The cats that inherited more from a Maine Coon would be bulkier, but, generally, a bit smaller and more muscular than regular Maine Coons.

The coats of such kitties can be marbled, spotted, or with rosettes and the length of the fur is usually between short and medium. 

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How Much Is a Maine Coon Bengal Mix?

The prices for a single kitten can range drastically. You can find kitties that are going to cost you $250, while others are priced at $3,000.

You should expect to pay more if you’re planning on adopting a cat that has no other breeds in its lineage aside from the Bengal and the Maine Coon.

Can Bengal Cats Breed with Domestic Cats?

Bengals can certainly breed with domestic cats. This is exactly how a Bengal was created – by crossing the Asian Leopard cat with a regular domestic kitty.

By the way, breeders are forced to continue crossing first-generation Bengals with domestic kitties simply because F1-F3 males are sterile.

Are Bengal Cats Smarter Than Normal Cats?

Bengals are among the top 3 most intelligent domestic cat breeds. This is simultaneously a gift and a nightmare for Bengal moms and dads as this breed is quite trainable, but, at the same, the kitties can easily figure out how to get into the places where they’re not supposed to go.

Can Maine Coons Defend Themselves?

Maine Coons are very friendly cats, and even though they are strong and big, they don’t like to be in fights. However, if there is ever such a need, a Maine Coon would certainly be able to defend itself.

By the way, these cats are also known to be protective of their owners

How Fast Can a Maine Coon Cat Run?

Maine Coons aren’t able to run for long periods as, of course, it is extremely difficult to move fast when you weigh 25 pounds. 

With that being said, these kitties are fast runners when it comes to short distances. They can reach a speed between 20 and 25 miles per hour

What Is the Most Muscular Cat?

An Egyptian Mau might be the strongest cat breed – they have athletic bodies and these kitties walk like a cheetah. 

Some other incredibly strong cat breeds include:

  • Maine Coons
  • Bengals
  • Savannahs
  • Abyssinians
  • Chausies

Are Bengal Cats Muscular?

Bengals have a muscular, athletic body and that’s exactly why these kitties need to exercise a lot – they are practically always full of energy.

What’s the Biggest Pet Cat?

Maine Coons are the most giant domestic cat breed. A gray tabby Maine Coon named ‘Stewie’ holds the record for the world’s longest domestic cat – his body was 48.5 inches long.

What’s the Biggest Cat You Can Legally Own?

In 16 states, it is legal to own a pet serval. These exotic cats can weigh up to 40 pounds and reach 24 inches in shoulder height. 

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Can a Maine Coon Fight a Dog?

Dogs vary greatly in size. A Maine Coon won’t be able to seriously injure a dog of a large breed, but the kitty can certainly get into a fight if it feels like it’s threatened.

By the way, if a cat manages to bite a dog of any size and the bite is left untreated, then the pup might end up passing away as the wound can get infected.

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