Are Bengals Good Travel Cats? 

Practically any kitty can become your travel companion if the furry ball is healthy and likes traveling just as much as you do.

Bengals can make excellent travel buddies as these cats are trainable and sociable, and they don’t like being left alone. Bear in mind that before hitting the road, you would have to spend months training the Bengal to walk on a leash, use a carrier, and enjoy car rides.

Are Bengals Good Travel Cats?  

A Bengal cat might end up being an amazing travel companion for the following reasons:

  • Bengals are trainable – in a lot of cases, you would be able to train your kitty to travel (for example, the cat can learn to enjoy car rides and to walk on a leash)
  • Bengals are sociable – if the cat was socialized from an early age, it is going to be able to get along with practically all the people and pets that you’ll meet while traveling
  • Bengals need plenty of attention – these cats don’t like being left alone and traveling together is an amazing way to make sure that you’re providing the beautiful cat with all the attention that it needs

With that being said, you should always consider the personality of your Bengal. While traveling, the cat would have to deal with millions of unfamiliar scents, noises, and items – this is not something that every kitty would be able to handle.

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How to Make Traveling with a Bengal Easier?

  • Plan ahead – make sure that cats are allowed wherever it is that you want to go
  • Ensure that the kitty is safe – get a harness with extra security, talk to your vet about the necessary vaccines, and get the little guy microchipped or buy a collar with an ID
  • Always have a copy of the cat’s health certificate and vaccinations
  • Try to stick to your regular schedule as much as possible – feed the Bengal with its regular food at the same time every day and bring its favorite toys

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How to Prepare Your Bengal for Car Travel?

When traveling in a car, a cat has to be kept in a carrier – this is the safest place for your feline friend. Moreover, this will help make sure that you’re concentrated on the road and not your kitty.

Allow the Bengal to explore the car before the trip. Put the cat’s bed in the backseat, so the car has a familiar scent, and don’t forget to take a calming pheromone spray with you.

Do Bengals Like to Be Carried?

The absolute majority of Bengals do not like to be held, and that might become a problem while you’re traveling.

Instead of trying to hold the cat in your arms, use a cat carrier, a special backpack, or simply keep the kitty on a leash.

Do Cats Cry on Planes?

If you decide to take your kitty into the cabin, then it certainly might start crying at one point, but it’s pretty much the same as having a crying baby – you won’t get punished for it.

There are a few things that you can do to prevent your Bengal from crying on the plane:

  • Choose a comfy carrier and train your cat to love it
  • Try using calming pheromones
  • Ideally, your cat should eat 4 hours before the flight to minimize the risks of nausea and vomiting

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How Do Cats Go to the Bathroom on a Plane?

You can get a portable litter box (the majority of those would easily fit in the carrier). Pee pads and pet diapers are also an option. 

Will Bengal Cats Sleep with You?

Bengals are the kitties that, in general, really do like sleeping with their owners. If you’re used to sleeping in one bed at home, then the chances are high that the cat is going to want to lie somewhere near you while traveling.

This will also help the kitty calm down and feel a bit more confident as it will know that its favorite human is within reach.

How Many Hours a Day Do Bengals Sleep?

Even though Bengals are highly active cats, they will still sleep around 12-14 hours a day

By the way, a stressed cat can sleep even more. If your kitty feels a bit nervous about the whole traveling thing, then it might end up sleeping for up to 20-22 hours per day. 

Can Bengals Be Outdoor Cats?

A lot of Bengals love exploring the great outdoors and traveling together is a great way to allow the kitty to enjoy its time outside under your supervision.

Bengals, just like any other domestic cats, are not suited to be fully outdoor kitties as they might end up getting in a fight with another animal or getting hit by a car.

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Can You Walk a Bengal Cat on a Leash?

Whenever you decide to let your cat go outside, you have to make sure that the little guy is on a leash.

Train the Bengal to wear a harness and attach a leash to it – this is the only way for both of you to enjoy the great outdoors safely (including when traveling). 

Do Bengal Cats Like to Climb Trees?

Bengals love being up high and they are amazing climbers. That can become a problem if your cat decides to get on a tree while you’re on a trip.

Ideally, you wouldn’t want to allow your Bengal to climb trees, but once you come back indoors, make sure that the kitty has an opportunity to explore the upper shelves.

Can a Bengal Be an Indoor Cat?

As long as they have plenty of entertainment options inside, Bengals can be happy inside. 

Why Are Bengal Cats So Difficult?

There are a few things that you should know before taking your Bengal on a trip:

  • These kitties are very talkative – this might become a problem if you’re on the plane, for example
  • They are prone to destructive behavior – if the Bengal didn’t have a chance to exercise during the day, it might end up ruining the place where you’re staying (the Airbnb host would certainly not like that)
  • Bengals are predisposed to certain health conditions – one of the most common issues that you would most likely have to deal with is the fact that these cats have very sensitive stomachs (this often results in diarrhea)

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Do Bengal Cats Ever Calm Down?

Bengals don’t usually significantly calm as they age. So, if your cat has always been hyper, it will stay that way.

One of the best ways to make your cat calm down is to tire the kitty out by playing

How Long Can a Bengal Cat Be Left Alone?

Typically, you wouldn’t want to leave a Bengal alone for more than a workday – and that is one of the main reasons why people who love to travel decide to take their feline friend with them. 

What States Are Bengal Cats Illegal?

Before going on a journey with your Bengal, you have to do your research – in some places, the kitty might quite literally be illegal. Bengals are banned in New York City, Hawaii, Seattle, and Connecticut and there are certain restrictions concerning these cats in a lot of other states.