Bengal Cat F Scale Generation Guide (F1 F2 F3 F4 F5)

Young bengal cat

Bengals are all the rage in the cat community due to their gorgeous, exotic pelts and entrancing personalities. Like many specialty breeds, Bengals have their own distinct characteristics as well as genetic history. A cat as special as a Bengal doesn’t come from just anywhere, after all – the Bengals we know and love today …

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300 Awesome Bengal Cat Names (Male & Female)

Small bengal kittens

When I first adopted my Bengal kittens, I had a tough time deciding on the perfect names for my new pets. I knew right away that the first kitten would be called Charlie – short for Charlemagne, the great uniter of Europe, but his brother was a bit more challenging. How could I come up …

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Cheetoh Cat Breed Guide: Everything You Should Know

cheetoh cat

The Cheetoh Cat is a feline with the ferocious looks of a wildcat, combined with the gentle temperament of a domesticated shorthair. These cats make fantastic pets; they are highly intelligent, affectionate, and playful. The Cheetoh Cat is also a natural-born runner and climber, not to mention cuddler! Cheetoh Cats are beautiful, interactive, and happy …

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Owning a Snow Bengal Cat: Everything You Need to Know

snow bengal cat

Bengal cats are an extremely unique breed of cat, defined by their exotic look and fun, playful personalities. While all Bengals share similar quirks and behaviors, snow Bengals are notable among their breed for their gorgeous coats. A snow Bengal with a shiny, spotted pelt can look surprisingly similar to a mini snow leopard! Keep …

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Why You Need To Adopt A Retired Bengal Cat Queen

People love kittens, there’s no denying it. Wait lists for Bengal kittens can be 10+ people long with wait times of longer than a year! Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for retired Queens, Bengal mommies who are done having kittens, who make incredible cat-panions. I, myself, am a retired Queen, and so I am …

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? 100 Amazing Toys Bengal Cats Crave! (2020)

We Bengal cats are one of the most beautiful, affectionate, intelligent, social and active cat breeds out there, so it’s no wonder that our humans adore us. Once you adopt a Bengal cat, you can kiss dreary days goodbye because we will enliven your life. We Bengal cats LOVE to play! In fact, while many …

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Which Human Foods Are Safe for Bengal Cats to Eat?

Since Bengals are naturally curious, it is very likely for them to stumble upon things that may potentially harm them. As a cat parent, you should know which human foods are safe and unsafe for your Bengal, so I compiled a list of safe foods that you can feed to your feline. Which human foods …

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Why Do Bengal Cats Knead? (2020)

Photo of @zoeythetwistycat on Instagram We cats can be a little more difficult to read than dogs, especially for first-time cat owners. There are plenty of things we do that humans find confusing and hard to interpret. Kneading, for example, is something you’ve probably seen your Bengal do several times. It’s also known as “making …

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Are Bengal Cats Good Lap Cats?

Photo of @dutchbengalfamily on Instagram One thing most humans like about us Bengals is our unique and exotic appearance. However, despite our appearance, we are definitely not considered as “wild” cats and are completely domesticated felines. And although we were initially bred from the Asian Leopard cat, we are far from being wild animals.   …

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Why Does My Bengal Cat Meow So Much?

bengal cat meowing

All cats meow – it’s their way of communicating. As a Bengal cat owner, you should know how to interpret what your feline friend is trying to say since they’ll always be counting on you to provide what they need. In a summary, here’s a few potential reasons why your Bengal cat meows so much: …

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How To Get Your Bengal Cat To Stop Chewing Cords

It’s no secret how social and affectionate we Bengals are with our humans. In some instances, though, certain factors may cause us to bite. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re bad cats, it’s just that some actions or situations may trigger us to use our teeth. When we Bengals bite, it’s not because we want to …

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Are Bengal Cats Good With Any Dog?

Contrary to the belief that cats prefer to live on their own, Bengals are very social felines and actually enjoy having companions. Being alone will lead them to become destructive or depressed, so you seriously need to consider getting another furry family member, and what better option than dogs! Yes, Bengal cats and dogs get …

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