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300 Great and Unique Bengal Cat Names You Will Love!

When I first adopted my Bengal kittens, I had a tough time deciding on the perfect names for my new pets. I knew right away that the first kitten would be called Charlie – short for Charlemagne, the great uniter of Europe, but his brother was a bit more challenging.

How could I come up with the right name for this handsome yet adorable kitten?

I wanted to give him a name that meant something to me, but that would also suit his noble (and completely endearing) appearance.

I finally settled on Winston, named for Winston Churchill, because this kitten has a strong, stately presence. Not to mention the fact that it comes with a ton of pre-made nicknames! Thus, the dynamic duo of Charlie and Winston was born.

It took a good amount of time and research to settle on these two seemingly random names, but in the end, I knew that these kittens were destined for their titles.

This comprehensive collection of names should give any new Bengal owner a healthy start on how to name their new kitten.

One of the most fun – and most challenging – parts of adopting a new Bengal cat is figuring out the perfect name to give your furry friend. Choosing between and elegant name and an adorable one can be difficult. There are many factors that go into naming a cat, including color, gender, and of course personality.

Keep reading for a thorough list of possible name options for your beloved Bengal.

150 Male Bengal Cat Names

  1. Abraham – a biblical name meaning “father of many,” though it could also be a reference to the sixteenth president of the United States
  2. Abu – a Disney character, Aladdin’s mischievous pet monkey
  3. Ace – meaning “one who excels,” perfect for an athletic Bengal
  4. Achilles – a hero of the Trojan War and the greatest of all Greek warriors
  5. Admiral – commander of a naval fleet
  6. Ajax – also known as Ajax the Great, a hero who fought in the Trojan War
  7. Aladdin – a beloved Disney character, Aladdin went from street rat to prince thanks to his friend, the genie
  8. Alastair – a name meaning “defender of the people”
  9. Alvin – meaning “noble friend,” also the name of a famous chipmunk
  10. Anubis – Egyptian god of the dead
  11. Apache – a group of Native Americans from the southwest
  12. Apollo – Greek god of the Sun and of prophecy, brother to Artemis
  13. Aragorn – a popular character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “the Lord of the Rings”
  14. Ares – Greek god of war
  15. Aristotle – ancient Greek philosopher
  16. Arthur – name of the legendary King Arthur who pulled the sword Excalibur from a stone
  17. Ash – perfect for a charcoal Bengal
  18. Atlantis – the ancient city of Atlantis sunk down to the bottom of the sea
  19. Atlas – the Titan tasked with holding the world up on his shoulders
  20. Augustus – a name meaning “majestic,” can be nicknamed “Gus”
  21. Babar – a beloved fictional elephant
  22. Bacchus – the Roman god of agriculture and wine
  23. Bagheera – the black panther from the Jungle Book, a great name for a melanistic Bengal
  24. Baldwin – a name meaning “brave, bold friend”
  25. Bear – an adorable name for an adorable pet!
  26. Bentley – a popular brand of luxury car
  27. Bernard – a name meaning “brave as a bear”
  28. Boreas – the god of the north wind, an excellent name for a snow or silver Bengal
  29. Boulder – a large stone
  30. Caesar – named for Julius Caesar, the name means an imperial leader
  31. Calvin – a la Bill Waterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, also the name of the famous French theologian John Calvin
  32. Cambridge – meaning “bridge over the river Cam,” where both Harvard and the University of Cambridge are located
  33. Captain – meaning leader of a sea vessel
  34. Charon – the Greek ferryman of Hades, who carries souls across the river Styx
  35. Chase – a name meaning hunter or huntsman
  36. Churchill – meaning “church on a hill,” most notably the surname of former British prime minister Winston Churchill
  37. Cicero – the name of a Roman statesman
  38. Constantine – Constantine the Great, a Roman emperor
  39. Cooper – a cask or barrel maker
  40. Cosmo – a name meaning order and beauty, also relating to the stars
  41. Dante – a name meaning “everlasting,” also relating to Dante Alighieri, the famous Italian poet
  42. Dexter – meaning “dyer of cloth,” also dexterous
  43. Domingo – the Spanish word for “Sunday”
  44. Drogon – the name of Queen Daenerys’s dragon from “Game of Thrones”
  45. Edward – a classic English name, can be shortened to “Eddie”
  46. Eros – the Greek god of love
  47. Felix – meaning lucky or successful
  48. Ferdinand – meaning “journey,” also daring and brave
  49. Finn – meaning white or fair, a great name for a snow Bengal
  50. Flynn – meaning reddish or ruddy, ideal for an orange/brown Bengal
  51. Fox – like the animal, a good option for a reddish Bengal
  52. Fraser – a Scottish name meaning “strawberry flowers”
  53. Ghost – great for a snow or silver Bengal
  54. Giuseppe – Italian form of the name Joseph
  55. Gizmo – meaning “gadget”
  56. Godwin – meaning “good friend”
  57. Governor – one who governs
  58. Griffin – a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle
  59. Hades – the Greek god of the underworld
  60. Hamilton – after Alexander Hamilton, a founding father
  61. Hamlet – for the main character in Shakespeare’s famous play
  62. Harry – meaning “leader of the army”
  63. Harvey – meaning “blazing”
  64. Henry – meaning “ruler of the home,” also a popular royal name
  65. Hercules – a powerful divine hero in Greek and Roman mythology
  66. Hobbes – a la Bill Waterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, also the name of the famous English philosopher Thomas Hobbes
  67. Homer – the Greek poet who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey
  68. Hugo – meaning “mind,” “intellect”
  69. Hyperion – the Titan of light
  70. Jack – meaning “god is gracious”
  71. Jasper – meaning “treasurer”
  72. Joey – short for “Joseph”
  73. Jupiter – the Roman name for the Greek god of the sky Zeus
  74. Kaiser – head of the Holy Roman Empire
  75. Kronos – a Titan, father of many Greek gods and goddesses
  76. Lannister – the house of the lion from Game of Thrones
  77. Legolas – an elf from J.R.R. Tolkien’s the Lord of the Rings
  78. Leo – meaning lion
  79. Loki – the Norse god of mischief, a familiar notion for most Bengal owners!
  80. Lorenzo – meaning winner, “crowned with laurels”
  81. Louis – meaning “famous in battle”
  82. Lucifer – meaning “morning star” or “light bringing”
  83. Maximus – meaning “greatest” or “largest”
  84. Mercury – the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Hermes
  85. Merlin – a legendary wizard from King Arthur’s court
  86. Miles – meaning “soldier”
  87. Milo – a famous movie cat from “The Adventures of Milo and Otis”
  88. Monkey – named for our cute primate cousins (plus, Bengals love to climb!)
  89. Moose – like the woodland animal
  90. Morpheus – the Greek god of sleep
  91. Mortimer – meaning “dead sea,” can be shortened to Morty
  92. Mowgli – main character in The Jungle Book
  93. Mufasa – Simba’s father from The Lion King
  94. Napoleon – French statesman and military leader
  95. Neptune – Roman name for Poseidon, Greek god of the sea
  96. Nero – famous Roman emperor
  97. Oceanus – Greek Titan of the sea
  98. Odysseus – a Greek hero known for his travels
  99. Olaf – like the snowman from Disney’s Frozen, a good name for a snow Bengal
  100. Oliver – meaning “the olive tree”
  101. Onyx – a type of black stone, could be used for a melanistic Bengal
  102. Orpheus – a Greek musician and poet, considered the best of all
  103. Osiris – Egyptian lord of the underworld
  104. Othello – a famous play by Shakespeare
  105. Otto – meaning wealth and prosperity
  106. Pascal – meaning Easter or Passover
  107. Peter – meaning rock or stone
  108. Philippe – meaning lover of horses
  109. Phoenix – a mythical bird that dies and is reborn from its own ashes
  110. Pierce – an alternative name for Peter
  111. Pluto – an alternative name for Hades
  112. Poseidon – the Greek god of the sea
  113. Prometheus – the Titan who molded man from clay
  114. Quasimodo – the main character in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”
  115. Ra – the Egyptian god of the sun
  116. Ramsey – meaning island of garlic
  117. Ranger – meaning “forest guardian”
  118. Reginald – meaning king or ruler, can be shortened to Reggie
  119. Rex – meaning king
  120. Richard Parker – a tiger from Yann Martell’s Life of Pi, a unique name for any Bengal
  121. Ripley – meaning “strip of clearing in the forest”
  122. Romeo – main character in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
  123. Rufus – meaning red haired, a good name for a reddish brown Bengal
  124. Santiago – a translation of “Saint James”
  125. Sebastian – the Greek equivalent of the name Augustus
  126. Senator – a member of a senate
  127. Sergeant – a ranked officer
  128. Shakespeare – named for William Shakespeare
  129. Shere Khan – the evil tiger in the Jungle Book
  130. Simba – main character in The Lion King, meaning “lion” in Swahili
  131. Simon – meaning “listening” or “hearing”
  132. Smoky – a great option for a charcoal Bengal
  133. Stark – either for Tony Stark or House Stark
  134. Sushi – Bengals really love fish!
  135. Sven – meaning “young warrior”
  136. Sylvester – famous cat from the Looney Tunes
  137. Tarzan – Disney character raised by apes
  138. Taurus – meaning bull or steer
  139. Teddy – nickname for Theodore, short for teddy bear
  140. Thaddeus – meaning courageous heart
  141. Thor – Norse god of thunder
  142. Tigger – Winnie the Pooh’s bouncing tiger friend
  143. Tigris – a river that borders the fertile crescent in ancient Mesopotamia
  144. Tobias – can be shortened to Toby
  145. Virgil – meaning “flourishing,” also the name of a famous Roman poet
  146. Wallace – meaning stranger, can be shortened to Wally
  147. Zephyrus – Greek god of the west wind, a good name for a silver Bengal
  148. Zeppelin – a type of airship
  149. Zeus – Greek god of the sky, king of the gods
  150. Ziggy – meaning “gift of god”

150 Female Bengal Cat Names

  1. Abby – short for Abigail
  2. Ada – meaning “nobility”
  3. Alaska – named for the state
  4. Amaryllis – a beautiful red flower
  5. Amber – a semiprecious gemstone made from petrified tree sap, reddish orange in color
  6. Amphitrite – goddess-queen of the sea and wife of Poseidon
  7. Anastasia – meaning “resurrection”
  8. Annabelle – meaning “beauty of grace”
  9. Aphrodite – Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and passion
  10. Arabella – meaning “beautiful lion”
  11. Aria – meaning “air” or “airy”
  12. Ariadne – meaning “most holy”
  13. Ariel – meaning “lion of god,” also Disney’s mermaid princess
  14. Artemis – Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon, sister to Apollo
  15. Arya – similar to Aria, a main character in Game of Thrones
  16. Asteria – a Titan, ruler of falling stars
  17. Athena – daughter of Zeus, Greek goddess of wisdom and war
  18. Aurelia – meaning “golden”
  19. Aurora – meaning “dawn,” also the first name of Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”
  20. Autumn – named for fall, a great name for a brown Bengal
  21. Bailey – meaning steward or bailiff
  22. Bastet – Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, women’s secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth
  23. Beatrix – meaning “voyager” or “traveler”
  24. Bella – meaning “beautiful”
  25. Bellatrix – meaning “warrior”
  26. Belle – an alternative form of “Bella”
  27. Bernadette – female version of Bernard, meaning “brave bear”
  28. Bijou – French for jewel or gemstone
  29. Bonnie – meaning pretty or beautiful
  30. Calliope – Greek muse of eloquence and epic poetry
  31. Calypso – Greek nymph who captured Odysseus
  32. Catherine – meaning pure or clear
  33. Catriona – Gaelic form of Catherine
  34. Celeste – meaning heavenly or celestial
  35. Cersei – Lannister queen from Game of Thrones
  36. Chanel – surname of famous French designer Coco Chanel
  37. Charlotte – female form of Charles, meaning “free man or woman”
  38. Circe – a Greek sorceress
  39. Clementine – a citrus fruit, also meaning gentle and merciful
  40. Cleo – short for Cleopatra, meaning “pride,” “fame,” or “glory”
  41. Coco – a great name for a brown Bengal, the first name of famous French designer Coco Chanel
  42. Cordelia – meaning “heart” or daughter of the sea
  43. Cosette – meaning “victorious”
  44. Cressida – meaning “golden”
  45. Dahlia – a type of beautiful flower
  46. Daisy – a yellow and white flower, also a great name for a snow Bengal
  47. Daphne – a female nymph associated with fountains, streams, wells, springs, and other bodies of fresh water
  48. Delilah – meaning “delicate”
  49. Demeter – Greek goddess of the harvest
  50. Desdemona – meaning “misery,” one of the main characters in Shakespeare’s Othello
  51. Diana – Roman version of Artemis, Greek goddess of the moon
  52. Domenica – meaning “belonging to god”
  53. Duchess – the female equivalent of a duke
  54. Elektra – meaning “amber,” “shining,” “incandescent”
  55. Eloise – meaning “famous warrior”
  56. Emma – meaning “whole” or “universal”
  57. Emmeline – meaning “work”
  58. Empress – the female version of an emperor
  59. Eris – Greek goddess of chaos, strife, and discord
  60. Evangeline – meaning “good news”
  61. Fiona – meaning “white” or “fair,” a great name for a snow Bengal
  62. Fleur – French for “flower”
  63. Freya – Norse goddess of love, beauty, war, fertility, and gold
  64. Gaia – meaning “earth,” the ancestral mother of all life
  65. Ginger – meaning pure and chaste, also refers to red hair
  66. Guinevere – meaning “fair” and “white,” Guinevere was the wife of King Arthur
  67. Harper – meaning “harp player”
  68. Heidi – meaning “nobility”
  69. Hermione – feminine version of Hermes, the Greek messenger god
  70. Holly – meaning “plant with red berries,” commonly associated with Christmas
  71. Honey – meaning nectar, or the sweet creation of bees
  72. Iris – a type of flower, also meaning “rainbow,” or a messenger of the Greek gods
  73. Isadora – meaning daughter of Isis (the Egyptian goddess of love, healing, fertility, magic, and the moon)
  74. Ivy – meaning “ivy plant”
  75. Jasmine – a fragrant flower, symbolizing beauty
  76. Jinx – meaning “magic charm”
  77. Josie – short for “Josephine”
  78. Juliet – main character in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, who died for love
  79. Juno – Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Hera, wife of Zeus and goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth
  80. Khaleesi – from Game of Thrones, the Dothraki title for “queen”
  81. Leia – from Star Wars, after the warrior princess General Leia Organa
  82. Lilith – the first wife of Adam, can be shortened to “Lily”
  83. Lola – meaning “sorrows”
  84. Lucinda – meaning “light,” can be abbreviated as Lucy or Cindy
  85. Luna – meaning “moon”
  86. Madonna – meaning “my lady”
  87. Maggie – short for Margaret, meaning “pearl”
  88. Maisie – nickname for Margaret, meaning “pearl”
  89. Marigold – a beautiful type of yellow flower
  90. Matilda – meaning might, strength, and battle
  91. Maya – meaning illusion or love
  92. Merope – one of the Pleiades, mother of Oedipus
  93. Minerva – Roman name for the goddess Athena
  94. Misty – meaning smoky or blurry, great for a silver Bengal
  95. Molly – meaning “star of the sea”
  96. Nala – Simba’s love interest from Disney’s The Lion King
  97. Narcissa – meaning “daffodil”
  98. Neith – Egyptian goddess of war and weaving
  99. Nemesis – Greek goddess of vengeance
  100. Niagara – named for Niagara falls in North America
  101. Nike – Greek goddess of victory
  102. Nova – meaning “new”
  103. Octavia – female version of the name “Octavius,” meaning “eighth”
  104. Olive – meaning “olive tree”
  105. Olympia – Greek, meaning “mountain of the gods”
  106. Ophelia – meaning “helper,” also Hamlet’s love interest in the famous Shakespeare play
  107. Pandora – meaning “all-gifted,” owner of a famous box
  108. Penelope – meaning “weaver”
  109. Pepper – meaning “hot spice,” great for any feisty Bengal
  110. Persephone – wife of Hades and goddess of vegetation
  111. Phoebe – alternative name for Artemis
  112. Piper – meaning “flute player”
  113. Poppy – a type of lovely red flower
  114. Portia – meaning “an offering,” also the heroine of Shakespeare’s the Merchant of Venice
  115. Ramona – meaning “protecting hands” (or paws!)
  116. Raven – a beautiful black bird, perfect for a charcoal or melanistic Bengal
  117. Rhea – meaning “flowing,” mother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, and Demeter
  118. Rosalind – meaning “beautiful rose”
  119. Rosie – short for Rosalind or Rosemary
  120. Roxy – short for Roxanne, meaning “dawn”
  121. Sabine – meaning “Sabine woman,” of ancient Italy
  122. Sabrina – meaning “from the river Severn”
  123. Sadie – meaning “princess,” also a nickname for Sarah
  124. Sansa – the Queen in the North from Game of Thrones
  125. Sasha – short for Alexandra, meaning “to protect”
  126. Savannah – meaning “open plain”
  127. Scarlett – meaning red, passion, courage, joy, heat
  128. Scout – a soldier who travels ahead or lookout
  129. Seraphina – meaning “burning one”
  130. Serena – meaning clear, tranquil, and serene
  131. Shadow – meaning silhouette, a good name for a charcoal or melanistic Bengal
  132. Sheba – meaning “oath”
  133. Sierra – meaning “mountain range”
  134. Skadi – Norse goddess of the wilderness
  135. Sphynx – an Egyptian monster with a woman’s head and a lion’s body
  136. Stella – meaning “starry” or “star”
  137. Tallulah – meaning “leaping water”
  138. Thalia – meaning rich, plentiful, luxuriant, and abundant
  139. Titania – meaning “of the giants”
  140. Tori – short for Victoria, meaning “victorious”
  141. Ursula – meaning “little bear,” also a Disney villain in the Little Mermaid
  142. Valkyrie – one of a group of maidens in Norse mythology sworn to protect Odin
  143. Venus – Roman name for the Greek goddess Aphrodite
  144. Verbena – meaning “holy plants”
  145. Vivette – meaning “gift of god”
  146. Willow – meaning slender and graceful, also a beautiful kind of tree
  147. Winnie – short for Winifred, meaning “joy and peace”
  148. Zelda – meaning “dark battle”
  149. Zoe – meaning “life”
  150. Zora – meaning “dawn”

Would you name your beloved Bengal any of these unique names? If you have a name that you want to look up the meaning you can on this website

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