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  1. We own a year old Toyger cat which is a relative of the Bengal. He was 4 months old when we brought him home. He seemed afraid of us or unfamiliar with human interactions. He had spent the previous 4 months with his mother and 3 brothers and the owner coming into their room for feedings and litter maintenance.
    My husband and I have enjoyed playing with him using many of your recommended toys. About 4-5 months ago, he began stalking and biting me on my legs or arms if I was sitting down. I feel he wants to play like I was another cat. I have owned several cats over my 68 years and never experienced this. Our veterinarian says he’s just an active “bengal” cat and suggested we adopt another cat for him to play with. My husband and I are enjoying our retirement and only wanted 1 cat to spoil.
    I have tried a water spray bottle, clapping my hands and other noises to deter him without success.
    Do you have any suggestions? We have owned another Toyger but didn’t have any issues like this.

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