Do Bengal Cats Shed? Everything You Need to Know

bengal cat

Prior to owning a Bengal, all I had known about grooming cats was that they shed incessantly, constantly choked up hair balls, and covered every possible surface with a thick layer of fur. Visiting friends who owned cats required a bit of foresight: I knew never to wear black, or anything that might attract even … Read more

? Why Your Bengal Cat Will Adore Your Kids

We Bengal cats are often misunderstood because of how our breed was named. Most of the time, when humans hear “Bengal cat” some sort of wild animal comes to mind. Some even think we’re not supposed to be kept as indoor pets, let alone be allowed to go near children, because of the fact that … Read more

World’s First Bengal Cat Coloring Book Now On Sale!

We are so exciting for the release of “The Big Coloring Book Of Bengal Cats” now available on Featuring me, Dukey and me, Squidley on the cover and illustrated by our mom. This high quality book is sure to please with 40 different coloring designs, all featuring zany and lovable Bengals!  At only 7.99 … Read more

Looking for a Bengal Cat or Bengal kittens for sale? 15 things you should know about a Bengal cat or Bengal kittens.

1. We Have Wild Ancestry While the Bengal cat breed is a cross between the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) and domestic cats, most Bengal Kittens for sale are fully domesticated cats who have little wild blood. “Stud Book Tradition” or SBT cats are at least five generations away from their wild ancestors. While we Bengals … Read more

? Should You Adopt A Retired Breeder Cat? 10 Tips on Older Cat Adoption

Should you adopt a retired breeder cat? 10 Tips on Older Cat Adoption By Cheddar As a retired Bengal breeder cat myself I am an expert on this topic.  I was born to a breeder who became ill and sold me to a second breeder when I was one year old. I lived in a … Read more