100 Purrtastic Bengal Cat Gifts For The Bengal Lover In Your Life

In this guide we cover 100 of our favorite Bengal Cat gifts that every Bengal owner will absolutely love! Bengal Cat Inspired Hoodies 1. FINEJO Ladies Autumn Winter Jacket  Keep yourself warm while matching your Bengal cat’s stunning coat markings with this super cute leopard print jacket! It’s attractive yet casual and purrrfect for every … Read more

? Why You Need To Adopt A Retired Bengal Cat Queen

Photo of @bengalsarabi on Instagram People love kittens, there’s no denying it. Wait lists for Bengal kittens can be 10+ people long with wait times of longer than a year! Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for retired Queens, Bengal mommies who are done having kittens, who make incredible cat-panions. I, myself, am a retired … Read more

Worst Foods To Feed Your Bengal Cat (2020)

Photo of @pearlbengal on Instagram As a Bengal cat parent, it’s extremely important to know which human foods are safe and unsafe for your Bengal. This will help you prevent serious health problems that can result from them ingesting something that’s toxic to them and even save their life. Since we Bengals are naturally curious, … Read more

Are Bengal Cats Good Lap Cats?

Photo of @dutchbengalfamily on Instagram One thing most humans like about us Bengals is our unique and exotic appearance. However, despite our appearance, we are definitely not considered as “wild” cats and are completely domesticated felines. And although we were initially bred from the Asian Leopard cat, we are far from being wild animals.   … Read more

? 10 Products Every Bengal Owner Should Have

Photo of @babycat_colby on Instagram We Bengal cats are known for being a bit more extra than most house cats—Bengal cat owners can attest to that. But then, you probably wouldn’t get a Bengal if you’re not extra yourself, right? From my experience, Bengal cat mommies and daddies are always the most amazing humans! If … Read more