Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys?

When your cat brings you its favorite toy, it might seem like the cutest thing ever, but did you know that this is not always a sign of affection? If the cat wants to play, show you something (like a broken toy), show off its ‘trophy’, or if the kitty is trying to teach you …

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? 100 Amazing Toys Bengal Cats Crave! (2020)

We Bengal cats are one of the most beautiful, affectionate, intelligent, social and active cat breeds out there, so it’s no wonder that our humans adore us. Once you adopt a Bengal cat, you can kiss dreary days goodbye because we will enliven your life. We Bengal cats LOVE to play! In fact, while many …

Our boy Coco 7

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World’s First Bengal Cat Coloring Book Now On Sale!

We are so exciting for the release of “The Big Coloring Book Of Bengal Cats” now available on amazon.com Featuring me, Dukey and me, Squidley on the cover and illustrated by our mom. This high quality book is sure to please with 40 different coloring designs, all featuring zany and lovable Bengals!  At only 7.99 …

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