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The Unique Personality of the Bengal Cat: Do They Only Attach To One Person?

Of course, you would want your precious cat to love you as much as you love it. But are Bengal cats even capable of getting attached to one person?

These kitties do tend to form a strong bond with one specific person within the household. That is usually the individual who makes the kitty happy and takes care of it. The Bengal will certainly continue acting friendly toward others, but its heart will belong to that one person.

Haven’t had enough time to form a bond with your Bengal? No worries. The kitty will get attached to you if you manage to do a few simple things on a regular basis.

Do Bengal Cats Get Attached?

It is, in general, believed that Bengals cats do get more attached to one particular person within a household. That is usually the person who spends the most time with them and takes care of them (for example, feeds, plays, and so on).

You might notice that the cat would prefer to spend its time with this person and will be more affectionate towards that individual.

That does not mean, however, that the cat is not going to be friendly toward other people. Of course, it is going to depend on the kitty’s personality, but typically Bengals are sociable animals who wouldn’t be against spending their time with different people.

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Do Bengal Cats Attach to One Person?

Bengals do tend to bond a bit more strongly with one person.

But if for some reason, the cat’s favorite person stops spending as much time with it, and another human starts taking care of the Bengal, then the kitty might form a stronger bond with the new person.

Do Bengal Cats Choose One Person?

Bengals don’t exactly choose to get attached to one person. They usually bond with the person who makes them happy the most. That is, in the majority of cases, the individual who is responsible for taking care of the kitty.

This basically means that if you regularly do a few simple things, you will be able to become the Bengal’s favorite person.

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How Do Bengals Show Affection?

Bear in mind that Bengals can show affection to all family members. However, the chances are high that they are attached the most to the person with whom they are acting this specific way the majority of the time.

  • The Bengal kneads on your leg or chest
  • The kitty brings you ‘gifts’ (these can be its own toys or even killed rodents)
  • The cat likes to rub against you
  • The Bengal blinks slowly when looking at you
  • The kitty is okay with showing its tummy to you
  • The cat bumps its head against you
  • The Bengal purrs the most when it’s around you

How Do I Know My Bengal Cat Loves Me?

Bengals are not exactly lap cats, so if your kitty refuses to stay in your lap, don’t worry – it’s just not in the Bengal’s wild nature.

These cats prefer to show their love by following you everywhere you go, talking to you, and sleeping next to you.

How Can You Tell If a Cat Has Imprinted on You?

Imprinting basically means that the cat has developed a very strong bond with you. In nature, kitties get imprinted on the first cat that they see (which is usually their mother). But this can also happen with humans and when the kitty is a lot more mature.

If a Bengal has imprinted on you, it has chosen you as its companion. It wouldn’t really want to do anything without you. At one point, you might find yourself tripping over the kitty as it’s constantly underfoot.

Here are a few other things that basically mean that you’re a Bengal’s favorite human:

  • The kitty likes to stare you in the eyes for extended periods of time
  • The cat is happy to sleep with you in one bed
  • You are the only one who is allowed to touch its belly
  • The Bengal likes to have conversations with you
  • The kitty started grooming you – it’s the cat’s way of showing how much it trusts you

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Do Bengal Cats Protect Their Owners?

You shouldn’t expect your cat to be able to protect you as a dog would. So, even though Bengals do get attached to one person, they will not defend you, if there is ever a threat.

If there is something happening around that the kitty doesn’t like, it will, most likely, run away and hide. However, if the Bengal feels like it is being threatened, it might attack.

But even though Bengal cats can’t protect you, they can experience jealousy. And they might act strange because of this feeling.

For example, if the cat has developed a close bond with you and then notices that you are paying more attention to others, it might become upset or start acting out.

Do Bengal Cats Have Good Memory?

Let’s imagine that you have formed a strong bond with your Bengal. But you are worried that the kitty might forget you, if you go on a two-week vacation, for example. Would that actually happen?

The good news is that you have nothing to worry about. Bengals are an intelligent breed and they have an excellent memory.

To reduce separation anxiety, make sure to leave the kitty something that has your smell on it (a piece of clothing would do). This will comfort the cat while you’re away.

You certainly shouldn’t expect a Bengal to jump on you, once you arrive, as a dog would do. But the cat would remember you, and as soon as you get back to your established routine, the relationship will return to normal.

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How to Bond with Your Bengal?

If you’re worried that your Bengal is not attached to you, you will be glad to find out that it’s a relatively easy fix. All you would have to do is:

Take care of the kitty’s needs

This includes such basics as feeding the cat and grooming it. But another thing that you can do is give the Bengal treats when it’s behaving well.

Play with the cat

Bengals are among the most energetic cat breeds over there. So, you would have to spend some time during the day helping the kitty release its excess energy (ideally, you should organize play sessions twice a day for around 15 minutes).

Bengal cats seem to like practically all the ‘traditional’ cat toys. But they are also the kitties who can actually play fetch.

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Teach the Bengal tricks

Bengals can learn to do a wide range of different tricks. For example, they can learn to sit or to give you a high-five.

These regular training sessions will help you two form a stronger bond and, as a bonus, your kitty will learn a cool party trick.

Take your cat out on walks

Bengals are one of the breeds that truly enjoy walking on a leash (but don’t forget to use a harness). Though it would take the little guy some time to get used to the feeling, once the kitty learns to not be stressed about the leash, it will have the best time outside.

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