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Do Cats Drink Milk or Water?

Cats may like milk but that isn’t the best thing for them to drink. There are many other things they can drink occasionally and some they should never consume. Water is on the list for they should drink daily.

Do cats drink milk or water? Cats should be drinking water at five weeks old, even though some will still be drinking their mother’s milk too. Drinking water daily will prevent dehydration while drinking milk can cause stomach issues for a cat. 

Read the article below to learn about why cats need water and how to get finicky ones to drink it. 

Cats Should Drink Water

Cats, similar to humans, are made up of mostly water. A cat’s body weight is between 60 to 70 percent water. Like humans, cats need water daily to survive. 

Wild cats will get most of their water consumption from their prey. Prey has moisture and that contributes to a cat’s hydration. Domesticated cats are given mostly dry food by their humans so they need more water to fulfill their needs. 

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Why Some Cats Don’t Like Water?

Cats exist that don’t care much for water. This is particularly true of standing, old water. Cats like running water better, which may be a reason why your cat gets excited when you turn on the faucet. Some cats love drinking from the faucet. 

Take that as a cue and invest in a cat water fountain. Cats care about both water presentation and taste. they move toward moving, freshwater. A fountain may be the thing that motivates them.

Cats have a low need for water anyway since they originated in desert areas and can survive on less water. They also can be near-sighted, which means it’s hard for them to know where the edge of the water bowl is and that deters them from drinking. 

For all the effective ways cats live, drinking isn’t one of them. They don’t get much water per lap and get bored trying to drink enough. 

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How Much Water Does a Cat Need?

It’s hard to say because the amount of water needed depends on varying factors like the type of food a cat eats their weight and their age. 

Some cats drink too much water. Constantly drinking water is a sign of illness like diabetes or feline hyperthyroidism.

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Dehydration Can Cause Problems

Signals will tell you that your cat is dehydrated. They may be lethargic or depressed, lose their appetite, and have dry gums. Two clear signs that can also indicate a medical danger for your cat are that their skin sags and doesn’t have the elasticity it once did and their heart rate is elevated. 

You can tell if the skin lost its elasticity if the skin stays gathered after you gently pinch it just over the shoulders. This is called “skin tenting.”

Call the veterinarian if you see any of these signs. A vet will see if there is an underlying cause for dehydration and give your can fluids. 

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Why Not Milk?

Cats aren’t supposed to drink milk as adults. Young kittens should have their mother’s milk, the milk of a foster cat mom, or specialized kitten formula until they are old enough for water.

It’s a little talked about fact but humans are the only ones that drink milk as adults. Every other animal drinks only water. 

Cow’s milk gives cats stomach aches because cats are lactose intolerant. Sure, they may like it because milk appeals to their meat-eating desires. Yet, it will cause them some pain, gas passing, and additional trips to the litter box. 

There are some alternatives to water if you want to encourage your cat to drink or simply offer them some variety.

Goat milk is a good choice because it has small fat molecules and is easier to digest. Some cat food companies also have special milk for cats where lactose is removed. 

Bone broth is another favorite for animals, including cats. It is easily made by boiling any leftover animal bones for about 20 minutes. It has tons of nutrients and appeals to the carnivorous nature of cats. 

Tuna juice is another option since cats love fish and the smell of the juice. Stick to canned tuna in water instead of tuna soaked in oil. Oil will upset your kitty’s stomach. Be careful of the salt content too. 

You can offer it to your cat alone or mix it in with water. You can also pour it over your cat’s dry food. 

What Shouldn’t Cats Drink?

Some drinks just aren’t good for cats even if your cat seems to want them. Besides milk, alcoholic beverages, sugary drinks, and caffeine products should never be given to a cat. 

Ways to Get Your Cat to Drink Water?

Ways exist that can motivate your cat to drink water. You can switch the water bowl to a wider shallower version with less of a lip. Cat’s don’t like narrow bowls that touch their whiskers. 

Placing the water bowl in the right spot for a cat is important. Cats like open areas where they can monitor their surroundings while they drink. Make sure the water stays fresh by changing it out once or twice a day. Cats don’t like dirty water.

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What do cats like to drink?

Cats like to drink meat-related things. After all, they are carnivores and must eat meat. Things like broth, wet cat food, and tuna are just some ways cats can get water. 

What can cats taste?

Cats can taste many types of flavors. One thing they can’t taste is sweet flavors. Cats don’t have the taste receptor for sweetness. This shows that they also don’t need things like carbohydrates in sugar form. 

Can cats drink from the toilet?

It’s not a wise idea for cats to drink from the toilet. A cat can drown that way but there are also bacteria and chemicals in the toilet bowl that can make them ill. 

You should also cover up your fish tank. 

What does water do for a cat?

Water does the same thing for a cat that it does for humans. It flushes the body of wastes, cushions and lubricates joints, helps digestion, carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and prevents problems like constipation.

Do cats like cold water better?

Yes, cats like cold water especially on hot days. A good trick is to put a few ice cubes in their water when temperatures rise. 

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