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Do Cats Need a Bed?

Cats tend to sleep anywhere that is warm and cozy. That leaves cat owners thinking their feline doesn’t need a bed. However, animal experts say a bed for a cat can help both them and you. 

Is it necessary for cats to have a bed? Yes, it’s best if your cat has a bed. A bed creates a place for your cat to feel secure because it’s their space. A bed reduces the amount of cat fur on the rest of the furniture. Also, cat owners who don’t wish their pets to sleep with them should invest in a cat bed.

Read on to find out more about buying a cat bed and where to put it so your cat uses it. 

Why a Cat Bed?

It’s best to introduce your cat to its bed early on when it’s still a kitten. It’s easier to train any animal while they are young. A cat bed is good because it motivates your feline to sleep in a specific place.

That means you don’t have to hunt for your pet all over to make sure they’re okay. 

Cats that are properly introduced to their bed will eventually seek it out and make sleeping in it a part of their routine. 

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Cat’s Sleeping Habits 

Cats do have specific habits for sleeping and studies show they are about the same regardless of breed. Most domesticated cats like sleeping with their human at night as studies from 2016 show that 34 percent have this habit. Another 22 percent prefer furniture as their sleeping area and 20 percent like their own cat bed. 

One interesting fact of a 2018 study is that cat owners said their cat only uses any bed, human or cat bed, part of the night. Forty-seven percent of cat owners said their pet only spent about have the night or less on a bed. 

Cats, even indoor cats, like to roam at night. 

Other studies suggest that some pet owners don’t sleep well with a cat on their bed. According to those surveyed, 38 percent of cat owners say they sleep better if their cat doesn’t touch them while sleeping with them at night. Another 41 percent said it doesn’t matter and 21 percent say they sleep better with some cat cuddling. 

This makes it better for at least some cat owners to provide a sleeping place for their pets outside the human bedroom. 

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How to Find the Right Cat Bed?

Many types of cat beds are on the market but how do you know your cat will like the one you pick? Cat behavior specialists offer some tips. They said to make sure any bed you pick is cozy. 

Cozy means several things. It should be the right size for your cat. The “right size” is that your cat can fit into it comfortably without a lot of additional room. Cats like tighter spaces. A bed with raised sides will add both warmth and a feeling of security. 

Yet, some cats have different sleeping positions and you must know your cat to pick the right bed. Cats that like to stretch out, or that are the larger breeds, would probably enjoy a larger rectangular bed. 

Cats that like to be secluded and tend to hide in closets and under beds would probably like a hooded bed to feel safe.

Beds should be washable for easy care. However, you shouldn’t wash them often or all at the same time because of cats like their scent on the bed. It makes them feel secure and safe. 

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How to Encourage Them to Use a Bed?

This is the part that can be challenging. Some cats will choose a box over a nice, plush bed. One trick is to put something on the bed the cat has already been sleeping on. It could be a blanket or your old T-shirt. Remember, cats like familiar scents.

You can also use treats and toys on the bed to let them know it’s their space. Catnip is another favorite choice to entice a cat to use a bed. Another factor is where the bed is located. 

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Finding the Perfect Cat Bed Location

Cat owners should put beds where their cat already sleeps. Watch where your cat naps as a clue for where to put the bed. 

Some cats like to curl next to their humans while watching TV. Try putting the cat bed next to you so your cat can still have that closeness. You can even try this on your bed if you are trying to transition your cat out of the bedroom. 

Start with the cat bed on your bed where the cat normally sleeps. Then, daily move it further away.

Eventually, put it in a favorite spot in another room. This can take several months to accomplish. 

Another place to consider putting the cat bed is somewhere quiet. This is especially true if you have a noisy house. A spare bedroom may be a great spot for daytime catnapping. 

Some cat owners found that putting a cat bed somewhere on cat furniture, like the top of a cat tree, works well. Cats love elevation and will feel safe on their furniture. 

You can also place cat beds on top of your own furniture to get elevation. 

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How much do cats sleep?

Most cats sleep between 10 and 13 hours a day. Their sleep isn’t in full 8-hour cycles either, like humans. Cats sleep for about 80 minutes and then become active, hence the term “catnapping.”

Do cats sleep as humans do?

Even though cats sleep for shorter periods, they do go through REM sleep. REM sleep is a deep, restful sleep that both humans and cats enjoy. 

Why does my cat like to sleep with me?

Cats like to be near their humans for both warmth and protection. They also see themselves as a protector of their human. 

How do cats pick where to sleep?

Cats are prone to be security-oriented so they are going to pick spots where they feel safe. They also like warm spots.

Is sleeping with your cat healthy?

It’s not necessarily healthy or unhealthy. Sleeping with your cat can help ease anxiety in some. It can also negatively affect those with allergies and cause some to lose sleep.

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