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Do Cats Protect You When You Sleep?

A cat will lay at the foot of the bed or maybe up against your upper body during the night. However, the cat doesn’t seem to sleep deeply. He is every listening and occasionally will look toward the door. 

Do cats protect you when you sleep? They like to think they do. It’s in a cat’s nature to guard the family and particularly the family member he chooses to sleep with. It’s how they were in the wild when they had prides so it’s only natural for your cat to have a protective nature about him now. 

Cats are interesting creatures and the article below tells you more about their protective behavior. 

Are Cats Protective?

Cats can be protective of their human owners and how protective depends on the cat itself. Skittish cats may tend to run if there is any sort of strange noise or threat. However, some breeds will bristle at a perceived threat or even stare the threat down. 

Cats understand well that both you and they are more vulnerable at night when you are sleeping. This brings out a bit of the more protective side of them. 

They are also nocturnal creatures so they may sleep lightly at night or be prone to remain awake for most of the night. That gives them more of a sense of duty while you are sleeping. 

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How Do I Know My Cat Is Protecting Me?

There are several ways that cats show they are protecting you. Most of it involves physical proximity but some involve what they are watching or listening for during the night. 

A cat that must sleep on you in some way is showing both a protective nature and also wants security. Kitties like to know their owners are well so sleeping on them is a good way to measure well-being as well as protect them. 

Also, you are warm so that makes for a good snuggle. 

Your cat will probably sleep with his back to you so he can be ready for any type of situation.

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Head Wrap

Some cats want to wrap themselves around your head while you sleep. This can be annoying to you, but it’s a high honor for a cat. Wrapping their bodies around your head is trying to protect the most important vulnerable part of your body during the night. 

Plus, head contact means a cat loves you as it is a sign of intimacy in the cat world. 

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Sleeping At Your Feet

Several reasons exist for cats loving to sleep at the foot of the bed. The first is practicality. There is more room at the foot of the bed. Second, it is a way for them to watch the door and alert you to noises. 

The foot of the bed is an in-between spot between you and the door. That makes it the perfect guarding spot. 

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Sleeping at the Door

Some cats will sleep at the door or just outside the door if it’s closed. Sleeping at the door is a guarding position, whether it’s inside the room or out. However, cats that sleep outside the door may also do that to be as close to you as possible. 

Cats in a Window

A cat that sits and stares out a window is doing it for many reasons. He can guard his territory well from that spot, visually seeing any intruders and either posing for attack or alerting. 

However, a cat also uses his window time to practice his watch and kill instincts. You may notice he moves his mouth as he’s watching and may even make some sounds. A cat that does that has spotted his prey and is visualizing his kill. 

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What are cats thinking when they are protecting you?

Cats typically aren’t thinking anything specific at all, according to animal experts. They are following their instincts to protect those they see as part of their family. 

Has a cat ever defended its owner?

Many cats have an instinct to flee when there’s trouble but there are some cases where cats defended their owners from aggressive dogs or even criminals. Cats are more likely to have more a protective instinct for women than men. 

Have cats ever saved humans?

Yes, there are cases where a cat have saved their human owners. Most of the instances were things like the cat smelled fire or carbon monoxide and woke their family up. Some cats can detect changes in body odor, smell, or temperature and can alert them to physical distress. 

Cats can and do act like dogs in these types of instances. 

Why do cats trust humans?

Cats bond with their owners in a similar way to dogs and even the same way babies bond with their mothers. Studies show that a cat’s human owners are a source of security and comfort as well as food. 

Do cats know when you are happy, afraid, or sad?

Cats know when you are afraid because they can smell the flow of pheromones, the hormone humans give off when they are fearful, happy, or sad. Cats use this and interpret other clues humans have, like body language, to determine your mood. 

How do cats warn humans of danger?

Much like dogs, cats can sense if a person is a good or bad person so watch your cat as people come over to your house. 

Cats can also show signs of weirdness before a natural disaster. While there is no scientific evidence of this, a mother cat may start moving her kittens to a safer area before an earthquake or storm hits. 

Their behavior may include things out of character for your cat like pacing, meowing, and wanting to hide. 

What are the most protective cat breeds?

Several breeds have a more protective instinct than others. The first is the Turkish Angora and coming in second is the Maine Coon. Siamese cats rank third in protective instincts and the Manx is fourth. 

The popular Ragdoll cat comes in fifth on the list of cats with the most protective instinct. 

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