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Do Indoor Cats Sleep At Night?

Cat owners sometimes give their indoor felines more credit than they deserve for being able to adjust to a human world. It can be frustrating when you expect your cat to be on your schedule all the time when they just want to be a cat. 

Do indoor cats sleep at night? They do sleep some according to their own sleep rhythm but don’t typically sleep straight through the night. Cats like to prowl during the early nighttime hours and again during the early morning. Some can be trained to accommodate the typical human sleep schedule. 

The article below details all you need to know about indoor cats’ sleep routines. 

Cats Are Cats

Regardless of how domesticated we make them, cats are still cats. They have their own sleep cycle that goes back to the cats in the wild. Cats are crepuscular, meaning they spread their sleep throughout the day and evening to accommodate their hunting schedule. 

This is true even for indoor cats. It’s just their nature. Most cats sleep on average for less than 80 minutes at a time, which gives truth to the term “catnapping.”

What Does An Indoor Cat Do at Night?

An indoor cat that is on his sleep schedule will spend part of the night doing things that entertain him. He may eat, if there is food left in his bowl, or drink water. He may try to open cabinets or “hunt” for something in a laundry room or closet. 

Indoor hunting is different than in the wild so an indoor cat would play with things like a bug or a dust ball to fulfill his hunting instinct. He also may play with his toys. He may also look out windows to look for prey.

Sometimes, cats will wake their humans up to play or feed them. They will walk across them, paw at their faces, and even meow to wake them up. A cat can knock things off counters or tables and that can wake its humans up. 

These sleep annoyances are what prompt cat owners to try to resolve the cat sleeping schedule and get it to adjust to the family’s bedtime. 

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Getting Your Cat on Your Schedule

It’s not impossible to get your cat on the same sleep schedule as you or the family. It will take some time and effort. Here are three things you can do to make an immediate difference. 

Play With Your Cat

Make sure your cat is tired out at night. Cat owners shouldn’t let their cats sleep so much during the day if they want them to sleep at night. Wake them up and play with them. 

Playtime should be especially rousing during the early evening so they are worn out at bedtime. A tired cat is a good cat at night. 

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Feed Them Before Bed

Change the feeding routine some to feed your cat right before bedtime. A good meal will help them sleep. 

Don’t Give In

Don’t let your cat get you up in the middle of the night to feed or play with them. You may need to tell them no strongly or even put them in a kennel if they bug you. They will eventually get the hint. 

You may want to restrict your cat’s movements by containing them in a room at night. This may be a good solution until they can adjust to your schedule. 

Just make sure it’s a room where they can’t do damage like knock things off tables or pull things down from closets. Be sure to put some toys in the room for them too.

Be sure to keep the bedtime routine going. Cats like routine and being consistent will help your cat adjust to sleeping at night much more quickly.

Cats are smart. They pick up on a change in routine pretty easily. As long as you are spending time with them and giving them good meals, they will adjust well to the new sleep schedule. 

After all, what they really want is time with you.

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Is it okay for a cat to sleep with you?

Those who don’t have allergies will do fine with their cat sleeping with them. Around 41 percent of cat owners say it matters little whether the cat is next to them in bed or not. Only a fraction say a cat in the bed touching them makes it harder to sleep. 

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How do I keep my cat from making noises at night?

Cats tend to be more playful and rambunctious at night. That can get noisy, especially if they start knocking things over or playing with their toys. 

Work hard at playing with your cat before bed so they are too tired to make nighttime sounds. You may need to kennel them for a few nights until they get used to sleeping at night. The only problem there is some cats can get vocal when contained. 

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Can a cat sleep in a kennel?

Yes, a cat can sleep in a kennel at night but most don’t like being contained. A kennel is a good idea if you have a new cat and they’re adjusting to the house. It can also be helpful to provide a safe place for the cat to go if frightened. Just leave the door open. 

A cat bed may be more preferred by your cat as it’s softer and warmer than a kennel. Those using kennels should put plenty of soft blankets with the family scent on them to make a cat feel secure.

How do I get my cat to stop meowing at night?

You should ignore it so that you don’t teach your cat bad behavior. Making sure your cat stays busy before bedtime and is well fed will help in reducing your cat’s need for attention in the middle of the night. 

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Why do indoor cats meow at night?

Indoor cats meow at night because they are bored. They aren’t playing or getting enough mental and physical stimulation during daylight hours. 

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