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Exploring the Intelligence of Bengal Cats: What Makes Them Unique?

It is challenging to measure the intelligence of a pet as there are no standardized tests that would help you do that. But there are a few signs that prove that Bengals are extremely smart cats.

Bengals are curious kitties with exceptional hunting skills. They also have a good memory and they can learn to walk on a leash and do various tricks. All these abilities combined make a Bengal cat one of the most intelligent cats breeds out there.

How to keep these smart kitties stimulated and is there a way to test the IQ of your cat? Below you will find a few cool tips and tricks.

How Intelligent Are Bengal Cats?

Having an intelligent pet is definitely fun. Smart cats can learn tricks and they always seem to understand what you want from them.

But intelligence can also become a challenge. Bengal cats in particular are known for being able to figure out how to open cabinets, for example. You would also have to spend a lot of time making sure that the smart kitty is mentally stimulated. If you fail to do so and the cat gets bored, then the little guy might become destructive.

Bengal cats have always been among the most intelligent domestic cat breeds. Even though there is no test that will help us measure how smart the kitties actually are, we do know that Bengals are excellent hunters, they have a great memory, and they are able to learn tricks.

One of the reasons why Bengals are intelligent is, perhaps, because of their ancestor – the Asian leopard cat. This wild animal is an exceptional hunter that has to stay constantly aware of its surroundings. Not a lot of domestic cat breeds have ‘wild blood’ in their veins, and that’s one of the things that makes Bengals so special.

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What Cat Has the Highest IQ?

Of course, it’s impossible to measure the IQ of a cat, but there are a few things that help scientists determine the intelligence of certain breeds.

These factors include:

  • The ability to adapt 
  • Visible signs of mental stimulation
  • Curiosity

Bengals can always be found among the smartest cat breeds. They usually ‘share the pedestal’ with the Abyssinians, Siamese, Burmese, Savannahs, the Cornish Rex, and the Scottish Fold.

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What Are the Signs of an Intelligent Cat?

Great hunting skills

If you want to be a good hunter, you have to be smart. Bengals are able to sniff out the prey and plan their attack which is definitely something that only an intelligent animal can do.


Bear in mind that not all Bengals are capable of learning tricks. For some, it might simply not be in their character, but that wouldn’t mean that they are silly creatures.

At the same time, if the cat is capable of learning to walk on a leash, for example, or giving you a high-five, then it’s most certainly a sign of an intelligent animal.


Bengals are the cats that would rarely sit still. You’ll find them either running around or investigating a new location or item. Curiosity is something that allows the kitties to constantly learn new things about their surroundings, and that definitely contributes to their intelligence.

How to Test Your Bengal Cat’s Intelligence?

  1. Put a treat under a cup to your left and another one under a cup to your right. Point to the cup with the treat. How many times out of 10 does the kitty go to the correct cup (give the fluffy ball the treat for every successful attempt)? 7 and more out of 10 is a good result.
  2. Show your pet its favorite toy and hide it where the kitty can easily find it. If the cat immediately retrieves the toys, then it’s quite smart.
  3. Put a treat right inside an egg carton and close it. How fast can your Bengal get to the treat? The faster, the more intelligent the kitty is.
  4. Sit on the floor and ignore the Bengal for a minute. Then start paying attention to the little guy for a minute. Did the cat’s behavior change? If the kitty ignored you completely, then it might not be a great sign.

Are Bengal Cats Trainable?

In general, Bengals are among the easiest-to-train cat breeds. This doesn’t mean that every single Bengal kitty would be happy to learn a few tricks (after all, it depends on the personality of the pet as well). But those cats that are trainable would learn a lot quicker than the majority of other breeds.

Do Bengals Have a Good Memory?

Bengals cats are known for having a good memory. And that is actually something that is quite easy to check.

If the cat ever notices where you hide its treats, it will not only remember this place, but it will also try to get its paws on the treats (even if it involves figuring out how to open a drawer).

With that being said, you shouldn’t worry about a Bengal cat remembering how you stepped on its tail by accident. They certainly won’t like it, but such small mishaps won’t make the kitty start hating you.

Do bear in mind, however, that any cat will forever remember any sort of abuse or cruelty.

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The Downsides of Having an Intelligent Cat

You might be proud of the fact that your Bengal cat is among the smartest kitties on this planet. But, in a lot of cases, the more intelligent the animal is, the more time you would have to spend on keeping it occupied.

Bengals get bored extremely easily. That’s why they need to be constantly physically and mentally stimulated. Otherwise…

  • The Bengal cat will become destructive – it will knock over your decorations, scratch the furniture, and get into the cabinets
  • The kitty will become too talkative – Bengals like to talk a lot, but if the cat is bored, it might end up talking even more
  • The Bengal cat will get depressed – if the kitty always feels bored, it might eventually get depressed. Some of the symptoms of this state include lack of exercise, loss of appetite, excessive grooming, etc.

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How to Stimulate Your Bengal’s Intellect?

Bengals are highly active cats and you would have to try to always keep the fluffy balls physically and mentally stimulated. Thankfully, there are quite a few ways to do that:

Provide the cat with plenty of toys

Those include special mats with holes, tunnels, and electronic toys, as well as scratching posts and cat trees.

Play with the Bengal

The cat might be able to keep itself entertained at night if it has plenty of toys. But it’s incredibly important to play with your kitty at least twice a day to make sure that it’s getting enough exercise. You can use a classic wand or try playing fetch with the little guy.

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Allow the cat to play with water

Bengals are the cat breed that adores playing with water. That’s why you might want to consider getting a special water fountain or a kid’s swimming pool (if you have a backyard).

Train the Bengal

You can teach the beautiful creature various tricks. Bengals can also learn to walk on a leash, by the way.

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