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How Badly Do Cats Shed?

Cats fill our lives with love, play, joy, and…hairs. How badly do these cuties shed and is it normal?

Unfortunately, all cats are shedders, even though there are breeds that don’t shed as badly. Cats shed every day and that is completely normal; excessive shedding, however, might be an indication of a health problem (such as skin irritation, allergies, and ringworm).

How Badly Do Cats Shed?

When it comes to cats, shedding is completely normal. These animals shed every day and go through ‘large-scale’ sheds once or twice a year.

There are no cats that are total no-shedders and every pet is going to have its own unique shedding pattern.

Do bear in mind that too much hair loss can be an indication of one of the following health issues:

  • Anxiety or stress
  • Ringworm
  • Skin irritation or inflammation
  • Allergy
  • External parasites (fleas, for example)

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Do All Cats Shed a Lot?

All cats shed. It is a natural and healthy process during which dead hairs are removed.

The good news is that there are cat breeds that shed less than others. If you want to avoid getting cat fur all over your clothes, then you might want to adopt a Sphynx or a Peterbald, for example.

Is It Normal for Indoor Cats to Shed a Lot?

Any cat is going to shed and it is completely normal. 

The only difference between indoor cats and the ones that are allowed to roam outdoors is the fact that indoor kitties might not experience seasonal shedding.

Do bear in mind that if you have noticed that your precious pet started shedding more than usual, you might have to pay a visit to the veterinarian. 

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Do Cats Shed More Than Dogs?

The number of hairs a cat and a dog are going to shed depends on their breed. Some cats really can shed more than dogs, but, in general, dogs are considered to be bigger shedders simply because they are larger in size.

With that being said, cats’ fur is usually more noticeable than dog hair. 

What Kind of Cats Shed the Most?

Here are the top 8 cats that shed the most (you are going to need a lot of lint rollers if you’re planning on adopting one of these cuties):

  1. American Curl cats
  2. American Bobtail cats
  3. Cymric cats
  4. Chartreux cats
  5. Ragdoll cats
  6. Nebelung cats
  7. Maine Coon
  8. Ragamuffin cats

What Type of Cat Does Not Shed?

Every single cat is going to shed. Even the ones that are considered to be ‘hairless’ will eventually leave a few hairs behind.

However, there are breeds that tend to shed less than other kitties:

  • Sphynx
  • Cornish Rex
  • Devon Rex
  • Donskoy
  • Bengal
  • Peterbald
  • Singapura
  • Minskin

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Do Black Cats Shed Less?

A black cat is going to shed just like any other feline. 

The reason why some people might think that the kitties with a black coat shed less is because their hairs are not as noticeable on dark clothes.

Do Cats Shed More When Stressed? 

Cats that are stressed out really do shed more and that is a normal psychological response

When the kitty is anxious or scared, its arrector pili muscles get activated (these are the ones that are attached to the hair follicles). Once the muscles contract, the hairs that were ready to fall out anyway get ‘pushed out’ – this results in rapid shedding.

If you’re not quite sure whether your cat is shedding because of stress or another condition, look for other anxiety signs. A stressed feline will be hiding and trembling or experiencing litter box problems

Do Cats Itch When They Shed?

The actual process of shedding will not make the cat itch. But there are certain skin conditions that can cause excessive shedding.

For example, the fluffy ball might develop an allergy that can lead to all sorts of different skin conditions, starting from itchiness and ending with rashes. All this can result in excessive shedding and even bald patches.

How Much Hair Does a Cat Shed in a Day?

How much hair your cat would be shedding every day will depend on its breed, the season, its coat, diet, and plenty of other things.

The total weight of a medium-length coat can be around 10% of the cat’s total weight. In general, the felines will have every single hair replaced once a year or so.

This means that on a daily basis, the cat sheds approximately 10% of its weight divided by 365.

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When Do Cats Shed?

Cats shed year-round, but the felines who tend to be let outside can have a ‘peak shedding season’. Those are usually in the spring and fall when the outdoor temperatures are changing.

How Long Is Shedding Season for Cats?

If you like to let your cat roam outdoors, then it will, most likely, shed the most in spring and fall. This peak shedding season can last anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.

Do Indoor Cats Shed in the Spring?

Artificial indoor lights will mess up the cat’s circadian rhythms. As a result, your kitty might start to shed steadily all year-round instead of experiencing a seasonal shed.

How Long Do Cats Shed in the Spring?

In the spring, cats will lose their heavy winter undercoat, so that they don’t get too hot in the summer. 

This seasonal shed can last for anywhere between a few weeks and a couple of months, so you would have to be prepared for that.

What Month Do Cats Shed the Most?

Cats that like to spend their time outdoors can experience a heavy shed in the spring and fall

How Can You Get a Cat to Stop Shedding?

  • Brush your cat on a regular basis (in some cases, you would have to do it daily)
  • Make sure that your cat is eating healthy (excess shedding might be related to nutritional deficiency)
  • Keep the kitty hydrated (place more water bowls around the house, add wet food to the diet, and consider investing in a fountain-type dispenser that a lot of cats adore playing with)

Does Brushing Cat Help with Shedding?

Cats that are groomed daily do tend to shed a bit less. Brushing helps remove the dead hairs and keeps the coat looking nice and healthy.

Tip: make sure to choose the right type of comb for your kitty (a molting comb would be useful for long-haired cats, kitties with short hair would appreciate a bristle brush, and so on).

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Is Bathing a Cat Necessary?

A healthy adult cat does not require bathing. Felines do a great job at grooming themselves and if you find a minute every day to brush their coat, then bathing won’t be necessary at all.

How Often Do You Need to Bathe a Cat?

You might have to bathe your cat once every 4-6 weeks or so, if the little guy has a very long coat, if the kitty is too active and tends to get dirty often, or if the cat is suffering from allergies or skin problems. 

Can I Use a Lint Roller on My Cat?

You can use a lint roller in between brushings to stop the hairs from floating around the house.

Can I Vacuum My Cat?

If your cat doesn’t mind it, then you can gently vacuum the little guy.

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