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How Do Cats Choose Who to Sleep With?

Cats have a method to their madness in picking someone to sleep with at night. It isn’t unusual for a cat to pick one special person for their nighttime routine. There could be several reasons for the choice. 

How do cats decide who they want to sleep with? It could be the person chosen is the one who has bonded with the feline, making them feel safe and secure. It could also be that person’s scent and warmth is something the cat is attracted to and loves to be near, especially at night. 

Read on to find out why cats choose one person over others and what is involved in their nightly habits. 

Cat Bonding

Felines tend to bond with one person over others but are capable of bonding with several people within the family. Bonding with one person will be the likely reason why they choose that person to sleep with at night. 

Bonding with a cat can come in several forms with the first, and most obvious, occurring in kittenhood. Kittens will bond with the one who takes care of them. They see that person as a type of pseudo mother and adopt them as family. 

Cats see humans as superior to them. Rubbing against legs and headbutting are signs they recognize your superiority. Kittens will rub against their mom, dad, and bigger cats. It doesn’t go the other way. 

Bonding can also occur to those who communicate well with the cat. Cats are great communicators and will meow, stare, rub against legs, and jump up on things to get your attention and inform you of what they need. Those who pay attention to these clues will become the cat’s favorite person. 

Cats may also pick their person based on how much someone does special things for them. Those who give the kitty treats, play with them, and talk to them will become special to the cat. 

Finally, some cats may bond with someone because they like the way that person makes the cat feel. It could be the person’s scent, body warmth, voice, hair, or some other physical attribute that makes the cat feel safe and secure. This person will rank high in the cat’s mind for a sleeping companion. 

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Cat Personalities

Some cats appear aloof because they don’t bond with everyone. Even those who are socially adjusted will pick one person over others. 

Felines who are raised with one person caring for them may be skittish of anyone else. They will sleep with that one person every night and hide from all others. 

Plus, cats have different personalities and new cat owners have to figure out all their various behaviors. 

Even though cats tend to start bonding with their favorite person in kittenhood, it doesn’t mean that people can’t bond with an adult cat they adopted. Generally, bonding with a cat happens with the amount of care, time, and attention someone gives them. 

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Being Loved

The key thing to gain a cat’s trust is not to force yourself into a cat’s space. Extend a hand with a treat and let them come to you. Reward them and pet them. Repeating this and adding to it with playtime, food, water, and changing the litter box will eventually win them over. 

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Changing Sleeping Buddies

Cats can and do change their sleeping partner at times. It could be for practical reasons like their favorite person is tossing and turning, so the cat is aggravated and chooses someone else. 

It could also be a second person in the home who may be spending more time with the cat and bonding so the kitty wants to reward them with their nighttime presence. 

It could also be the cat likes a different scent. There was a case where a cat in a nursing home would also sleep with patients just hours before they died. No one could figure out how the cat decided which patients were going to die when the staff never had any indication. 

As it turned out, the cat could smell certain scents that the body releases as it’s dying. It was attracted by the scent. 

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Do cats get jealous?

There’s no solid research on cats but other studies show that dogs experience jealousy so it’s safe to assume that cats can as well. Animals experience jealousy the moment they see others getting the attention they want. However, they don’t remember it later. 

Can I teach my cat to communicate?

The question should be can your cat teach you how to communicate. The best bonding happens when the cat owner learns how the cat communicates best. Each cat is different. Some like physical touch while others prefer verbal attention and just being around.

Do cats have a vocabulary?

Yes, cats do have their own unique vocabulary they use to communicate their needs. The only thing is other cats and most humans don’t understand it. It is typically a language that only their favorite human comprehends. 

That favorite person understands a cat’s different vocal tones from its greeting meow to its feeding meow and the noise it makes when it wants to play. 

How do you know your cat loves you?

They give you subtle clues they love you. They may purr or stare at you. The long blink included in the stare is a sign of comfort and safety. 

A cat may sit on your lap or beside you. Even those felines who are more aloof may lay near you or come onto your bed at night. They may rub against you or knead on you. Some may not want to be held but will place one paw on you for security. 

Do cats like routine?

Cats, and most animals, love routine. Animals are incredibly routine based and cats have been known to pick a favorite person based on who has a predictable schedule. Those who feed the cat at the same time every day, play with them at the same time and properly change their litter box schedule will be high on the cat’s favorite list.

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