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How Long Do Cats Tails Grow?

Some cats have extremely long tails, while others are named ‘tailless’. Is there a way for you to find out how long the tail of your adopted kitty is going to get?

The cat’s tail usually stops growing once the animal reaches adulthood; the average length of the tail in cats is 9.9-11 inches. However, there are breeds that are known for tails longer than the cat’s body length and breeds that have a short bob instead of an actual tail.

How Long Do Cats Tails Grow?

A cat’s tail grows as the cat ages and stops getting bigger once the kitty becomes an adult. The exact length of the tail will depend on the breed of the cat, its sex, and the size of the kitty.

How Long Are Cats Tails Usually?

On average, the tail of a male cat is around 11 inches long, while that of a female is about 9.9 inches. Do bear in mind, however, that there are cats with very long tails and there are also kitties with bobs.

When it comes to breed standards, the exact length of the tail is rarely specified. For example, the tail in an American Bobtail should simply be ‘short and broad at the base’.

At times, the standard describes the length of the tail in reference to the cat’s body length.

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Do Cats Tails Grow as They Age?

When kittens are born, they are tiny creatures that will continue to grow until they are about 2 years old (at times, even 4 years). Of course, the kitty will not grow any additional bones, but all the organs and bones in the cat’s body will be developing and increasing in size during this time.

When Do Cats Tails Stop Growing?

Cats change the most and grow fastest when they are between 0 and 6 months old (this is exactly when you’ll see the tail grow the most as well).

When your kitty will stop growing would depend on a lot of factors, but that usually happens between the age of 18 months and 4 years.

Does Kitten Tail Length Determine Size?

Tails are a relatively good indicator of determining the cat’s future size. That is because, in the majority of cases, the tail length is proportionate to the body’s length.

Even though the tail might continue to grow until the kitty reaches around 4 years of age, it will be growing most intensely in the first 4 months. This is when you might be able to roughly determine how big the cat is going to be.

Simply look up the averages for your breed and try calculating the tail-body proportion.

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Do Kittens with Long Tails Get Big?

Usually, looking up the average tail and body length of your cat’s breed would be enough to find out what your kitty is going to look like once it becomes an adult. There can be exceptions every now and then, but the chances are high that your kitty is going to be somewhat close to average.

But what if your beautiful pet is mixed and there are no breed lengths that you can use as a benchmark? In general, a kitty’s tail is close to its body’s length (but do bear in mind that this might not be right for your unique cat).

How Do You Tell If a Kitten Will Have a Fluffy Tail?

  1. If you know that your kitten is a long-haired breed, then it will, most likely, have a fluffy tail.
  2. The chances are high that your kitty will have a fluffy tail if it has ear tufts or tufts of fur around its paws.

How Long Is a Cats Tail Compared to Its Body?

How long is the kitty’s tail compared to the body’s length will mainly depend on the cat’s breed. There are felines that have a tail that is actually longer than their body.

At the same time, there are cats of certain breeds that are going to have an extremely short tail. For example, the Manx, the American Bobtail, and the Cymric.

With that being said, the body length of an average adult mixed breed cat is around 15-20 inches long, while the average tail length is between 9.9 and 11 inches

Does the Length of a Cat’s Tail Mean Anything?

Even though cats’ tails do have a few functions, some breeds are practically tailless and that does not make them ‘less of a cat’.

Whether your cat has a longer or a shorter tail doesn’t really mean anything.

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Do Cats Tails Grow Back?

Cats can lose their tails due to an injury, for example. Unfortunately, tails that have been amputated won’t grow back, but your kitty will soon learn to compensate for the loss and will continue living a happy life.

Do Cats Tails Have Bones?

The tail is the extension of a cat’s spine and it is made out of bones (anywhere between 19 and 23 vertebrae) that get smaller towards the tip.

What Are Cats Tails Made Of?

A kitty’s tail consists of:

What Do Cats Use Their Tails For?

  1. Cats use their tails mainly for balance
  2. The tail can also serve as a counterweight (this allows the kitty to practically always land on its paws)
  3. Your kitty can also communicate with the help of tail movements
  4. A cat’s tail also helps it understand its surroundings better as it plays a role in the animal’s sense of touch

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What Cats Have Super Long Tails?

  • Balinese
  • American Shorthair
  • Cornish Rex
  • Chartreux
  • Siberian
  • Scottish Fold
  • Maine Coon
  • Nebelung
  • Egyptian Mau
  • Norwegian Forest Cat

How Can I Predict My Cat’s Size?

If you know your cat’s breed, then you can simply find out the average size of the kitties. 

The length of the cat and the size of the paws might help you indicate how big the cat is going to get, but it would be a lot easier for you to weigh the cat when it’s around 16 weeks old and double that number.

At What Age Is a Cat Fully Grown?

Cats are considered to be full-grown once they reach 18 months (which is equivalent to 21 in human years).

However, that does not mean that this number is applicable to every single cat. Some kitties might stop growing by the age of 12 months, while others will not reach their full size until they are around 4 years old.

Why Does My Cats Tail Get Huge?

Cats can puff their tails, which will sometimes make them look a lot bigger. There are 3 main reasons why the kitties would do that:

  1. When the cat is scared (the animal wants to make itself appear bigger with the help of a puffed tail)
  2. When the kitty is angry and getting ready to attack (the cat, once again, wants to make itself appear bigger, but this time – as a warning)
  3. When the kitty is joyful and lively (this is especially common in kittens, but even adult cats can puff the base of their tail when they’re having a great time)

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Why Do Cats Touch You with Their Tail?

When the cat gently touches you with its tail, it’s expressing affection. If the kitty ‘slaps’ you, then it means that your pet is seeking attention.

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