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Is a Solo Bengal a Lonely Bengal? The Case for Keeping Bengals in Pairs

If you have the resources necessary to adopt a second cat for your Bengal, then specialists do recommend doing that.

The two kitties will help each other learn and will keep one another healthy. Moreover, if your Bengal has a companion, the chances are high that it will never feel lonely or get depressed. These cats can also make a great pair with cat-friendly dogs, by the way.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the topic and find out what gender is best for two cats and how to introduce the pets to one another.

Are Bengals Better in Pairs?

You do not have to get a second Bengal kitten, in order to make your first kitty happy. If you manage to keep the fluffy ball mentally and physically stimulated, then it is going to feel perfectly fine as the only pet in the household.

However, you would definitely have to spend a lot of time and energy trying to keep such an active cat as a Bengal occupied. A second kitty can help you with that. The two animals will, most likely, do a great job at keeping each other entertained, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your pet getting depressed or obese.

There are a few other reasons why Bengals do better in pairs:

  • Bengals that have a playmate tend to have fewer behavioral problems. They become more ‘social’ and are less likely to hide from other people, become frightened, or bite.
  • Bengal cats like to be around people and they can get lonely if there is nobody around. A second kitty will help make sure that the other cat never gets left alone.
  • Kittens can also learn from one another. This means that if one of them learns how to use the litter box, for example, the other one will quickly pick up that skill as well.
  • Cats help each other stay healthy. Domestic kitties (and even Bengals) are prone to becoming overweight. Having a playmate will help make sure that the fluffy balls get enough exercise and have a chance to burn off their excess energy.

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Do Bengals Get Along with Each Other?

Bengals are social and friendly cats who would be happy to interact with other kitties. But this will happen only if the cat has been properly socialized from an early age.

This process begins before the kitten even makes it to your home. The breeder has to make sure that the fluffy ball has an opportunity to interact with its mother, other kittens from the litter, and a few different people.

The little guys need to get used to being handled and they should also get ‘introduced’ to the various smells and sounds of everyday life.

By the age of 8-12 weeks, the kittens should have had enough human contact. This will help them adapt a lot faster to their new surroundings once they arrive at their new home.

If the breeder failed to socialize the kitten, the fluffy ball might not be able to get along with other cats and with you.

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What Gender Is Best for Two Cats?

Another thing that you should consider before getting two kittens or introducing a new cat to the household is the gender of the pets.

Here are the main aspects that you would have to bear in mind gender-, age-, and personality-wise:

  • The cats will most likely get along if both of them are neutered/spayed.
  • All kitties, but especially females, tend to form a stronger bond with the cats that are related to them.
  • The younger the cat, the more likely it is to accept a new kitty.
  • Ideally, you would want to pair two kitties with pretty much the same personality. Both of the cats have to be healthy and have similar activity levels.
  • It is generally recommended to get two male cats, or a male and a female (neutered and spayed, if you’re not planning on breeding). Two females might not get along as well, though there certainly can be exceptions.

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How Do You Introduce Two Bengal Cats?

If you have the resources to adopt two Bengal kittens simultaneously, then you should definitely do that. The siblings that have been socialized together are more likely to form a strong and lovely pair.

But that does not mean that you can’t get a new kitten in case you already have a Bengal at home. The two pets might end up becoming besties, and a proper introduction would definitely assist them in that.

  1. Prepare a separate room where you’re going to place the new kitty in advance. The space should have a litter box, a food and water bowl, bedding, and quite a few toys as this place is going to be the cat’s home for at least a few days.
  2. Take the new arrival to the special room straight away. Do not allow it to explore the whole house and meet the other pet just yet.
  3. Once the kitty had settled in (this can take a few hours or a couple of days), introduce the two pets to one another through smells. Don’t wash your hands in between petting the kitties. Also, you can gently rub a washcloth over the cats’ small faces, and leave the cloth of the other kitty next to their future friend.
  4. Now you can arrange a proper introduction. You can do that during mealtime. Make sure that the food bowls are quite far away from one another, but close enough, so that the kitties can spot each other.
  5. The first few meetings have to be short. In a couple of days, you can start building up the length of the meetings and their frequency.

How to Stop a Cat Fight?

If you know that you can gently separate the kitties without them harming you, then you should do that.

Otherwise, the best thing that you can do is distract the kitties. Use their noisy toy, for example.

You should never be aggressive toward the Bengals or use any heavy-handed techniques.

How Many Days Does It Take for Two Cats to Form a Bond?

It might take up to 4 weeks for the cats to adjust to the presence of each other and up to 12 months to form a long-lasting friendship.

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Who Is the Best Companion for Bengals?

Bengals seem to enjoy being around both cats and dogs. As long as the companion has pretty much the same energy level as the Bengal, they would be happy to keep each other company.

Should I Get Another Cat for My Bengal?

Bengals can be perfectly happy, even if they are the only cat in the house. If you manage to take great care of the beautiful creature, it will be content.

But Bengal cats do tend to get along pretty well with other kitties. And not only of their own breed, by the way.

If you’re planning on adopting another cat, then you might want to consider one of the following breeds for your Bengal:

  • Sphynx
  • Oriental
  • Siamese
  • Savannah
  • Abyssinian
  • Burmese
  • Tonkinese
  • Ocicat

Do Bengal Cats Get Along with Dogs?

If the dog is cat-friendly, then it can make a great companion for a Bengal. In fact, Bengal cats are often described as having a dog-like personality, so they might end up playing fetch or going on walks together.

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