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Cats—especially Bengal cats—need at least 20-30 mins of playtime a day. And by playtime, I mean something interactive and stimulating. Bengal cats are impressively intelligent, so non-stimulating games and toys will get old really fast.

Taking time out of your day to have some feline-human bonding is the most ideal kind of playtime for your Bengal. So although it’s good that you invest in toys they can play with by themselves, nothing beats a hands-on human.

Bengal cats, similar to their wild ancestors, are wired to hunt and kill prey. It’s in our genetic makeup—we’re always up for a good hunt. Yes, humans give their Bengals food, toys and shelter, but oftentimes forget to fulfill our instinct-driven needs.

In the wild, cats climb trees, stalk prey and hunt for food—all driven by instinct. Domestic cats have this drive too— we’re members of the same cat family, after all. 

For your cat, playtime is more than just running around and chasing random toys. It’s a basic need and a way for them to release pent up negative energy that can lead to aggression and destructive behavior. 


Photo of @shiro_the_bengal on Instagram


Below, I’ve listed some tips on how to keep playtime enjoyable for your Bengal cat.

  1. Make sure to rotate their toys.

Even with multiple cat toys, your Bengal cat can still end up bored. This may be because you allow them to play with all their toys at once. Make them play with a few toys at a time so they don’t become too familiar with all of them and lose interest.

Here are a few good toy options:


It’s not a secret how much cats love to chase anything and everything that moves. Cat feather toys are perfect because they’ll allow your cat to channel their little hunter side and go crazy with trying to catch the feather on this toy. This is the ideal toy to have if you really want to bond with your Bengal cat.

  • UPSKY Roller Cat Toy

This tower roller cat toy is sure to stimulate your Bengal cat’s hunting instincts. UPSKY roller cat toy is one of my top picks because aside from being really fun, it’s durable and very easy to clean.

  • FYNIGO Cat Interactive Toys with a Running Mice

This interactive toy has a mouse than rotates when hit by your cat’s paws, making it an ideal interactive cat toy. It also doubles as a scratcher, which is awesome and it doesn’t require batteries. This will keep your Bengal busy for hours!

  1. When playtime is over, put their toys away.

After playtime, always put their toys away. Like tip number 1, if the toys are always available to them, they’ll become less excited to play with it. 

Think of it this way, in the wild, “prey” wouldn’t just be lying in an open area waiting to be attacked, right? So to keep the “hunt” fun for your kitty, don’t make it too easy for them. 

  1. End your play session with a cat treat

Before you store away your Bengal cat’s toys, make sure to let them know that the hunt is over. Give them a nice treat so they know they’re victorious in their “hunt” and they’ve successfully triumphed over their “prey”.


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