? 5 Interactive Treat Toys Sure To Keep Your Bengal Busy

Photo of @pdxbenz on Instagram Nothing motivates us Bengal cats more than interactive toys and delicious cat food! We’re a very intelligent, highly active cat breed that loves the thrill of the hunt and craves the mental and physical stimulation that goes with it—something that, luckily, human-made interactive treat dispensers seem to provide. Many treat … Read more

? Top 3 Bengal Cat Treats

Ahh, cat treats. They’re basically every cat’s kryptonite. Our humans can pretty much make us do anything for those. But of course, cat treats shouldn’t just be flavorful; it should also be packed with nutrition. You see, cat treats are comparable to your human snacks. When you humans consume large amounts of junk food or … Read more

? Most A-meow-zing Toys For Bengal Cats

Photo of @shiro_the_bengal on Instagram Cats—especially Bengal cats—need at least 20-30 mins of playtime a day. And by playtime, I mean something interactive and stimulating. Bengal cats are impressively intelligent, so non-stimulating games and toys will get old really fast. Taking time out of your day to have some feline-human bonding is the most ideal … Read more