11 Reasons Your Bengal Cat Is Peeing Outside The Litter Box

bengal cat in house

If your Bengal is peeing everywhere but inside their litter box, then they’re definitely trying to tell you something. Bengal cats – and all cats in general – are very particular about cleanliness, so if they do anything to compromise that, it’s very likely that something is wrong. Why is my Bengal cat peeing everywhere? …

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What To Feed Your Adorable New Bengal Kitten

3Photo of @bengalsiamduo on Instagram Proper feeding is an important factor in keeping kittens healthy. Their nutritional needs and overall care differ from adult cats and if you find yourself raising a kitten, it’s best that you know the basics of kitten care and feeding.   Once your Bengal kitten is weaned from their mom, …

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Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Bengal

Hearing the words “spay” or “neuter” can be quite daunting. For some, it’s because they believe it’s an unsafe and unnecessary procedure that can put their cat in a risky situation, while for others, it simply costs more than they’re willing to pay. But, unless your veterinarian has told you that your cat is too …

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