The Secrets to a Keeping the Bengal Cat Litter Box Area Clean (2020)

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Let’s face it, as much as humans love having cats around, I know for a fact that none of them enjoy being on poop scoop duty—and I don’t blame them. We Bengals are very particular about cleanliness, so I totally see where you humans are coming from. But, although scooping out dirty cat litter is no fun at all, my human mom says it’s actually not the worst part. To her, the main struggle is in finding a suitable container for the litter scooper since not having one is not only inconvenient, but also very unsanitary.


After a lot of searching and unfortunately, wasted money, me and my human came across the CatGuru Litter Scoop Holder. Out of curiosity, my Mom decided to buy it so we could try it out. And let me tell you, it was worth every single penny! It is, by far, the best and most amazing litter scoop holder we’ve ever bought! It’s functional, it’s durable, it’s big and not to mention, aesthetically pleasing—what more could we ask for?


The CatGuru Litter Scoop Holder is manufactured by a company that claims they are 100% dedicated to creating cat products that actually work. After finally getting ahold of one of their products, me and my humom witnessed firsthand how true that is. The CatGuru Litter Scoop Holder is truly made to impress even the pickiest of cat guardians and here are the reasons why:



It doesn’t topple over

The CatGuru Litter Scoop Holder has a weighted bottom that effectively prevents it from toppling over even if your cat decides to mess with it (trust me, I’ve tried), and no matter what kind of material your scooper is made out of. Whether your litter scooper is made of plastic, or a heavy material like metal, the CatGuru Litter Scoop Holder will not budge.


It’s big

The CatGuru Litter Scoop Holder is so much bigger than other scoop holders and can even fit 2 jumbo-sized litter scoopers or 3 smaller ones.


It’s easy to clean

Unlike other brands of litter scoop holders, CatGuru made theirs with a silicone insert that can be removed for faster and hassle-free cleaning.


It’s definitely a million times better than plastic bags

Some cat owners, especially those who have kittens or elderly cats, have litter boxes that are shallow. That means, they don’t have the option to hang their litter scoopers inside their cat’s litter box. So, most of them just end up using plastic bags, which are not exactly the most durable, nor pleasant-looking, storage choice.


It keeps your floor clean

Because of its shape, the CatGuru Litter Scoop Holder effectively keeps litter granules and waste that may stick to your scooper from making their way onto your floor, which can easily cause bacteria to accumulate and spread.


It keeps your home visually pleasing

Available in three neutral colors (grey, black and white), the CatGuru Litter Scoop Holder is specially designed to be aesthetically pleasing and fit into any human’s modern home décor. You will no longer have to worry about your litter scooper sticking out like a sore thumb because you can count on the CatGuru Litter Scoop Holder to keep it out of view.


Final thoughts

The CatGuru Litter Scoop Holder is definitely a must-have for all cat owners who struggle with litter scooper issues—take it from a very picky Bengal cat and a humom who has tried almost every single litter scooper holder out there.

I can tell that it’s working amazingly because now, my humans are a lot less grumpy when scooping the litter box, which is +reat! Plus, CatGuru donates 10% of their profits to wild cat initiatives and foundations. I mean, how awesome is that? On top of getting a high-quality product that works wonders, you’ll be contributing to a much bigger cause.

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