? Top 5 Cat Harnesses For Your Bengal

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We Bengal cats are known to be quite the little adventurers—so full of energy and curiosity. We’re always ready to play, climb and explore! That’s why as a Bengal cat parent, it’s important for you to provide a means for your Bengal to release all of their pent up energy. One of the best ways to do that is to take them on an outdoor walk. This will not only satisfy their urge to play and climb, but also allow them to explore and experience new environments. This can also help your Bengal become even more socially comfortable around strangers or other pets.

In order to do that, you’ll first need to find the right harness for your Bengal cat. Keep in mind your Bengal’s personality and how you think they will behave on a walk so you can choose a harness accordingly. Aside from that, it’s also important to consider the harness’ fit, safety and quality.

Some Bengal cats will need a bit of training before you can take them on walks, but don’t worry. Training us Bengals are easy since we’re really intelligent and learn things very quickly. You’ll be enjoying the great outdoors with your Bengal in no time!



What to look for in a cat harness:

When choosing a harness for you Bengal cat, you should get one that fits them well and will keep them safe. It should be comfortable enough for them to move around with ease, but also secure enough that they won’t be able to slip out of it on their own.

Never use a collar and a leash to walk your Bengal because it can be very dangerous for them. Unlike dogs, cats have delicate throats and they can easily get choked if you walk them with a leash and collar. Also, we like to jump into trees and we could accidentally choke ourselves if your not careful!

There are two main types of harnesses: leads, which are made of connecting straps that are attached to a leash and vests (also known as holsters), which resemble clothing for cats.

Sometimes leads are easy for cats to slip out of, so if you’re planning to buy this type of harness, it’s best to first try it out indoors to see if it’s secure enough to keep your Bengal cat strapped in. Also, make sure to choose the H-shaped one because unlike the 8-shaped harness, it puts pressure on the chest instead of the neck.

Vests on the other hand, provide more security for your Bengal. It wraps around their body, distributing the harness’ pressure better than leads. This is the best choice for flexible felines who are really good at wriggling out of harnesses.

Available vests include those that have a Velcro closure and those with snaps. Although, some cats tend to not like the sound of Velcro and it makes them not want to wear it. If that’s the case with your Bengal cat, you’ll be better off getting the one with snaps instead.

Choose a harness that:

  • Will not choke your Bengal
  • Will allow your Bengal to comfortably move around
  • Your Bengal will not be able to slip out of
  • Is durable and high quality

Below are the top 5 best cat harnesses that I’ve purrrrsonally chosen to help you humans narrow down your search for the purrrrfect cat harness for your Bengals.


1. GAUTERF Dog and Cat Universal Harness with Leash


  • Escape-proof, soft mesh corduroy harness
  • 3M reflective strip design that allows you to easily    keep track of your pet’s location even in low light conditions
  • High quality traction button
  • Adjustable straps
  • Chest girth size: XS-Small: 10″ – 11″
  • Leash size: 47″ L x 0.7″ W



2. Best Pet Supplies Voyager Soft Harness for Pets – No Pull Vest


  • Comfortable, no-pull vest
  • Durable fastener with quick release buckle
  • Ensures all-day comfort even in cold weather conditions
  • Machine washable



3. INVENHO Mesh Harness with Padded Vest for Puppy and Cats No Choke Design


  • Made with high quality, breathable mesh material
  • Has a durable clip
  • Includes a seat belt to keep your pet safe while you drive
  • Non-irritating material allows for all-day wear
  • Securely holds your pet while still being gentle
  • Padded vest keeps your pet comfortable while walking/running



4. Yizhi Miaow Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash


  • Escape-proof
  • Chest and neck straps are adjustable
  • Magic tape enclosure
  • Has extra layered mesh underneath for better ventilation
  • Has very cute designs to choose from



5. PUPTECK Adjustable Cat Lead Harness


  • Adjustable neck and chest strap
  • H-style cat harness with durable snap-lock buckles
  • Nylon material
  • Incredibly resistant to wear and tear



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