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What Makes Bengal Cats So Special?

Bengal cats are quite popular at the moment, so you might be wondering what is it that makes these kitties so special.

The appearance of a Bengal cat is what attracts the majority of future owners in the first place. But even though the kitty looks like a wild cat, it has a friendly and loving personality. You can also teach Bengals to walk on a leash and to do cool tricks.

Keep on reading to find out even more amazing facts about this gorgeous cat breed.

What Makes Bengal Cats So Special?

The appearance of a Bengal cat is what makes them so special in the eyes of the majority of people. They really do look like wild cats because of their spotted coats and athletic bodies.

But what is truly fascinating is the fact that even though this animal does look like it has just been hunting somewhere out in the jungle, it is actually one of the friendliest and most loving domesticated cat breeds out there.

What Is a Bengal Cat Known for?

The main thing that Bengal cats are known for is, of course, their exotic appearance. These kitties have wild-looking coats and large, muscular bodies.

The surprising thing, however, is the fact that Bengals look bigger than they actually weigh. That is because the cat’s bones are quite light (Bengals weigh between 8 and 15 pounds).

By the way, Bengals have paws that are bigger than those in the majority of domestic cat breeds. Such kitties also have thick necks and tails.

Personality-wise, Bengals are known for being extremely active cats that require a lot of attention. They are not the kind of breed that would be lying on the couch all day long. They need plenty of space to exercise and you should be willing to invest your time in playing with a Bengal if you’re planning on adopting one.

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What Is the Rarest Bengal Cat Color?

The Bengals’ beautiful coat is already something that makes it stand out among other breeds. But did you know that Bengal cats can be not only brown, but also white, black, and even blue?

Here are all of the colors that Bengals come in:

  • Brown – the most common, ‘textbook’ Bengal cat.
  • Silver – these kitties have a pure-white base coat and black and grey markings.
  • Snow – such Bengals come in three variations (seal lynx point snow, seal mink snow, and seal sepia snow). They usually have cream or light-brown base coats and gorgeous blue or greenish eyes.
  • Black – even though this color is not recognized by TICA, you might still encounter a Bengal with an almost black coat that ‘develops’ spots under the sunlight.
  • Blue – this is the rarest Bengal cat color and it’s not recognized by TICA as well. Such kitties are truly fascinating, as they have a steel-blue base coat with dark-grey markings.

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Surprising Bengal Facts

  1. Not all Bengals have the famous rosettes. These kitties come in a variety of different patterns which include not only spotted, but also marbled, and even sparbled (a mix of the spotted and marbled patterns).
  2. Unlike a lot of other breeds, Bengals love water. They can have a lot of fun with a water fountain or in a kiddie’s pool. Do bear in mind, however, that even though Bengals are capable of swimming, they would prefer not to show off their skill.
  3. Bengal cats are loud and talkative. In fact, you will hardly find another kitty that is such a chatterbox. These cats are known for waking their cat moms and dads up in the night if they get bored or hungry. Bengals also adore having conversations with their owners, so if you talk to the little guy, he will most likely answer back.
  4. Bengals can be taught to walk on a leash. If you have the patience to teach the cat to not hate the harness and the leash, then the kitty will have the time of its life exploring the great outdoors.
  5. Only the Bengal cats from the 4th generation and further are considered to be fully domesticated. They are more gentle, affectionate, and friendly than the ‘wilder’ earlier generations.
  6. These kitties are excellent climbers and jumpers. In fact, they can jump up to three times their height!
  7. Bengals can sometimes become thieves. If you leave something lying around the house, you might find it in an unexpected place the next day.
  8. Adopting a Bengal is not cheap. Depending on the pedigree, breeder, color, and gender, you would have to pay anywhere from $400 to $7,000 for a kitten.

Do Some Bengals Glitter?

Another fascinating thing about Bengals is that some of these kitties have…glittery coats!

It is not a breed standard and not all Bengals have this feature. But in some cats, under the right light, the individual hairs on their coat might start to shine like gold. In snow Bengals, this glitter can look like ‘pearl dust’.

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Do Bengal Cats Have a Different Meow?

Bengals have a variety of different sounds in their arsenal with the chirping noise being one of the most surprising of them all.

Even though Bengals are not the only kitties capable of producing this sound, you might hear it a bit more often from them as their hunting instincts are more developed. The cats will start chirping like real birds once they see something that they might consider prey.

Bengal Cat Personality

The personality of Bengal cats is definitely something that makes them special as it’s quite challenging to find another kitty that would be so loyal, affectionate, and loving.

Bengals typically become an active and dynamic part of the family group. They are lively, bold, curious, and interactive cats with whom you can develop a wonderful two-way relationship.

Of course, every kitty has its own unique personality. But the traits mentioned are the ones that are quite common in Bengals.

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How Intelligent Are Bengal Cats?

Bengals are highly intelligent. They are among the cat breeds with the highest IQ level.

Even though their intellect can’t really be measured, they’ll get to prove to you how smart they really are by quickly adapting and learning commands and tricks.

Do Bengal Cats Need Special Care?

The good news is that the one thing that is not so special about Bengal cats is the care that they require.

All you would have to do is look after a Bengal just like you would normally take care of any other kitty.

Bengals do need more attention than other cats though. But when it comes to grooming, cleaning, and feeding – there are no unique requirements.

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How Do You Tell If a Cat Is a Real Bengal?

The best way to determine if your cat is a real Bengal or not is by asking for the appropriate documentation or by undergoing a genetic test.

A few other things that make Bengals cats so special in comparison to other breeds include:

  • Long, athletic bodies
  • Longer tails (than those of the majority of domestic cats)
  • Slightly longer back legs

Bengals also tend to walk like wild cats with their head held high (as if in search of prey).

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