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Why Cat on Diet Won’t Stop Meowing?

Sometimes you might find it difficult to understand what your cat actually wants. For example, if your kitty is on a diet that does not necessarily mean that it will always meow for food.

In case you have gradually introduced the new, veterinary-approved diet to the cat, the little guy should not be meowing of hunger (unless it is suffering from hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or parasitic infections). Kitties will usually become extremely vocal if they are bored or want attention.

Why Cat on Diet Won’t Stop Meowing?

Any change in diet should be carefully managed (ideally, by a veterinarian) and the changes should be gradual. If you have managed to do everything right, then the kitty should not be meowing because of reduced calorie intake.

However, if the changes in the menu have happened a bit too fast, the cat might be meowing simply because it’s hungry.

Why Is My Cat Meowing Non Stop for Food?

If you are sure that you are giving the cat enough food and the kitty is not actually starving, then the only thing that you can do is not give the cat food when it’s crying for it.

Over time, the cat will learn that it is going to be fed only if it stays quiet.

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Cat Won’t Stop Meowing for Wet Food

If your cat meows for wet food, even though there is a fresh bowl of dry food in front of it, then you would have to ignore the kitty.

You can try switching the dry food (maybe, you’ll be able to find the one that the kitty will like) or you can put dry food in water and see if this will make the cat eat it. Mixing the dry kibble with the wet food might work as well.

If the kitty is eating only wet food but is constantly begging for more, then you would have to ignore the vocalizations and never give the cat more food than the vet recommended

Why Is My Cat Always Hungry and Meowing?

There are a few possible reasons for a cat always being hungry and meowing:

  • The diet is not well-balanced and it lacks some important nutrients
  • There is a problem with the kitty’s digestive system – it is not able to absorb the nutrients
  • The cat is using up much more energy during the day than it gets with its food
  • The kitty is suffering from a medical condition that increases its appetite

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Why Does My Cat Act Like He Is Starving?

The cat might actually be starving, even if you’re giving the little guy the exact amount of food that it’s supposed to have. 

This might happen due to the following medical conditions:


Such a metabolic disease can cause increased appetite. Excessive amounts of thyroid hormone will speed up the cat’s metabolism.

Increased appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, and hyperactivity are the most common symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

Parasitic infections

Roundworms, for example, consume the nutrients that the cat receives with the food before the elements get absorbed by the body. 

Hookworms feed off the kitty’s blood, but they can damage the cells in the cat’s intestines which will affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. 

Diabetes mellitus

The kitties with such a disease cannot control their blood sugar levels. This will lead to excessive hunger, weight loss, and increased thirst and urination.

If you have an unneutered female cat, then make sure that the lady is not pregnant. Kitties can become obsessed with food during pregnancy and that is completely normal (as long as you don’t give the cat way too much food). 

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Why Does My Cat Constantly Beg for Food?

Boredom is another common reason for food obsession in cats. They think of their mealtime as a fun activity, and if the cat doesn’t have enough mental and physical stimuli in its life, food will make it to the top of its priority list.

Some kitties might also be using feeding time as a way to get your attention. So, if the cat is constantly begging for food, it might not even be hungry.

How Do I Know If My Cat Is Hungry or Greedy?

Here are a few signs of a cat that is actually hungry:

  • The kitty is eating extremely quickly (the gap between mealtimes might be too big)
  • The cat starts crying around the scheduled mealtime
  • Your pet is stealing from the table (it’s not always a fun game for the cat, the little guy might simply be starving)

Always make sure that the portion sizes are correct and that the kitty has no trouble keeping the food down. Your cat might seem greedy, while in reality it’s simply not being fed a well-balanced diet.

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How Do I Get My Cat to Stop Crying for Food?

  1. It can be challenging, but you should try your best to not give into the cat’s demands
  2. Hide the food and the bowl (when it’s empty). This will help the cat realize that it has no control over its meals.
  3. Follow a schedule. Your cat should know when to expect the next meal.
  4. Only feed the kitty when it’s not meowing.

Hint: you might want to get an automatic feeder – this device will make the cat think that you’re not responsible for its food at all.

How Do I Get My Cat to Shut Up?

Cats can become more vocal if they’re in pain or suffering from certain medical conditions. So, taking the cat to a vet is always a good idea.

When it comes to stopping a healthy cat from meowing, the only thing that you can really do is ignore the little guy

How Can I Help My Obese Cat Lose Weight?

  • Consult your vet
  • The transition to the cat’s new diet might take up to 3 weeks
  • Make sure that the kitty is physically active
  • Never rush the weight loss process

How Do I Put My Overweight Cat on a Diet?

  • Allow around 3 weeks for the transition
  • At first, offer small amounts of the new food in a separate bowl
  • Once the cat starts eating the new diet, start mixing ¼ of the new food with ¾ of the old food for 2-4 days
  • Then make it half-and-half for another 2-4 days and after that – ¾ to ¼ for around 3-5 days

How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Cat?

From around six months to maturity, the majority of cats should be fed 2 times per day. Adult and senior cats can be given food 1-2 times a day.

Most owners prefer to feed the kitties at least 2 times per day as having the meals more than 12 hours apart can cause the stomach to become hyper acidic.

If your cat is constantly meowing for food, even though you are giving it the right portions 2 times per day, then you can try dividing the food into smaller portions and feeding the kitty 4-5 times a day.

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Should I Ignore My Cat Meowing at Night?

You must completely ignore the cat meowing at night. Otherwise, you will encourage the behavior.

Of course, only ignore the kitty if you are sure that it’s not meowing in pain.

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