Top 5 Reasons Your Bengal Cat Loves Boxes

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All of us cats have an undying love for boxes—it’s a widely known fact. I don’t even understand why humans throw boxes away instead of playing with them. Cardboard boxes are the best! They’re even better than most cat toys. You humans are missing out BIG TIME for throwing your boxes away. Oh well, more boxes for us cats then!

Humans have always wondered why we have such fascination with boxes. When they buy us new stuff, they always get confused about why we’re more interested in the packaging the stuff came in instead of the thing itself. Don’t worry, non-box-loving human, in this article I’ll tell you the reasons why we felines enjoy cardboard boxes so much.


Reason Why Cats Love Boxes


1. Boxes provide security

We cats love spending time in cardboard boxes because we feel more comfortable and safe in enclosed spaces. Boxes are perfect hiding spots to prepare for ambush attacks and get away from potential predators. We know nothing can sneak up on us because we’re able to see everything through a single entrance.

Boxes also help reduce our stress because it gives us a place where we can observe everything without being seen. This is perfect for us cats since our response to stressful situations is often to run and hide. Boxes give us a safe space to relax, knowing we’re not exposed.


2. Boxes help us adapt

Because of the security that boxes provide for us cats, it helps us adapt to a new environment a lot faster. A recent study proved that to be true when they conducted an experiment on shelter cats. Half of the cats in the shelter were given boxes while the rest were not. The research discovered that the cats with the boxes adapted to the environment quicker than the cat without them. This shows that boxes are extremely helpful in reducing anxiety in cats.


3. Boxes are great insulators

Another reason why we cats love boxes is because they’re amazing at keeping us warm. For us, the ideal temperature to be comfortable is around 35-37 degrees Celsius. Most human homes are way cooler, so we’re always looking for warm spaces. All cats know there’s nothing better than curling up and relaxing inside a warm, enclosed space.


4. Boxes spike our interest

We cats—especially us Bengals—are notoriously curious creatures. Whenever our humans buy something new, we always need to check it out. New stuff smell different and of course, if it’s a box, we have to rub our scent all over it so the humans know it’s ours now.


5. Boxes have a nice texture

Boxes make satisfying, crunching sound when we scratch and bite it. That makes us want to scratch and bite it even more. We love chewing on it then playing with the shredded pieces and pushing our paws out through the holes we create. It’s just so much fun! Cardboard boxes can keep us cats entertained for days!

We cats are simple creatures. If you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably seen firsthand how much we enjoy even the simplest of things—like cardboard boxes. We love them and we cats hope that one day, you humans will, too.


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