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Why Do People Love Their Bengal Cats So Much?

A Bengal is not a cat for everyone. It is a highly energetic breed that can be quite demanding. But if you do decide to commit to making a Bengal cat happy, you will acquire a loving and loyal family member.

You will immediately fall in love with a Bengal’s exotic appearance. But, apart from that, these kitties are also friendly, affectionate, and fun to be around. They can learn tricks and walk on a leash, and, as a bonus, they do not shed a lot.

What makes Bengals so special and how are they different from other cats? Some facts might come as a surprise to you.

Why Do People Love Their Bengal Cats So Much?

Bengals are beautiful creatures with distinct personalities. Even though there are a couple of things that the future owners would have to bear in mind, these kitties can become amazing house pets as there are quite a few reasons to love them:

  • Bengals come in different colors and patterns – of course, the exotic look of these cats is what attracts the majority of people in the first place. But not a lot of people know that Bengals come in a wide range of colors (there are even blue kitties!)
  • The beautiful cats do not shed much – Bengals are among the least shedding cat breeds which is amazing for those who don’t want to deal with a lot of hair around the house. A weekly grooming session should be enough to keep a Bengal’s coat nice and healthy
  • Such kitties are fun to be around – a Bengal is not the perfect cat for someone who values peace and silence. But if you want to be able to have fun with your pet, Bengals are the cats that will keep you and the whole family entertained as they are very active
  • Bengals are amazing learners – you can train your kitty to walk on a leash and perform various cool tricks. Bengals are incredibly intelligent and learn faster than the majority of other breeds
  • They are social, friendly, and loyal – if you take great care of the kitty, you will form a strong bond with a Bengal. The little guy is going to follow you around all the time. Unlike some other cat breeds that seem to enjoy alone time, Bengals like spending their time around people
  • Bengal cats are great for both small and big families – in case you live alone, a Bengal would be happy to keep you company. But these cats also love kids and can easily become part of a bigger family

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Why Are Bengal Cats So Special?

Bengals are hybrid cats. This means that they are created by crossbreeding two different species. One of those should be a domestic cat and the other is the wild Asian leopard cat.

There are not so many domestic cat breeds out there that have such a ‘wild’ gene in them. Even though Bengals are considered to be friendly and affectionate kitties, it is not recommended to adopt a cat that is earlier than a 4th-generation Bengal.

By the way, some Bengals have the ‘glitter gene’. Even though it is not unique only to this breed, the gene is extremely rare in other kitties.

It is a naturally occurring mutation that causes the coat of a Bengal to look like it has been sprinkled with fairy dust (this happens under direct sunlight). Such a trait is considered to be very desirable, and there are breeders that focus on attempting to breed such ‘glittery’ kitties.

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How Are Bengals Different from Other Cats?

The wild ancestors of the Bengals and their exotic appearance is what differentiates these kitties from other cat breeds.

Bengal cats also have quite a few dog-like traits which are pretty uncommon for felines. These fluffy balls like to play with water and they can learn to play fetch. You can also train the beauties to walk on a leash.

Personality-wise, there are two main things that you should bear in mind.

Bengals are a highly active breed

Some people are used to thinking of a cat as a sweet couch potato, but that certainly wouldn’t be the case, if you decide to adopt a Bengal. It is one of the most energetic breeds out there.

These gorgeous cats need a stimulating environment, and if you’re not planning on getting a pair of Bengal cats, you would have to spend around 30-60 minutes per day on playing with the fluffy ball and training it.

Bengals are attention-seekers

The chances are high that the kitty will end up following you wherever you go as it enjoys company and doesn’t like to be left alone. A Bengal can also start meowing in the middle of the night if it gets bored.

Such kitties are not a great breed for owners who like to travel or come home late at night as Bengals might get depressed if they are alone for too long.

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What Makes Bengal Cats Great Pets?

The majority of Bengal moms and dads love their cats simply because Bengals make amazing pets. They are incredibly affectionate and loving, as well as athletic, trainable, entertaining to watch, outgoing, and intelligent.

Moreover, these kitties get along nicely with kids. Even though Bengals do look like wild cats, they are not prone to aggression more than any other domestic breed. As long as the cat feels safe, it will be amicable.

That said, a Bengal cat is not suitable for every single family out there. Such kitties can be demanding and loud, and if you fail to provide them with a stimulating environment, they might start exhibiting destructive behaviors.

You should consider adopting another pet, if:

  • You’re rarely home (the Bengal will not feel happy if it gets left alone for too long quite often)
  • You want a lap cat (Bengals might sleep with you in bed, but they will not spend the whole day lying on your lap)
  • You’re planning on making your kids take care of it (even though certain tasks can be assigned to your kids, you would have to make sure that the cat is getting enough exercise every single day)
  • You’re planning on having a baby soon (Bengal cats require plenty of attention; if you would have to deal with not only an extremely active cat but also a newborn, you might simply burn out)

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Do Bengal Cats Love Their Owners?

Bengals do love their owners. Even though they are not exactly cuddly cats, they are loyal and affectionate.

In fact, some Bengals can even get jealous, if they see that their favorite human is spending time with another animal or person.

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How Do You Know If Your Bengal Loves You?

Knowing that your cat loves you back is definitely one of the things that will make you adore the cutie even more.

Bengals prefer to show their affection in a few different ways:

  • They follow you around anywhere you go
  • They purr when you approach them
  • They bump their head against you
  • They show their belly to you
  • They groom you as if you are a cat as well

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