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Why Does Cat Sit On Me?

One well-known cat habit is that kitties like to sit on their humans. Some cats won’t allow their owners to be seated for more than a minute before they come to take a lap. This leaves cat owners wondering exactly what draws their felines to them. 

Why does your cat like to sit on you? Most are seeking one of several things like warmth, affection, bonding, security, territory, or something like the feel of your clothes or scent. 

Read further to figure out why your cat wants to sit on you all the time. 

Cat Personalities

Not every cat is a lap cat. Some felines prefer loving you from a distance. You can always tell the loving lap cat when you see one. They waste no time in climbing on your or near you. 

Typically, cats don’t hang out with you for a long period. They are there to fulfill a need they have and will leave when they get enough. They will move on to the next interesting thing. 

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Reasons Why Cats Want to Sit on People

Basic reasons exist why cats want to sit on their human while they are in a chair or lying in bed. All of the reasons revolve around a cat’s need for comfort and security. Cats are, for the most part, selfish and want their needs met. 

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Cats are always looking for a warm spot and you provide good body heat that makes sleep great for them. 


Cats need affection as any living creature does. They may climb up because you haven’t paid enough attention to them today. Your favorite feline may also want to give you some affection as well so they may rub your head with there’s or lick your nose. 

They may even give you a “love bite” to show affection and get your attention.

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Cats aren’t so different from other pets or even family members. They want to spend time with you to bond. They see you as a leader of the family and want to make sure you still are looking out for them. 

A feline may bond in different ways. He may wait for you at the door when you get home and rub up against your legs or want to play. 

A cat may meow or bump its heads against your hands or chin as a way to bond. 

Bonding becomes more crucial at night since some animals like to sleep in groups. Cats are known for sleeping up against a littermate, in a practice known as “pillowing.”

When they approach you for evening cuddles, they are in a sense pillowing with you too!

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Felines feel more secure when they are near their human. They can be a little scared if you leave them alone all day and being home creates the perfect opportunity for them to gain a little more confidence in their safety. 

Sleeping and eating are two of the most vulnerable times for a cat so some will seek out their favorite family member to take a snooze. They know they are safe with them and can truly relax.

Claiming territory

All pets like to claim humans as “theirs.” Sitting on you, whether it’s in a chair or bed, is a way for a feline to claim that you belong to them. This may happen more frequently if there are multiple cats in the home and one cat sees itself as the primary cat. 

It also happens more if there are other pets or babies in the home. 

Your clothes or scent is a turn on

Cats love feeling good. They are highly sensitive to materials and smells so there could be something you are wearing that makes them attracted to you. Some smells known to attract cats are cantaloupe and meat smells. Recently eating those things or using a shampoo with a fruity smell may attract your cat. 

This may be a reason why your cat wants to rub up against your clothes or your head. He likes the smell or the fabric. Pay attention to when your cat does this to see if there’s a pattern.

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Why does my cat want to lay on my head when I sleep?

Strange as it sounds, cats have practical reasons for choosing your head to sleep on. Heads are warm since it releases heat throughout the night. It is pretty stationary even for those who toss and turn. Heads usually smell good since you use shampoo. Pets like the scent of their humans. 

Why does my cat sleep on my chest?

Sleeping on their owner’s chest is common for a cat. Some cat experts try to explain this behavior by stating cats may like body sounds that come from that air. Things like your heartbeat and steady breathing may comfort them.

One doctor explains it saying the slow, steady rhythm brings calm to our feline friends. What does it mean for a cat to sleep in your lap?

Laps make for good beds for kitties because they’re warm and in the right position to get owners to pet them. 

Why does my cat sleep with his back toward me?

This may seem like a sign of disrespect by your cat, yet it’s a sign of complete trust. A cat can be both prey and predator so he always seeks the safest place to sleep. Turning his back on you shows his trust in you and could even mean he plans on watching the area for both of you. 

Why did a strange cat sit on me?

The cat wanted some attention and felt you would give it. Cats instantly know who they like and will seek to bond with those who are their favorites, even if they don’t know them. It’s been said that cats know who cat people are and that is likely true. 

Why do cats want to sleep with you?

Cats want to sleep with their humans for the same reasons they like to sit on them. Humans provide warmth and security.

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