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Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys?

When your cat brings you its favorite toy, it might seem like the cutest thing ever, but did you know that this is not always a sign of affection?

If the cat wants to play, show you something (like a broken toy), show off its ‘trophy’, or if the kitty is trying to teach you how to hunt, it will bring you its toy. In a lot of cases, it is also a sign of affection and trust. 

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys?

In the absolute majority of cases, gift-giving is the cat’s way of showing affection. Here are a few other things that bringing a toy might mean:

  • The kitty wants to play
  • The cat is trying to show you something (the toy might not be squeaking any longer, for example)
  • Your pet is showing you how much you mean to it (if the cat brings you one of its toys, it is also a sign of trust)
  • Your cat is showing off – if the toy has been under the couch, for example, the kitty is going to feel proud as soon as it manages to get the toy out
  • The cutie is simply excited about the toy
  • Sometimes, the cat will bring you the toys because it wants you to pick up some hunting skills! Play with the toy and toss it around to show the kitty that the lesson is learned

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Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys in Bed?

If that’s the exact toy that the cat uses to play with you during the day, then the chances are high that the kitty is simply bored and it wants to play with you.

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys While I’m Sleeping?

  • The cat feels lonely when you’re asleep and bringing a toy to you is the pet’s way of showing you affection
  • The little guy might also have noticed that you’re not really busy which means that you have time to play
  • The peak hunting hours of a lot of felines are during the night. If that’s the case with your fluffy ball, then the cat will be bringing you toys to show off its own hunting skills or to teach you how to hunt

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys and Cry?

It looks like the kitty is asking for your attention. You can respond to this behavior and play with the cat for a while, but you might also want to ignore such demands if your pet wants too much attention.

Fun fact: some female cats can display mothering instincts by carrying a toy around and crying (yowling). 

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Why Do Cats Drop Their Toys Front of You?

The kitty is offering you its ‘prey’. What the little guy basically wants is for you to play with the prey together or for you to praise the cat as an exceptional hunter.

In any case, that is definitely a sign of affection as the cat wants to share these strong emotions with you.

Do Cats Bring Gifts to Their Owners?

Felines can certainly bring you their favorite toys (or even dead animals) as gifts. That usually happens when you get home from work or wake up in the morning – the kitty missed you and is now trying to show affection.

The cat can also bring you its toy as a gift if it is willing to play. If the kitty brings you its prey, then it might be trying to teach you how to hunt.

Why Does My Cat Always Bring Me Her Favorite Toy?

When it comes to the one toy that your cat adores, the kitty might be bringing it to you to show that the thing needs a little TLC

The toys that the cat tends to play with the most will eventually get worn out, and that might be what the cat is trying to tell you.

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Do Cats Have a Favorite Person?

A lot of cats really do have a favorite person. Usually, that’s the human who puts the most effort into the kitty’s well-being (feeds the little guy, plays with it, and so on).

Naturally, the cat will also bring its toys to the favorite human, not only because the kitty loves that particular person the most, but also because this person is most likely to play with the cat.

Do Cats Get Attached to Toys?

Some cats can get really attached to their favorite toys. Mainly, because these ‘security’ objects can help them cope with stress.

Indoor kitties might also start treating their toys like their offspring (this can happen if the cat doesn’t really have an opportunity to play with other felines).

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What Do Cats Think Toys Are?

Cats are predators and, in a lot of cases, they are playing not only for fun but to also train their hunting skills. For that reason, they might be thinking that their toys are prey, especially, if you opted for an interactive toy that looks like a mouse, a bug, or a snake. 

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Random Things?

  • It’s a sign of affection
  • The cat wants to be praised
  • The kitty is trying to teach you how to hunt
  • The random thing is a ‘trophy’ and the cat wants to show it off
  • It’s a sign of respect (if the kitty brings you something quite often, then it might be thinking of you as the ‘alpha pack leader’)

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Things and Meow?

When the cat is meowing, it wants you to notice the thing that it had brought. The kitty is definitely seeking attention and wants either a bit of playtime or praise.

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Socks?

Some owners believe that socks (especially wool ones) soak up your sweat and end up smelling like your feet. By carrying them around, your cat is trying to be closer to you.

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Leaves?

The kitty might be thinking that leaves are a fun thing to play with, so the cat wants you to have this ‘toy’.

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Mice?

Felines bring home the prey that they have caught to feed the kittens – the cat might be thinking that you’re its kitten. In any case, your pet considers you part of its family.

Why Do Cats Bring You Their Kittens?

  • The cat is introducing you to the new family members
  • The kitty wants the little ones to get used to you
  • The female wants you to help take care of the kittens and keep them safe
  • At times, the cat might need a small break from the babies, and as the kitty trusts you, she is going to leave the kittens with you

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Why Is My Cat Carrying Around a Stuffed Animal?

In the wild, felines carry around things in only two cases – when they move the kittens and when they catch prey.

These are inbuilt behavioral patterns that cats can sometimes follow. You’ll see the female carrying around ‘the kittens’ and the cats carrying around the ‘food’ that they are planning on eating later.

Why Does My Cat Stash Things?

In the absence of actual prey, cats create their own hunting scenarios. By hiding the toys, the kitties are exercising in finding the prey and killing it.

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