Why Does My Cat Crouching When Walking Outside?

Crouching means bending your knees and bringing the body lower to the ground. Cats can also do that, but, unfortunately, the reasons for such behavior are usually not positive.

The cat might be feeling insecure and nervous outdoors – and in such a case it will crouch. Such a position can indicate not only stress and fear, but also defensiveness, discomfort, and pain; if you have an unsprayed female, then the lady will crouch when she goes in heat.

Why Does My Cat Crouching When Walking Outside?

There are a few reasons why your kitty might be crouching:


A cat will start to crouch if a person or an animal comes too close to it and the kitty thinks that the intentions of this other creature are not good. 

In such a case, the eyes of the cat will be fixed on the object, the ears will be flat, and the tail will be wrapped around the body – if the animal or person doesn’t back up, the kitty might have to attack.

Stress or fear

If the cat is experiencing stress, it will be crouching and its tail will be wrapped around the body, but the ears might stay up. 

Discomfort or pain

A kitty that is experiencing abdominal pain would be crouching and walking very slowly (in such a case, your feline friend also won’t be able to go for too long without stopping for a break). 

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Why Do Cats Walk Low to the Ground Outside?

Your kitty might be crouching when walking outside because of any of the reasons mentioned above.

But taking into consideration that the great outdoors is full of unfamiliar smells and things, in the majority of cases the cat would be crouching because it’s feeling nervous and insecure

Why Is My Female Cat Crouching?

In general, kitties of any sex would crouch if they experience stress or discomfort in any way. However, the females might also adopt such a posture when they’re in heat.

When the lady is ready to mate, she will place her elbows on the ground, bow her spine into a ‘U’, crouch with her back legs, and elevate her bum into the air.

Why Does My Cat Keep Crouching Down and Meowing?

If you have a female cat that has not been spayed, then the crouching and meowing might mean that the girl is going into heat.

Otherwise, it looks like the kitty might be experiencing pain or is extremely stressed. Pay attention to the body language and to the vocalizations, and if there is something that you feel is not right, call your vet. 

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Why Is My Female Cat Walking Low to the Ground?

Females in heat will often walk low to the ground and meow. It is normal behavior and you have nothing to worry about.

Spaying the kitty would eliminate such episodes. 

Why Is My Female Cat Walking Low to the Ground and Meowing?

If your cat hasn’t been spayed, then she’s in heat. But if the kitty is exhibiting any of the following behaviors as well, then it looks like something is making the cat stressed and anxious:

  • Not exposing the belly as often as before
  • Keeping the head lower than the body
  • Keeping ears flat to the body
  • Experiencing a decrease in appetite
  • Becoming inactive and non-interested in playing

Why Do Cats Walk Low to the Ground When Scared?

When scared, cats will try to protect their body as much as they can. That’s why they would be walking low to the ground (to keep the belly safe) and they will, most likely, wrap their tail around the body.

Dilated pupils and flattened-down ears can also be an indication of fear, so make sure to pay attention to the context and eliminate the stress factor as soon as possible.

Why Do Cats Walk Low to the Ground When in Heat?

One of the reasons why females would often walk low to the ground when in heat is probably because it is a lot easier to ‘get in the right position’ when you’re already close to the ground.

From such a lowered position, it’s not difficult at all to raise the hips and invite a male to mate.

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Why Does My Cat Always Crouch?

In the majority of cases, crouching in a cat means that the feline is not comfortable with the situation. If your kitty is doing that constantly, it’s not a good sign.

Look for obvious stress factors in the environment. If you can’t seem to understand what’s causing such behavior, you should visit a vet, as crouching can indicate pain caused by various health issues. 

What Does It Mean When a Cat Slinks?

When your kitty is moving stealthily across the ground with its tail tucked down and the belly low, it means that the cat is ‘slinking’. 

Such behavior does not mean that the kitty is trying to be sneaky. A cat will slink if it’s trying to avoid attracting attention for one of the following reasons:

  • The cat is fearful and it’s trying to look as small as possible
  • The cat is hunting and slinking is its way of avoiding being detected

Why Does My Cat Walk So Slow?

If your kitty is staring at you and is walking towards you very slowly with its ears up, then the cat might be stalking you which is simply one of the games that cats like to engage in.

However, if the kitty is walking very slow and close to the ground, then it might be injured or sick. Pay attention to other symptoms – if your feline friend is also heavily breathing, has lost its appetite, or has eye discharge, then it might be ill.

Moving in slow motion can also be an indication of seizures or trauma, so taking the poor guy to the vet is definitely the best decision. 

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Why Is My Cat Squatting Everywhere?

Repeated squatting is usually an indicator of a serious issue, so you would have to see a veterinarian as an emergency. One of the following issues might be to blame:

What Do Female Cats Do in Heat?

  • Females in heat become unusually affectionate
  • They might also be grooming excessively
  • The female would meow loudly and get into her mating position
  • She may spray vertical surfaces with urine
  • The kitty can exhibit a noticeable decrease in appetite
  • The female might as well experience a strong urge to escape, so make sure to seal all escape routes

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What Time of Year Do Cats Go into Heat?

A female will come into heat every year around February to October – the short periods would be roughly 2-3 weeks apart.

How Can You Tell If Cat Is in Pain?

  • Lethargy
  • Decreased appetite
  • No interest in its surroundings
  • Hiding away
  • Reduction in movement
  • Excessive vocalization
  • Decreased grooming

Why Do Cats Lift Up Their Bum When You Pet Them?

Some say that the kitties reflectively stick their bum in the area when you pet them in that area because they used to do that a lot when they were kittens (this would help the mom clean them).

What Does Cat Loaf Position Mean?

When your feline friend is sitting with its paws and tail tucked under the body, it’s in a cat loaf position. Such a posture indicates feeling safe and secure.