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Why Does My Cat Make Biscuits?

If you have ever seen your cat push its paws in and out on a blanket, then you might be wondering what this ‘biscuit making’ is all about.

Cats knead or make biscuits when they are feeling happy and safe, when they want to mark their territory, show their affection, stretch, or relieve stress. Females can knead to show the male cats that they are ready for mating.

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Makes Biscuits?

When a cat kneads, it pushes its paws in and out at alternating times. This behavior usually sends your kitty into a hypnotic-like state.

Some owners like to call the instinctive trait ‘biscuit making’ as your cat really does look like it’s about to prepare a yummy cookie.

Why Does My Cat Make Biscuits?

  • Kittens knead their mom’s belly to stimulate the flow of milk
  • For grown-up cats, this behavior can still be associated with comforting feelings from their kittenhood
  • Kneading can also be used to mark the cat’s territory (kitties have scent glands on their paws)
  • Your cat’s feline ancestors would knead to flatten out the sleeping area and double-check it for any hazards
  • The kitty can knead on you to show its affection
  • When the cat is making biscuits, it is also stretching (exactly what a kitty might need from time to time)
  • If you have a female cat that hasn’t been spayed, then kneading might be a sign that the kitty is going into heat
  • Finally, a lot of cats might find making biscuits to simply be a soothing behavior that helps them relieve stress

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Why Do Cats Make Biscuits on Blankets?

This might be because the cat is preparing its bed, marking its territory, or it’s trying to wind down and get into this relaxing state that will help the kitty drift off into sleep.

Why Does My Cat Make Biscuits Around Me?

By kneading around you, the cat is basically showing that it loves you and that it likes spending time around you.

Why Do Cats Make Biscuits and Purr?

Some cats can start making biscuits for no apparent reason, they might simply find this ‘tradition’ to be soothing and relaxing. 

At times, kneading will make the kitty go into a trans-like state. In the majority of cases, the cat will also start to purr to show contentment. 

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Why Does My Cat Make Biscuits on My Stomach?

It is usually the cat’s way of showing how it loves and trusts you. The little guy might also be trying to mark you as ‘its territory’ (cats have scent glands in their paws).

Why Doesn’t My Cat Make Biscuits?

Kneading is a strange-looking action, but it is usually associated with something positive. Only happy, relaxed cats will choose to make biscuits.

But the good news is that there really isn’t anything to worry about if your cat is not kneading at all. That might happen if:

The kitty had an unusual kittenhood

The cats that have been separated from their mother too early might not associate kneading with the right things.

Your pet doesn’t really like making biscuits

All kitties have their own preferences and dislikes. Your cat might choose to express itself in a different way.

The kitty hasn’t found the right spot

For the majority of cats, making biscuits is associated with a certain material. They might simply not have found the right ‘dough’ yet (you can try getting a soft fleece blanket, in such a case).

However, bear in mind that cats will also not knead if they feel a little nervous.

Declaw surgery and arthritis will make the kitty skip kneading as it would be uncomfortable or even a little painful for the cat to make biscuits.  

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What Does It Mean When a Female Cat Kneads?

Female cats have another extra reason for kneading. The ladies can stretch, purr, and make biscuits while lying on the side to tell the male cats that they are ready for mating.

This will usually happen to the females that haven’t been spayed.

What Does It Mean When a Male Cat Kneads You?

  • This is a leftover behavior from their kittenhood
  • The cat is relaxed and happy
  • The kitty is showing its appreciation and love
  • It’s the cat’s way of stretching its body
  • Your kitty is creating a comfy place to lay down
  • The cat is trying to mark its territory

Why Does My Cat Knead Me and Purr?

When the kitty is kneading and purring, it means that the little guy feels comfortable, safe, and happy.

If the fluffy ball is kneading on you, then all these emotions are also associated with you – and that’s, perhaps, the biggest compliment. 

Why Do Cats Knead and Suckle?

Kneading can be followed by suckling and that is completely normal.

This might be because of the cat’s kittenhood when the baby would gently make biscuits on the tummy of its mommy. That was done to help with the flow of milk.

Even as a grown-up, the cat might still have this association between kneading and milk and that’s exactly what will make the fluffy ball suckle.

Do Cats Knead When Stressed?

Kneading helps the kitty calm down and relax, and the little guy might choose to use this trick when it is feeling stressed.

Should I Let My Cat Knead Me?

If the kitty isn’t really bothering you by making biscuits, then let the little guy enjoy the process. Bear in mind that you should never punish the cat for kneading as it is a natural behavior.

If you want the kitty to stop kneading on you as it is causing you discomfort, then you can:

  • Gently pick the cat up and place it on a soft blanket
  • Distract the kitty with a toy or treat
  • Trim the cat’s nails, so that the cat is not able to hurt you while kneading
  • Use a special pheromone spray to encourage your little friend to knead on another surface

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Do Cats Knead When They Love You?

Cats will gently make biscuits on the people that they love. This is one of their ways of showing affection and trust.

Why Do Cats Knead Blankets Before Lying Down?

Kneading can become part of the cat’s bedtime routine as it is a soothing process that helps the kitty relax. The cat might also be making biscuits on the blankets to make them a bit more comfortable. 

Why Do Cats Scratch the Bed Before Lying Down?

In such a way, the cat is marking its territory. It’s the kitty’s way of saying ‘this is my bed and no one is allowed to take it away from me’.

Why Do Cats Go in a Circle Before They Lay Down?

In the wild, felines go in a circle before falling asleep to position themselves according to wind patterns – this would allow the cats to quickly pick up on the scent of another animal.

When the kitty spins, it has a chance to observe its surroundings. And even though there really isn’t anything to worry about, the cat feels safer that way.

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How Do You Tell If a Cat Trusts You?

  • The cat makes biscuits on you
  • The kitty shows you its tummy
  • Your pet rubs its face on you
  • The kitty grooms you and sleeps near you
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