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Why Does My Cat Want So Much Attention in the Morning?

It’s definitely flattering when your kitty decides to give you its priceless attention. But these tokens of appreciation can be annoying if you have just woken up.

The cat might want your attention in the morning because it’s hungry. Moreover, cats are naturally active during these hours, so that’s when they would need your affection; the kitties can also ask for attention simply because they know that the bed is where they usually get it.

Why Does My Cat Want So Much Attention in the Morning?

There are quite a few reasons why your cat might be more affectionate in the morning:

  • The kitty has been deprived of attention for 8 hours
  • The cat simply likes to cuddle in bed because it’s comfy and warm
  • The little guy is cold
  • Your pet might have gotten used to the fact that you give it a lot of cuddles in the morning and now it has become the kitty’s habit
  • The cat is simply in its most active phase
  • Your kitty wants to be fed

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Why Does My Cat Want Attention as Soon as I Wake Up?

The reason why your cat will be seeking attention as soon as you wake up is because the kitty understands that this is the exact time when it usually gets your undivided attention.

Cats are smart and they are also creatures of habit. They understand that if they are going to jump into your bed once you wake up, the chances are high that you’re going to give them attention before getting out of bed.

Why Is My Cat So Annoying in the Morning?

This might be because of the cat’s natural sleeping rhythm. Felines are crepuscular animals which means that they are most active in the evening and early in the morning.

Naturally, the pet would want more attention during the time when it’s wide awake. In the morning, kitties have a lot of energy and they are more than ready to play with you and show affection.

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Why Does My Cat Wake Me Up to Be Petted?

This might be happening simply because you have already petted the little guy in the morning many times before and now the cat has developed such a habit.

The kitty might also be asking for your attention because it hasn’t gotten any for 8 long hours while you were asleep.

Why Does My Cat Meow at 5am Every Morning?

Cats are especially active during the twilight period (this means, right after sunset and before sunrise). 

If you live in an area where the sun rises at around 5 a.m., then the chances are high that your cat is going to wake up during this time and start asking for your attention.

Why Does My Cat Cuddle with Me When I Wake Up?

The kitty might be happy to finally see you awake and the cuddling is its way of showing that. Moreover, the bed is still warm, so why not have a sweet cuddle session on the comfy sheets?

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Why Does My Cat Meow in My Face in the Morning?

During their nighttime activities, kitties can become quite hungry. So, if the fluffy ball is meowing in your face in the morning and demanding something, then the chances are high that it needs food and fresh water.

Why Does My Cat Meow at My Bedroom Door in the Morning?

If you have a senior cat, then the vocalizations might be a symptom of cognitive dysfunction. This condition can manifest in many ways, but becoming more vocal especially at night or early in the morning is a common symptom.

This is the exact time when your pet would need more attention and reassurance because the poor guy is stressed. The senior might have also forgotten what’s behind the door or it simply does not understand that it’s nighttime and you have gone to bed.

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How Can I Calm My Cat Down in the Morning?

  • Tire your cat out later in the evening by playing with it
  • Feed the kitty before going to sleep
  • Give the cat its food only once you’ve had your coffee and breakfast – this will help the kitty learn that it will get its meal after you have eaten, not once you get out of bed

How Do You Stop My Cat from Waking Me Up at 5am?

If your cat wakes you up because it is hungry, then you can give an automatic feeder a try

If the kitty simply needs more attention at 5 a.m., then you can leave different toys and food puzzles out around the house to keep the little guy entertained. 

Why Is My Cat So Clingy?

Your cat might not be getting enough mental and physical stimulation. Usually, providing the kitty with enough interactive toys and finding some time throughout the day to play with your furry friend should help.

However, cats can also be clingy, if: 

  • You’re pregnant 
  • It’s a newly rescued cat (it will need more reassurance than others)
  • It’s a cat suffering from separation anxiety

Bear in mind that dementia in senior cats and cerebellar dysplasia can also make cats clingy.

How Can You Tell If a Cat Has Imprinted on You?

The cat is imprinted on you if it is:

  • Following you
  • Sitting in your lap
  • Slowly blinking when looking at you
  • Kneading on you
  • Purring
  • Rubbing against you
  • Showing you its tummy

Can a Cat Be Too Attached to a Person?

Kitties can become too attached to their favorite person and that is not a good thing. The over-dependence can result in destructive behaviors (for example, always crying for attention, urinating and defecating in strange places, and frequent vomiting).

Such a scenario can be avoided if the kitten has not been taken away from its mother too early (before it has reached 8-10 weeks of age) and if the new cat mom or dad is able to set boundaries for the kitty’s behavior as soon as it arrives.

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Should You Let Your Cat Sleep with You?

If you’re not against sleeping with the kitty, then you can certainly allow it to sleep with you. This will give you both a sense of emotional and physical security

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Sleeps Next to You?

  • The kitty wants to bond
  • It’s marking its territory
  • The cat is seeking warmth
  • The kitty wants to feel secure

What Is the Most Loving Type of Cat?

There are certain breeds that are considered to be especially affectionate:

  • Scottish Fold
  • Ragdoll
  • Maine Coon
  • Sphynx
  • Siamese
  • Persian
  • Bombay
  • Birman
  • Burmese

How Do I Know My Cat Has Anxiety?

Asking for attention in the morning is usually a completely normal behavior of a healthy cat. However, if your kitty is too attention-seeking, then it might be suffering from stress, any kind of pain, or anxiety.

Other signs of anxiety include:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Aggression
  • Hiding
  • Excessive meowing
  • Restlessness

Do Cats Get Stressed When Left Alone?

If the cat has been left alone for the night (while you’re sleeping in your bed), it should not cause the kitty any stress.But if your pet has a cognitive disorder, then it might not like being left alone at all as such a kitty needs constant reassurance.

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