Bengal Kittens For Sale – What does a Bengal cost?

bengal kittens for sale

Bengal Kittens For Sale – What does a Bengal cost?

by Cheddar the Bengal cat!

Thinking about a Bengal Kitten or cat? Bengal kittens for sale have a wide range of prices and cost more than a Bengal Cat.  Although it varies from breeder to breeder, below we have listed an approximate cost for various types of Bengal Kittens for sale.

Pet Bengal Kittens: $1000 – $2000 Depending On Markings and Coloration.

Top Or Show Quality Breeders Bengal Kittens: $3,000 – $4,500.

Retired Breeders – Bengal Cats: $200-$500.

Flight fee if your breeder will ship the kitten to you: 425.00 and includes the carrier.

In addition, most breeders require a $500. NON-REFUNDABLE deposit be given, sometimes even before the kittens are born, to assure you obtain one or get pick of the litter.

The cost of pet quality Bengal kittens typically include the cost of their first set of shots and spaying or neutering. Check with your breeder to be clear about what is included in the price.   

Bengal kitten and cat prices are in line with other purebred dogs and cats, even though we are better and should cost way more than other purebred breeds!.  The most expensive Bengal cat sold for $50,000!
As a Bengal cat myself, I can assure you that we give every dime back to you in the form of LOVE! And we are worth every penny! Scroll down to see Bengal kittens in action!




8 thoughts on “Bengal Kittens For Sale – What does a Bengal cost?”

  1. OMG! I love your website. The cats are so, so adorable. You have a great knowledge about Bengal Cats. You have done an amazing job with your website. Your content is awesome. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for breaking down the costs for purchasing a Bengal kitten. I watched the video. The six week old kittens are so cute. I notice they are seem to be different in their markings. One in particular seems to have deeper colorization in her markings, while others did not seem to have as deeply colored markings. Is there any difference in a kitten with more deep colored markings as opposed to another with less?

    • Thanks for the question! Like soap opera stars typically the more dramatic, the more they cost! The markings definitely determine the price as well as the shape of the spots or rosettes, whether the kitten has a “whited tummy,” And whether the kitten has more than two colors in their markings. Three are most desirable:) Interestingly, the darker the markings on a marble Bengal does not necessarily denote a better pattern. Silver marble Bengals are more desirable if they are embossed or 3D. For a silver Bengal, having a light color in the middle of the dark, so that the marble is outlined, it most desirable.

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  4. Hi,
    Interesting to see how much people are willing to pay for animals based on their looks. I had no idea about the deposit but it sounds understandable as no one wants the kittens to be left homeless. Anyhow, 50000 dollars is an unbelievable figure.
    Thanks for the quick read.

    • yes. although the average cost is approx 1800 for pet quality to 3200. Bengals have purrrrsonality plus, so even though people like their looks, they have amazing personalities as well.

  5. I see that the average cost you quoted is far above the price I paid for my new kitten Felix. I adopted Felix for only $700.00. He came from a small town outside of Dayton, Ohio. His breeder seems to be a lovely lady I met, and provided me all the necessary documentation and TICA registration. He is a beautiful brown spotted little boy, and I don’t care if he is not “show” quality. However, should I be worried that I have been deceived? He is not going back, but I would like to know just the same. Thank you for your site and answer when you have time. – Brad

    • You have not been deceived. Possibly your breeder just prices differently. Perhaps they have a lot of kittens right now and have priced them to find homes fast. Or maybe she likes you so much that she gave you a discount! I have two Bengals right now and am looking for a Bengal kitten. I do want a show quality, so I will be paying a pretty penny. I have a silver marble girl and a silver, sepia seal point, rosetted. Since she is a very rare color, she cost a lot. I have never had a sweeter Bengal though. She has really large ears which are considered a huge flaw in Bengals who have small to average, rounded ears. It’s funny what a breeder will consider a flaw that you and I consider cute! So sometimes breeders will prie for something they perceive as a flaw that you and I don’t even notice.

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