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As a Bengal cat, I am often asked, “Do you shed your luxurious pelt?”  The short answer is yes.  Anything or anyone with fur or hair will shed, including you!  But there’s much more to tell about my fun fur.  Bengal cats have a short, silky fur that is similar to the pelt of our ancestors, the Asian Leopard Cat. So while we look like a cat we feel like a rabbit.


While we do shed, we shed a lot less than your average tabby cat.  My mom swears we don’t shed because it’s so little, hardly noticeable at all.  Gone are the days when she had to use lint rollers on her clothes everyday before work to remove cat fur from her business suit.  When she picks me up to snuggle, I don’t leave a trace of fur on her clothes.


If you brush your bengal with a soft brush once a week so you may never see a single strand of loose fur in your house at all.


If a cat sits on a chair for a week, the chair might be covered with fur and need to be cleaned.  If a Bengal cat sits on the same chair for a year there might be a few stray hairs. So while we do shed it is so minimal that we are a good choice for those who are allergic to cat fur.


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