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Is It Cruel to Keep a Bengal Cat Indoors?

Back in the 1900s, breeders crossed Asian leopard cats with domestic felines – that’s how the Bengals cat breed emerged. Taking into consideration the cat’s wild ancestors and exotic looks, you might think that keeping such a beautiful creature indoors would be cruel.

Even though Bengal cats are free-spirited, adventurous, and active, they can happily live indoors, if you are ready to invest the time and effort in keeping them entertained. The great outdoors also possesses a lot of physical health risks for cats, so keeping them inside is considered safer.

Is It Cruel to Keep a Bengal Cat Indoors?

Bengals are, in general, active creatures that will easily get bored. Letting them roam freely can make their life more entertaining, but a lot of homeowners choose to never let their kitties go outside.

Bengal cats are a lot more adventurous and confident than other breeds. That’s why your cat might end up wandering too far away from the house – and there are just too many things that can go wrong.

The cat can get hit by a car, attacked by another animal, or even a human, and your Bengal might end up causing a lot of trouble to the neighbors. So, you might want to keep your beautiful cat indoors to protect him from all these things.

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Do Bengal Cats Get Depressed?

Bengal cats can become depressed because of a chemical imbalance, an illness, or a change in their lifestyle. The kitties can also develop depression if their favorite human passes away.

The main signs of depression in Bengals include:

  • Sleeping more than usually
  • Attitude changes
  • Less interest in water and food
  • Spraying and using the litter box less

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How Long Do Bengal Cats Live Indoors?

Indoor cats end up living for longer than the kitties that are allowed to go outdoors. With proper care, you can expect the gorgeous cat to live for 12-16 years.

Should You Let Bengals Outside?

Your Bengal cat would definitely enjoy being outside. These animals need a lot of exercise and stimulation on a day-to-day basis, and the great outdoors will provide them with a lot of opportunities to climb, dig, play, and so on.

Another huge benefit of letting your cat explore the outside is the fact that the creature will get to familiarize itself with the area. In such a case, if the Bengal ever gets lost, he will, most likely, be able to find his way back home again.

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Will My Bengal Cat Run Away?

Bengals are more adventurous, curious, and courageous than other breeds. This means that they might wander much farther than other cats.

It is extremely rare for cats that are treated well to want to ‘run away’, but a Bengal can certainly get lost, especially, if he is not familiar with the area.

Why Can’t Bengal Cats Go Outside?

  • Bengals are more likely to be stolen as they are beautiful and rare cats
  • All cats can be hit by a car
  • Your Bengal can get lost, if he wanders too far from the house or if he gets scared by something
  • Bengals can get into fights with cats, dogs, or other animals
  • Your gorgeous cat is a superb hunter, that might become a problem if you let him roam free as the predator can end up hurting living creatures
  • The cat can cause damage to your neighbor’s property
  • Pets can pick up a virus outside (such as FIV, feline leukemia, and feline infectious peritonitis)

What Breed of Cat Is Best for Indoor?

All cats can adapt to indoor life. However, there are some breeds that can do particularly well inside.

Those include the Scottish Fold, the Siamese cat, the Burmese, the Devon Rex, the Russian Blue, the Ragdoll, and some others.

Are Indoor Cats Happy?

Your cat will be more than happy, if you manage to take great care of him and if you are able to spare some time to play with him.

Indoor cats live in a stress-free environment, and as long as you provide the creature with enough stimulation and room to climb and roam, he will be happy. 

Can I Keep My Cat Indoors Only?

If you are willing to put in the effort to provide for the cat’s behavioral and environmental needs, then the chances are high that your pet is going to love living indoors all the time. 

Is It Better for a Cat to Be Indoor or Outdoor?

Staying indoors is, in general, considered to be a lot healthier for your pet as there are fewer physical welfare risks.

However, the emotional well-being of a cat is extremely important as well. And if the owner is not willing to make the life of his pet more exciting and fun, then giving the animal a few hours to roam around might be a good idea.

Are Bengal Cats Good House Pets?

If raised properly, Bengals will be social, loyal, trainable, affectionate, and communicative. They are also considered to be one of the most intelligent cat breeds. 

With that being said, Bengal cats have a few traits that some people might consider to be ‘cons’. For example, they can be noisy, they require a lot of attention, and they are not exactly lap cats.

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Are Bengal Cats Good for First Time Owners?

Bengals will make a good pet only for those first-time owners who have the necessary time and dedication to take such an active and attention-seeking cat on board.

Is It Better to Have a Male or Female Bengal Cat?

Both females and males share the same traits, so which one you’re going to choose fully depends on your personal preferences. However, some breeders have noticed that male Bengals are a bit more affectionate than females

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Bengal Cat?

  • Bengals need regular exercise and mental stimulation
  • These cats are great hunters and are territorial, so they might not be a good fit for the households with a small animal
  • Bengal cats are large cats that require plenty of space as they love to explore
  • Bengals are expensive cats and feeding them won’t be cheap as well
  • The pet can’t be left alone for too long

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Are Bengal Cats Noisy?

Bengals are vocal cats and they can start singing for you when they’re hungry or need to use their litter boxes.

Why Is My Bengal Cat Peeing Everywhere?

  1. Medical issues (UTI, kidney problems, cystitis, feline diabetes, urinary incontinence, pain)
  2. Issues with the litter box (it’s dirty, the inside is too cramped, it’s located in a crowded area…)
  3. Stress (a new hone, a new animal in the house, separation anxiety)

Are Bengal Cats Mean?

Bengals can be territorial and this might come across as aggression. But if trained from a young age, Bengal cats will be no more aggressive than any other breed.

Do Bengal Cats Calm Down with Age?

Bengals are going to naturally lose some of their energy as they age. The first year of their life is, in the majority of cases, the most active one.

Bengal cats generally have a higher energy level than other cats, but they can be taught to stay calm while they’re still kittens.

How Long Do Bengal Cats Sleep?

How long a cat is going to sleep will fully depend on his personality. On average, you can expect your Bengal to slumber for 12-14 hours per day.

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