Why Does My Bengal Cat Meow So Much?

All cats meow—it’s our way of communicating.

It’s just that most cats don’t seem to have the need to meow about everything, unlike us Bengal cats, and I’m sure Bengal cat owners have noticed that, too.

We Bengals are known to be one of the most talkative cat breeds and even have a wide range of vocal sounds to match. We use different pitches that range from really soft and gentle meows to very loud and noisy ones. It all depends on what we’re trying to say.

As a Bengal cat owner, it’s important that you know how to interpret what your cat Bengal is trying to say since they’ll always be counting on you to provide what they need.

A Few Potential Reasons Why Your Bengal Cat Meows So Much

Here are a few possible reasons why your Bengal cat may be meowing more than expected:

We’re Feeling Friendly

We Bengal cats are very friendly and love all kinds of social interaction. We’re really good at making friends and get along extremely well with humans and other animals. That’s why if you’re living with a Bengal cat, it’s only natural for them to want to communicate with you.

It’s not a good idea to ignore your Bengal when they’re trying to get your attention. Trust me, the meows will just get louder. Try to look at their body language as they meow and you’ll be able to figure out what they want.

If your Bengal walks up to you and starts meowing while rubbing their body on your leg, chances are, they’re feeling extra friendly and want to spend some quality time with you.

We Want in on the Action

We Bengals are very intelligent, usually more so than other house cats, which is why we’re always eager to communicate and learn. We often follow our humans around the house because we want to be involved in whatever they’re doing.

If a Bengal feels like they’re being left out, they may start meowing to remind you not to forget about them. This may happen if you go into another room and lock them in another. We Bengals HATE closed doors more than most other cats, we’re social animals and want to be with you!

It’s best to just let them follow you around since most Bengals love being in the same room as their human. But, if you’re the kind of person who’s always busy and simply can’t have that, then maybe you should consider getting them a playmate.

It’s Time to Scoop

We Bengals are very particular about the cleanliness of our litter box—most cats are. But, Bengals will not hesitate to (loudly) inform you that it’s time to clean it out. Some Bengals can even be so particular about keeping their litter box squeaky clean that you might find yourself cleaning it out several times in a day.

If your Bengal is a big fan of a spotless litter box then it’s best to keep it that way, or else they might go off and find a cleaner spot in your home to do their “business”.

We’re Hungry

Bengal cats love food and will meow like crazy if you forget that it’s mealtime. A hungry Bengal is a very noisy Bengal. I wake my Mom up every morning for breakfast time by trying to drag off her covers and screaming at the top of my Bengal lungs, it’s usually pretty effective!

We may even go as far as remember where you keep their food and figure out how to access it on their own. Like many cats, Bengals are very food motivated.

Since Bengal cats can be extremely territorial by nature, in fair warning, their meowing can and will increase if they feel that territory is being threatened. This is especially true if you allow another animal to invade their space. It’s always a good idea for you to provide your cat with one specific hideout that is for them and only them just in case other animals come to visit.

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We’re Bored

My mom always says that a bored Bengal is a bad one – and she’s right. We are a very energetic breed and as a Bengal cat owner, you should always make sure your Bengal has plenty of interactive toys to play with.

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It’s also important that you take time out of your day to play with them, preferably before you feed them.

Have a regular playtime schedule and stick to it, or else your Bengal cat will continue to take it upon themselves to remind you.

We See Birds / Animals

It’s very common for us Bengals to meow and make chirping sounds when we see birds and other small creatures we’d like to hunt. It triggers the predatory instincts we’ve inherited from our ancestors. Because of this, it’s best to keep us Bengals indoors.

We’re Sick

Most of the time, we Bengals are meowing to communicate our feeling, needs and wants. But sometimes we also meow to ask for help.

If your Bengal is constantly meowing loudly and exhibiting changes in behavior like being less active or refusing to eat food or drink water, your Bengal might be sick. When this happens, you should get them checked at the vet right away.

To properly care for your Bengal cat, you should be able to give them what they need. And to do that, you should always know what they’re asking from you. Bengals are always willing to communicate, but you should also be willing to listen. Communication is, after all, the key to forming a good relationship.