3 Ways How to Calm a Bengal Cat?

The energetic behavior of a Bengal cat can start bothering everyone in the house after a while. Is there a way to calm the kitty down when you need some quiet?

Ensure that the Bengal is able to get rid of its excess energy – buy plenty of toys, get a cat tree, and consider adopting a playmate. In case you need to calm the cat before a vet appointment or a car ride, you can use feline pheromones or natural herbs. 

How to Calm a Bengal Cat?

Bengals are extremely active and playing and running around the house is normal behavior for them. They can also be very demanding of your attention.

You can’t really influence the kitty’s energy levels, but there are a few ways that will help you have a well-deserved rest.

  • Get a few toys that don’t require you to do anything – some Bengals can spend hours playing with water fountains or battery-operating mice, for example
  • Consider a playmate – the two cats will be able to keep each other busy for the whole day

Once the Bengal cat is able to release this excess energy, it will become a lot calmer.

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How Do You Tame a Bengal Cat?

To prevent the Bengal from turning into a disastrous type, you should start the training as soon as possible. You don’t really have to ‘tame’ the kitty, you should simply help it figure out what’s right and what’s wrong.

  • If the kitten starts getting destructive or doing something that you don’t like, say ‘no’ in a firm voice. Very soon the cat will start associating the ‘no’ with inappropriate behavior.
  • Don’t let the kitty play bite you as it might start thinking that biting is okay.
  • If you don’t like your cat’s behavior, walk away. The absence of attention from their human friends is one of the worst things that can happen to a Bengal.

How Do You Settle a Bengal Kitten?

  1. Before bringing the little guy home, make sure to cat-proof the space.
  2. Ideally, you would want to use the same food and litter that the breeder used (at least at the beginning).
  3. You might want to isolate the kitten in a quiet room so that it doesn’t get too overwhelmed.
  4. Let the Bengal come to you and respect the little guy’s space.

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How Do You Calm Down a Hyper Cat?

If you know that your cat is playing a lot and doing all sorts of activities, but never seems to get tired or calm down, then you might want to give a calming pheromone a try.

Up to 90% of cats will have a response to pheromones. They are usually used when the kitty is being too aggressive or is experiencing stress; however, a calming diffuser can also help a hyper cat become more relaxed.

Can Bengal Cats Eat Catnip?

Catnip is safe for cats, but it doesn’t have an effect on every single kitty (up to a third of cats might not feel any difference at all).

The reaction, in general, lasts for 5-15 minutes. Some kitties might start attacking invisible prey, while others would roll, paw, and lick.

A cat that had eaten catnip might drool and then start feeling sleepy.

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How Can I Naturally Sedate My Cat?

Make sure to consult your veterinarian before trying out any of the solutions mentioned below.

With natural herbs

Catnip and valerian root are both popular for being cat sedatives. Silvervine has been used for these purposes in Asia; honeysuckle might be worth trying out if your kitty doesn’t react to catnip.

With feline pheromones

Nowadays, you can find special calming diffusers on the market made especially for our feline friends. Some formulations mimic the facial pheromones of a mother cat that naturally calm the kittens down.

With calming drops

Rescue Remedy is a product that consists of 5 flower essences. You can add a few drops to the cat’s water or food to help the little guy become calmer.

With a body wrap

Body wraps work by applying pressure to the kitty’s torso. Before using the thing, you would have to get the cat used to the wrap (you can place it on the back without fastening, for example).

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How Long Do Cat Zoomies Last?

When a cat gets zoomies, it means that it needs to burn off its excess energy. During these 5 minutes, the kitty will be running around like crazy, but should then calm down.

We, humans, should not stop zoomies or try to calm the Bengal down while it’s in such a state as it’s normal behavior for cats. 

Can You Give Cats Benadryl to Calm Them Down?

Benadryl is safe for cats, but you shouldn’t give it to your Bengal unless the veterinarian had prescribed the medication.

Also, do bear in mind that a cat is going to need a considerably smaller dosage than humans (around 1 mg for each pound of weight).

At What Age Do Bengals Settle Down?

Cats of different breeds tend to become a lot calmer once they reach adulthood, but that’s not exactly the case with Bengals. Yes, the beautiful kitty might start to mellow out a bit once it reaches 1 year of age, but a Bengal would still remain a hyper cat.

Do Cats Go Through a Rebellious Phase?

When cats are teenagers, they can go through a rebellious phase

The rebellion might express an internal conflict that the kitties experience between subordination and dominance. Plus, during this time, the boys and girls become sexually mature and this causes their behavior to drastically change. 

Does Neutering a Bengal Cat Calm Them Down?

To an extent, spaying or neutering the Bengal will help calm it down. The kitty will no longer experience the urge to seek a mate which makes the cat a lot more psychologically stable.

How Do You Punish a Bengal Cat?

You should never shout at your cat, lock it away, use a spray bottle, or physically assault it in any way.

How to Discipline a Bengal Cat?

  • Train the cat to listen to your commands
  • Use particular sounds that the kitty would learn to associate with good and bad behavior
  • Use a stop word; for example, say ‘no’ in a firm voice (use that same voice tome every time)
  • Be consistent and correct the cat in the act (not after)

Why Are Bengals So Noisy?

Bengals like to communicate what they are feeling and they’re, overall, very chatty cats.

How Do I Get My Bengal to Stop Meowing at Night?

Give the Bengal plenty of affection and playtime before bed and simply ignore your cat during the night. This might seem challenging, but soon the kitty will realize that meowing at night won’t get it what it wants.

Why Is My Bengal Cat So Aggressive?

If your Bengal has not been spayed or neutered, it will be more aggressive and territorial. 

Some Bengals might also be exhibiting play aggression simply because they are high in energy. In such a case, you would have to train the Bengal to be more gentle.

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Which Cat Breed Is the Calmest?

The following breeds are, in general, extremely chill, gentle, and a bit lazy:

  • Maine Coon
  • British Shorthair
  • Ragdoll
  • Birman
  • Persian