Why You Need To Adopt A Retired Bengal Cat Queen

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People love kittens, there’s no denying it. Wait lists for Bengal kittens can be 10+ people long with wait times of longer than a year! Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for retired Queens, Bengal mommies who are done having kittens, who make incredible cat-panions. I, myself, am a retired Queen, and so I am uniquely qualified to tell you exactly why you need a retired Bengal Queen in your life!

1. We Are More Loving

Bengal Queens don’t usually trust easily, it can take months before she gets used to the hustle and bustle of normal family living, but once she does, she is the most loving and loyal cat you will ever meet! Most Bengals are too busy to take a cat nap on your lap in the middle of the day, but a retired Queen will love the idea of a mid-day cuddle! We have a lot of energy, just like a normal Bengal, but we are also a big quality time fan, and love doing every activity with you, like if you are working on your lap top, then we may sit in a chair next to you and relax while you work.

2. We Are Grateful

Being a retired Queen is hard work, getting pregnant, giving birth, and raising kittens can be just as harrowing for us as it is for human mothers, so when we are adopted by our forever humans, we are usually incredibly grateful! This gratefulness leads us to be loving and forgiving companions, while we may struggle and scream on a trip to the vet or when we get our claws clipped, we tend to forgive relatively quickly compared to other cats. For example, when my Mommies go on vacation, I am relieved that they are home and only stay mad that they left for about a day, compared to other cats who are furious for up to two weeks! As Well, after Mommy gives us wet food in the morning, I make sure to come back and chirp out a thank you.

3. We Are Hilarious

If you adopt your retired Queen from a breeder, then chances are she hasn’t seen much of what a normal cat life is like, which can lead to some pretty funny situations. Bengals are naturally curious, which doesn’t die down with age! Anytime the humans are up and about doing a new project, working on home work or their job, or even just sitting and chatting, we have never really seen anything like it before, everything you do fascinates us! This can lead to some pretty funny situations while your cat learns to function normally, like being unsure of how a rocking chair works, or what a Roomba is, or even simply trying to understand why you take showers!

4. We Are Less Work

While normal Bengals are hopping on top of door frames or trying to figure out how to dismantle the printer (Squidley’s favorite pass time while Mommy is working), we are perfectly happy just to take a nap in your vicinity with the occasional pat on the head. Bengals are a social breed, and while kittens may be busy exploring and causing mischief to get your attention, retired Queens are usually understand that being near you is all of the attention that they need.

For an older human, we make great companions because they don’t have to spend so much energy making ure that we are entertained, there are a few fundamental things we need (Check this article for what those are), but we have slowed down a little bit since our youth.

5. There Are More Of Us Available

At the beginning of this list I mentioned the wait time for a Bengal kitten, and that isn’t an exaggeration! With a retired Breeder there are numerous benefits, we tend to cost less, but are just as beautiful as any other Bengal Cat and there are more of us that need homes! We share all of the same attributes as other Bengals,but in terms of cost and time, we have a big advantage! We make great companions for all ages, and almost every breeder has a retired Queen that they would love to give to a forever home. As an added bonus, some Queens also have accolades from cat shows their breeders could have entered them in, which is always fun!





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