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How Long Should I Play with My Bengal Cat?

Bengals are known for being quite demanding of your attention. But how much playtime do they actually need?

Ideally, you should have one-on-one play sessions with your Bengal cat 2-3 times per day for 10-15 minutes (or until the kitty gets exhausted). During the rest of the day, the cat should have access to plenty of toys, as well as a scratching post and a cat tree. 

How Long Should I Play with My Bengal Cat?

To keep your Bengal healthy and happy, you should try to play with the beautiful kitty for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a day.

That does not mean, however, that the Bengal would be lying on the couch for the rest of the day. Besides one-on-one sessions with you, your cat should also have plenty of toys that it can play with on its own. 

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How Do I Exercise My Bengal Cat?

  • A cat wheel – Bengals are highly energetic and they are one of the cat breeds that might adore using a cat wheel
  • Cat tree – climbing is an excellent exercise for your Bengal
  • Scratching post – you can go for a tall scratching post with perches at the top so that the kitty can not only scratch the installation but also climb it
  • Walks – walking a Bengal on a leash can become an amazing mental and physical stimulus for your kitty
  • Water games – these cats adore water; they love interacting with drinking fountains and playing in inflatable kiddie’s pool
  • Companion – one of the best ways to make sure that your kitty is letting out enough energy every single day is by adopting a playmate

How to Play with Bengal Cat?

The easiest way to play with a Bengal is by getting a wand toy. A lot of them come with feathers that are going to trigger the kitty’s hunting instinct. 

Swoosh the wand around and let your kitty chase the ‘prey’. Do let the cat catch the wand a few times.

How to Keep a Bengal Cat Entertained?

To keep your Bengal entertained, you would have to make quite a few changes to your house’s interior and spend 1 or 2 hours per day playing with the cat.

Training is also a form of entertainment for such smart cats as Bengals. If you have some spare time, you can teach your kitty to do some simple tricks.

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Best Toys for Bengal Cats

  • Wand toys seem to be the favorite of the majority of Bengals
  • Some toys come filled with catnip and the kitty might love playing with them because of the smell
  • Electric toys are also quite popular as those don’t require you to do anything – the battery-operated devices will make lifelike movements only when the kitty touches them
  • There are Bengals that enjoy playing with a rug with holes – the cat can use it to take a nap, play hide-and-seek, or practice its hunting skills

How to Prepare for a Bengal Kitten?

There are quite a few things that you would have to get while you’re preparing for the arrival of your beautiful Bengal kitten:

  • Carrier
  • Litter box
  • Scratching post
  • Litter
  • Bowls
  • Brush
  • Toys (kittens usually like wand toys, bouncy toys, hide-and-seek toys, and chew toys for the period when they will be teething)

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Do Bengal Cats Get Bored?

Unfortunately, Bengals tend to get bored more easily than other domestic kitties. This is a high-energy breed and the cats like to be active practically all the time when they’re not sleeping.

If you fail to provide the Bengal with enough mental and physical stimuli, then the cat can start exhibiting unwanted behaviors and might even develop a few health issues linked to boredom (depression, for example).

How Much Attention Does a Bengal Cat Need?

We have already mentioned one-on-one play sessions with your kitty that are going to require about an hour or two on a daily basis.

The other attention needs include:

  • Preparing well-balanced meals for the kitty at least twice per day
  • Checking the Bengal once a week for weight gain
  • Sometimes allowing the kitty to drink water from the faucet (if it’s potable) or switching on a water fountain
  • Taking the cat for regular check-ups at least twice per year
  • Rotating the kitty’s toys weekly

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How Long Can You Leave Bengal Cats Alone?

You should not leave your Bengal alone for over a day. These cats typically do quite well if left without supervision for 8-10 hours (a workday), but can start to suffer in case left alone for longer.

If you’re planning on working long hours or if you like to travel, then a Bengal might not be the right cat for you. 

How Do I Know If My Bengal Cat Is Happy?

A happy Bengal wants to play practically all the time. If there is something wrong with your kitty (it’s depressed, stressed, or experiencing pain), then the cat wouldn’t care about its regular play sessions.

A few other signs of a happy cat include:

  • Greeting you when you return home
  • Following you around
  • Talking to you
  • Being curious about its surroundings
  • A healthy appetite and a beautiful coat

How Do I Bond with Bengal?

One of the best ways to bond with your Bengal is through play sessions. These kitties are play-oriented and they are going to fall in love with the person who manages to keep them entertained. 

At the same time, you should respect the cat’s personal space. There might be a time when the Bengal is simply not in the mood for playing and that’s when you should leave it alone instead of forcing the beautiful creature to chase a toy.

What Do Bengal Cats Love?

Bengals love playing and being entertained. But it might come as a surprise to some that these cats actually love to play with water and they are quite good at playing fetch.

Should You Let Bengals Out?

It might seem tempting to simply let your Bengal out for a few minutes if you don’t have enough time during the day to play with it. After all, there are plenty of entertainment options outside, right?

But the truth is that the only time when you can let a cat outside is when it’s on a leash. Otherwise, the outdoors is simply way too dangerous. 

Are Bengal Cats Easy to Train?

It is safe to say that Bengals are easier to train than a lot of other cat breeds. They are extremely intelligent kitties, and if you have enough time and patience, you’ll be able to teach your cat a few cool tricks or to use the toilet, for example.

Can Bengal Cats Talk?

Bengals are known to be very talkative. However, excessive meowing might be a sign of boredom.

So, if your kitty has become way too communicative, then it looks like your play sessions are a bit too short.

Why Are Bengals So Active?

Some say that Bengals are energetic because they descend from the Asian Leopard cat, while others link their hyperactivity to a high IQ level

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Why Does My Bengal Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Your cat might be following you, in case it wants something from you. The kitty might be hungry or willing to play.

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