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Is a Bengal Cat Good for First-Time Cat Owners?

Bengals are gorgeous-looking cats and, of course, a lot of people would want to adopt such a beautiful pet, including those who have never had a kitty before.

A Bengal cat is not the best pet for a first-time owner as these kitties are active, vocal, and extremely demanding of your attention. However, it can become an incredible pet for anyone who’s willing to spend a few hours per day playing with the cat and training it.

Is a Bengal Cat Good for First-Time Cat Owners?

Bengals can be a good choice for first-time owners, but only for the people who are willing to spend their time keeping the cat entertained.

You shouldn’t get a Bengal simply for the exotic looks. These cats have distinct personalities and they do require plenty of attention.

If you are not ready to invest your time in training the kitty, it might become destructive and will certainly not be happy. The good news is that if you manage to form a strong bond with a Bengal, you will acquire a new family member that is very affectionate, loyal, smart, and beautiful.

Is It Hard to Have a Bengal Cat?

Bengals are considered to be relatively high-maintenance cats. You wouldn’t have to brush the kitty every single day or give it special food, but they do tend to be demanding.

So, the hardest part about owning a Bengal is being able to devote enough time to keep the little guy physically and mentally stimulated.

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Is It Better to Have a Male or Female Bengal Cat?

There is no gender that is better or worse, however, male Bengals do tend to be a bit more affectionate.

With that being said, the main thing that you have to pay attention to when choosing a cat is the personality.

Do Female Bengal Cats Spray?

Spraying is a behavior that is especially common in unneutered males, but females are also capable of marking their territory.

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What Should I Know Before Buying a Bengal Cat?

  • Bengals are demanding pets that need plenty of attention and playtime
  • If this cat doesn’t have an opportunity to let its energy out, it can become depressed or destructive
  • You might have to change your house’s interior in order to keep the Bengal safe and entertained
  • These kitties are extremely vocal
  • There are certain health conditions that Bengals are more predisposed to (cataracts, patellar luxation, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and some others)
  • The chances are high that your Bengal won’t be a lap cat
  • This breed is highly intelligent which means that the kitties might be able to figure out how to get in cabinets, for example

What Size Is a Fully Grown Bengal Cat?

The size of a Bengal is certainly something that you would have to take into consideration before adopting the beauty. These kitties are not giants, but they’re still quite large in size – an adult Bengal can weigh up to 15+ pounds and be 13-16 inches in height.

What Is the Personality of a Bengal Cat?

Bengals are social, affectionate, and loyal, especially the kitties that have been trained from an early age. However, Bengal cats are also bold and tend to get into trouble as the majority of them are hyperactive.

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Bengal?

You shouldn’t get a Bengal if:

  • You are never home
  • You are a constant traveler
  • You are not willing to make your place Bengal-friendly (buy toys and install scratching posts and cat trees)
  • You have small animals (like rodents or fish) that can get killed by the Bengal
  • You want a quiet life

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Do Bengal Cats Do Well Alone?

One of the main reasons why a Bengal might not be the best breed for a first-time owner is the fact that these cats don’t do well alone. So, you wouldn’t really be able to leave your house for too long.

If left alone for more than a typical workday for an extended period of time, the kitty can become depressed and it might start to misbehave (for example, pee outside the litterbox).

When leaving for a holiday, ideally, you would want to find someone who could live in your place and take care of the cat’s needs. 

At What Age Do Bengal Kittens Calm Down?

Usually, kittens are hyperactive as it’s their way of exploring the world. However, you can, in general, expect the little guy to calm down as soon as it becomes more mature.

However, that is not exactly what will happen with a Bengal. These kitties can become slightly calmer once their around a year old, but Bengals will still be incredibly energetic. 

Do Bengal Cats Need a Lot of Space?

It would, of course, be a lot easier for the cat to let its excess energy out in a large apartment. But tiny apartments can also be turned into a Bengal heaven if you’re willing to dedicate a few spaces for the cat’s needs.

Are Bengal Cats Chatty?

Bengals are vocal and they love to communicate their feelings. This might seem like a cute trait until the cat starts chatting when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Bengals can be extremely loud and if you’re a fan of a quiet life, then a Bengal is not for you.

Do Bengal Cats Scratch Furniture?

The chances are high that you would have to protect the furniture from your Bengal. Unfortunately, getting a scratching post doesn’t always solve the issue, so you might have to stick double-sided tape on your couch.

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Do Bengal Cats Pee Everywhere?

Bengals are, in general, more likely to have litter box issues than other breeds. That’s because they get bored more easily, they are particularly fussy about the type of litter that they like, and they are more prone to feeling lonely (which usually results in unwanted behavior, including peeing outside the litter box).

Do Bengal Cats Get Stolen?

Bengals are among the top breeds that get stolen most often. That is due to their exotic coat and price.

How Do You Discipline a Bengal Cat?

Experts recommend using a yes/no environment to correct your kitty’s behavior

The ‘no’ places should be made uncomfortable for the cat. For example, you can use sticky tape on furniture and the smell of citrus in cabinets. 

Why Do Bengals Bite?

Cats can bite because of:

Can Bengal Cats Be Mean?

Bengals are actually very friendly and loving, but they can be mean and practically destructive if they haven’t been spayed or neutered

Can Bengal Cats Hurt You?

Even though a Bengal cat has a wild ancestor, it is not dangerous. That does not mean, however, that the kitty can’t hurt you.

If the cat will ever feel threatened, it might bite or scratch you. Moreover, some kitties can play rough, so be careful when your Bengal is playing in ‘hunting mode’. 

Are Bengal Cats Jealous?

Bengals don’t like to feel left out. If they see that another person or pet is getting more attention, then they might become upset. 

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What Do You Need for a Bengal Kitten?

  1. Cat bed
  2. Litter tray
  3. Food and water bowls
  4. Cat tree and scratching poll
  5. Lots of toys
  6. Carrier
  7. Brush
  8. Harness and leash (if you’re planning on training your Bengal to walk on a leash)
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