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  1. We just adopted a male and female bengal. The male is adjusting to us and our surroundings okay. The female is not adjusting well. She cries a lot and very loudly. We try playing with her and make sure she has food and fresh water. She seems distracted and inconsolable. We thought having the sibling would make her more comfortable. But she cries off and on all day… and paces. Any advice on how to console her? We have a vet check tomorrow. We are using feelaway.

    1. Anthony G Hartley

      Lots of time ans space is what is needed for some to acclimate to new surroundings. We adopted a Bengal a few months back, Actually 9 months ago, and she is just now starting to “warm” up to us! She is a sweet cat, but who knows what she went through, before we got her! Sometimes it take a while, keep at it , rewards will be awesome!

  2. Hello,

    I’m desperately looking for an advice for my two Bengals. Bengals are not “simple cats”, and for the moment not single one behaviourist was able to help me. I have a 10-months-old female and male from the same breeder, they have the same father. Two kittens grown up together, but now the male became very agressif with the female and literally tries to kick her out of the territory (they are both sterilised). I’m living in a 100m2 house with a small yard, they don’t go outside freely but I’m thinking to make a secured cattery for them. They have everything in triplicate, but progressively the male starts to fallow the female everywhere and deny an access to resources. His favorite sadistic game is chase her all day long, she is literally covered with bites. Do I have any chance to improve the situation? It’s a really heartbreaking situation, I love my cats and I tried absolutely everything to keep them happy. Thank you so much in advance! 

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