Why Do Bengal Cats Knead? (2020)

Photo of @zoeythetwistycat on Instagram We cats can be a little more difficult to read than dogs, especially for first-time cat owners. There are plenty of things we do that humans find confusing and hard to interpret. Kneading, for example, is something you’ve probably seen your Bengal do several times. It’s also known as “making …

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Why Does My Bengal Cat Meow So Much?

bengal cat meowing

All cats meow – it’s their way of communicating. As a Bengal cat owner, you should know how to interpret what your feline friend is trying to say since they’ll always be counting on you to provide what they need. In a summary, here’s a few potential reasons why your Bengal cat meows so much: …

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How To Get Your Bengal Cat To Stop Chewing Cords

It’s no secret how social and affectionate we Bengals are with our humans. In some instances, though, certain factors may cause us to bite. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re bad cats, it’s just that some actions or situations may trigger us to use our teeth. When we Bengals bite, it’s not because we want to …

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Are Bengal Cats Good With Any Dog?

Contrary to the belief that cats prefer to live on their own, Bengals are very social felines and actually enjoy having companions. Being alone will lead them to become destructive or depressed, so you seriously need to consider getting another furry family member, and what better option than dogs! Yes, Bengal cats and dogs get …

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11 Reasons Your Bengal Cat Is Peeing Outside The Litter Box

bengal cat in house

If your Bengal is peeing everywhere but inside their litter box, then they’re definitely trying to tell you something. Bengal cats – and all cats in general – are very particular about cleanliness, so if they do anything to compromise that, it’s very likely that something is wrong. Why is my Bengal cat peeing everywhere? …

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Top tips To Help You And Your Bengal Bond

Generally speaking, we Bengals are a very social cat breed and often enjoy being involved in various social interactions. We actually like being the center of attention and tend to greet everyone at the door. But, we do have our limits, especially when it comes to being held or picked up. Most of us Bengals …

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? 7 Reasons Why Cats Love To Drink From Faucets

Photo by @bellatrix_bengal on Instagram Ahh, faucets—the magical, water-producing thingamabobs. Cat owners are well aware of how much we cats enjoy running water from those things. If you own a cat, you’ve probably seen them run up to the faucet every time you turn it on, only to stick their tongue out to drink or …

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Cat Claw Covers: The Good And The Bad

Humans are naturally drawn to us cats because we make amazing household companions—we’re funny, we’re clean and we’re extremely adorable. But, like everything in this world, we’re not perfect and we have things about us that may cause our humans to take a step back, like our tendency to use our claws on inappropriate things. …

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Do Bengal Cats Have Behavioral Issues?

Are bengal cats have behavioral issues

Many humans, after getting a Bengal, complain about behavioral issues such as improper elimination, harsh play, scratching, biting, and destroying household furniture. These actions lead many owners scratching their heads and asking, “Do Bengal cats have behavioral issues?” The short answer is yes, Bengal cats do have some behavioral issues, as do most pets. However, …

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